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  1. What? Cast jug engine on a Z like a 1915 car is archaic? LOL 🤣
  2. Kevin, All state Ag Parts has their computer linked to Parts Depot who has dead obsolete part numbers. Parts depot is not cheap and All Sates is just trying to add their markup on top of Parts Depot price.
  3. Around here scrap hit peak a couple weeks ago and has been sliding since
  4. Olson's is good for gaskets. Monte's seems to have ALOT of Continental parts.....except the ones I need. They had near nothing for a Continental D202 I worked on a couple years ago.
  5. Am very aware, and its on my mind. It all started out last September with an infected impacted wisdom tooth (never had them out when I was young). Two surgeries, 4 times jaw being drained, lost 5 teeth, and Three dentists later, two oral surgeons, and two trips to the Dental School at U of M (and going back tomorrow again), I'm still battling it. I'm on a first name basis with the local pharmacist and have been on all the common groups of oral antibiotics. I don't heal well and my body doesn't fight infection well due to Lyme Disease and some auto-immune issues that go along with dealing with that long term. Internet is getting boring at this point. LOL Except for rallying myself for a tractor I really wanted in Ontario two weeks ago, my last month has been a wash.
  6. I had a 350 diesel when I was a teenager 25 years ago. Hopelessly stuck, pour fuel oil down the exhaust and it would drain out the pan. Even at that time ANY of the connentintal diesel parts were near impossible. I ended up selling it for $300 to a local guy and thinking I was in high cotton. Last I checked it's still sitting in his yard and never fixed.
  7. I was not complaining about prices. Heck it's nice to see the stuff I have in the shed might actually be worth something. But that aside, I'm not fond of the 'pay up or shut up attitude' within a hobby. Its a HOBBY, nobody should be in a gold chainer compitition on who can spend $20k on a Farmall H first....
  8. On and off over the years I've processed my own deer. Basic processing was $75 or so.....but when covid started with labor prices, it went up to $135, and many places just quit doing it. I started doing my own again.
  9. forward: currently dealing with Jaw infection and had some teeth removed, and still dealing with #@$*&^%#$@, so I'm spending more time then usual on the computer. I just got around to looking at the auction results from their spring sale and man, those were some strong prices on some stuff. Anybody wish to venture any speculations why? Cabin fever? If-I-drove-there, darnit I'm buying? Scrap being high so pushed the whole price structure up? To me it seemed more reminiscent of prices 15-20 years ago.
  10. 3 and 13/16", Compression 1/8", Oil 3/16". Depth of rings aprox .15" (some aftermarket pistons were deeper) Sealed Power was 5158KX, Hastings was 2C5241. Both are no longer sold. Not many other things use 3 - 13/16" bore
  11. I've tried the suspect places. I need a couple .040 piston ring sets for the 4 ring pistons. Hastings, and the other ring MFG's have discontinued. Have bugged Dave of Otto Gas engine works (that sells rings by size) for a few months and gotten nowhere. Any sources to try that have a big stash on NOS IHC truck parts? Thanks Ken
  12. Not to dredge up an old thread.....but.....How many gallons or primer and 2150 did you use? Have a OS project going myself and want to stash enough materials given the pandemic.....
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