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  1. So I got the truck home today and started tearing into it. It does have the hydrovac. Any suggestions on the best break system to change to that doesn't cost a ton??
  2. I really don't plan on pulling much besides a trailer with a show car on it. I also prefer not to worry about or even try to think about MPG LOL. I just want a cool fun looking big truck rat looking thing! Thus is the truck I'm starting with. Another question the air brakes on these trucks are they worth keeping long as everything's in working order or should I just get rid of them and go to something newer??
  3. I'll have a 5th wheel hitch and that's about it... it will be similar to this but a static drop
  4. I just got a NEW (to me) '77 IH Loadstar!!! My plan is to leave the cab and front clip original, but I am going to "Z" the frame leaving the suspension and wheels original. While I am adjusting the frame I thought about moving the engine to behind the cab in the frame rails. My main issue is the shift linkage, it has a 4 speed (i believe, haven't torn into the truck yet) that I would like to keep. The clutch is most likely going hydraulic. I'm just not sure how to go about setting up the shift linkage???????? Any help would be great!! Also it has the 345 or the 394 I'm not sure on that yet either.
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