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  1. nosxx002

    Tractor Repair - Minnesota

    We're up near the Hinckley area (halfway between Duluth and the Twin Cities), but I'm not afraid to haul within ~150 miles if it means getting the job done right.
  2. nosxx002

    Tractor Repair - Minnesota

    Hi All - Wondering if anyone knows any reliable shops or even trustworthy people who do repairs out of their own shops in Minnesota? We've got a 756 that needs an engine rebuild and injector pump rebuild, and a 1066 that the clutch is starting to get weak on. My dad and I have a small farm together, but we both have to work other jobs (partially to support our farming habit; something I'm sure a lot of people can relate to), and the repairs needed are adding up but spare time sure isn't. I've had to work on the road more and more the last few years, and things that we'd like to tackle ourselves are becoming more and more unrealistic due to his day-job schedule and my travel schedule. We don't have any reputable shops in our neck of the woods, so would love to find someone who does repairs on the side (and usually these types of people/small businesses can sure use the money a lot more than the bigger outfits). Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks much!