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  1. the case ih one is aftermarket. from reliance
  2. they did just say that about reliance. thats why hy cap went to maxi force and absolute engine kits. between bad parts and reliance shipping from multiple place and charging shipping from all of them is why hy cap dropped reliance
  3. agree with cihtech. number 1 and 5 lines need changed
  4. should add i use 3/4 inch hose. garden hose resticts it and slows down the flow. my wife uses one to pump water out of a 200 gal water trailer to water flowers. with a spray end on the hose it has more pressure than what are hydrants have
  5. i use them to pump hyd. oilout of tractors. take 3 point top link cover off stick hose in till hits bottom turn on. less than 5 min later all but about one 5 gal. bucket is out of 06 thru 86 series. lots better and faster than buckets under tractor. only need 1 bucket to get all the oil out. did pump 80 90 with it a couple times worked for that to. when done i put dish soap and water in a bucket stick hoses in it circulate for a little while then let it suck bucket dry. cleans the pump and hoses good so can pump new oil
  6. depends on how straight u can run the planter
  7. the rubber piece in teacherspet that sticks back is supposed to sit in top of axle gaurd after he installs it correct. he already has the rubber piece in the shaker pan correct
  8. max force engine parts have been good for me
  9. hy capacity has them that look like original sealed beams. sell a lot of them
  10. throw them as far as possible. do not use them unless u want to have stuck valves in the future
  11. p&h minepros might still have a old guy in the back that might know something. or maybe old spec. info
  12. everyone should have the experiance of fitting babbit brgs. once in their lifetime. last one i did was about 10 yrs. ago at a powerplant that had 4 open motor compressors each having 4 10 in. dia by 18 in. long brgs. took 2 weeks to get them all perfect. still have a full set of scrapers keep them sharp and well oiled
  13. i put the plastic ones on about 10 years ago they made a big difference in feeding tough crops
  14. almost sounds like the kit had posi valve seals in it. if thats the case throw them as far as u can. then get regular umbrella seals. posi seal are good in the auto ind. not so much for a ag engine.
  15. early 915 had big wrist pin 407s like 1456 had 815 had small wrist pin 407
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