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  1. Great success. The left side was the only spongy side. I loosened the bleeder nipple, pumped the left brake two or three times, saw a dribble of fluid coming out and tightened the nipple. It now stops (as Americans say) "on a dime". Thanks all. A good day with one spanner.
  2. On my 454 I have hydraulic brakes, does this mean they are part of the overall hydraulic system or they are hydraulic using brake fluid? The brakes have been spongy since I ran low on hydraulic fluid due to a leaky seal in a loader ram. If the brakes are run in general hydraulic fluid is there a way to bleed them and get a good pedal again?
  3. Hi all, In the continuing saga of an old tractor being used, now I've broken a front hub and front wheel. The hub is no drama, I've determined that I have the heavy duty stuff, but mine has 7.50-18 front tyres which means 18" rims, and standard spec is 16". Can anyone advise what models of tractor have six stud 18" front rims so I can source a new one please?
  4. It's winter here down under and we've got a wood burning fire to heat the house. The loader on my 454 has four dual action hydraulic rams and I'd like to try my hand at making a log splitter that uses one of the rams. I'm thinking that I'll use one of the bucket tilt rams, it's possible (I'll have to look tomorrow) that they're on flexible hoses so I can pull the end pins and move one of them. I have a few questions. If I disconnect the bucket end of the other ram and they're in the same hydraulic circuit will the unloaded ram move and the one I want to split the wood won't move? If so can I make a jig that fixes both ends of one ram and the one I want to split will split the wood, or will the fixed one try to break its mounts? How hard is it to blank off hydraulic fittings if I have to only have one ram move? Has anyone done this and can offer advice? The welding up of the body of the splitter and the wedge to split the wood is in theory the easy part.
  5. I've got hold of a slasher (we call them that in Australia) what is called in the USA a bush hog? It's about 5' diameter cut. I did some work with it today in long but quite thick grass which has gone to seed. I had my 454 in low range second gear with engine revs high enough to cut without labouring. Is there a recommended ground speed for this type of pasture cutting?
  6. At the risk of posting and having something else die on my machine, the rebuilt injector pump has been performing faultlessly for a year. Yay.
  7. I replaced the lift pump and that didn't fix the issue, my mobile mechanic visited today and had the injector pump off in about an hour. He's going to sub out the rebuild of the pump and refit it once done. Watch this space.
  8. I've pulled off the lift pump and it pumps pressure against my thumb over the outlet hole. Not high pressure but pressure. No pressure leak out the interface with the block/ side cover. To my knowledge bio diesel has never been near this tractor.
  9. Ours appears to have a CAV injector pump. See picture and inset of label plate. Loader frame is in the way of getting better pics.
  10. Definitely has a lift pump. I'll report back with findings as to whether the diaphragm is buggered in it (here's hoping).
  11. Local helpful mobile mechanic just called me back and seems to think I may have a lift pump on my machine and if the diaphragm is stuffed in that it may be where the fuel is getting into the sump. I'm going to check when I get home, new lift pump much more preferable than anything to do with the guts of the injector pump.
  12. 454 tractor with the D179. Symptoms: One day while sitting idling the idle jumped to quite high revs and since then the throttle is very touchy. There is also often liquid coming out of the engine breather which it's never done before since I've owned it. The engine is still running successfully on all three cylinders and throttle is responsive if touchy. I believe (have been told) that one or more seals have failed in the injector pump which is allowing fuel into the sump. I know this is not good for the oil or the engine. My question is can the relevant seal/s possibly be replaced simply without a massive expensive overhaul of the pump?
  13. Yeah we are in spring the green is starting to come through the brown. Everything is very dry though, we have not had any rain to speak of. We are only hobby/lifestyle farmers with 13 acres. We moved away from the city to have more room and more space around us. We have 7 dogs (show dogs, our main hobby), 4 alpacas, 2 lambs (currently 4 weeks old) and 1 goat to keep the fields low (if they grow this year, it's *very* dry). The tractor has been very useful, but while we have river frontage we only have water rights for domestic and stock use. If we wanted to plant crops and irrigate we would need to purchase an additional water licence. I am going to get one of the locals here to dig us a dam in the 7 acre back field to keep water up to the stock. I will just buy a small pump and run it once a month to keep the dam full from the river, our land is very flat and with not much rain to speak of there will be little or no useful run off for the dam. I am still learning many things for our new rural lifestyle, the main thing I have become quite proficient at is fencing (to keep our beasts in and others' out).
  14. I was doing some work on a decent slope, and I turned right facing down the slope, all the weight went through the front left corner. All fixed now. Old tractors with aftermarket front end loaders on the standard front axles, it had probably been cracked for a long time and just cried enough. Lucky I had the bucket on the front I drove it back up to the house with the front wheel in the bucket and the bucket sliding flat on the ground :).
  15. Here's today's instalment of "I have an old tractor with a front end loader". Broken stub axle. Easily removed, now to find a replacement. Good to find that they are available aftermarket, although a second hand part from a tractor without a loader will do if I can find one.
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