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  1. Around here scrap hit peak a couple weeks ago and has been sliding since
  2. Olson's is good for gaskets. Monte's seems to have ALOT of Continental parts.....except the ones I need. They had near nothing for a Continental D202 I worked on a couple years ago.
  3. Am very aware, and its on my mind. It all started out last September with an infected impacted wisdom tooth (never had them out when I was young). Two surgeries, 4 times jaw being drained, lost 5 teeth, and Three dentists later, two oral surgeons, and two trips to the Dental School at U of M (and going back tomorrow again), I'm still battling it. I'm on a first name basis with the local pharmacist and have been on all the common groups of oral antibiotics. I don't heal well and my body doesn't fight infection well due to Lyme Disease and some auto-immune issues that go along with dealing with that long term. Internet is getting boring at this point. LOL Except for rallying myself for a tractor I really wanted in Ontario two weeks ago, my last month has been a wash.
  4. I had a 350 diesel when I was a teenager 25 years ago. Hopelessly stuck, pour fuel oil down the exhaust and it would drain out the pan. Even at that time ANY of the connentintal diesel parts were near impossible. I ended up selling it for $300 to a local guy and thinking I was in high cotton. Last I checked it's still sitting in his yard and never fixed.
  5. I was not complaining about prices. Heck it's nice to see the stuff I have in the shed might actually be worth something. But that aside, I'm not fond of the 'pay up or shut up attitude' within a hobby. Its a HOBBY, nobody should be in a gold chainer compitition on who can spend $20k on a Farmall H first....
  6. On and off over the years I've processed my own deer. Basic processing was $75 or so.....but when covid started with labor prices, it went up to $135, and many places just quit doing it. I started doing my own again.
  7. forward: currently dealing with Jaw infection and had some teeth removed, and still dealing with #@$*&^%#$@, so I'm spending more time then usual on the computer. I just got around to looking at the auction results from their spring sale and man, those were some strong prices on some stuff. Anybody wish to venture any speculations why? Cabin fever? If-I-drove-there, darnit I'm buying? Scrap being high so pushed the whole price structure up? To me it seemed more reminiscent of prices 15-20 years ago.
  8. 3 and 13/16", Compression 1/8", Oil 3/16". Depth of rings aprox .15" (some aftermarket pistons were deeper) Sealed Power was 5158KX, Hastings was 2C5241. Both are no longer sold. Not many other things use 3 - 13/16" bore
  9. I've tried the suspect places. I need a couple .040 piston ring sets for the 4 ring pistons. Hastings, and the other ring MFG's have discontinued. Have bugged Dave of Otto Gas engine works (that sells rings by size) for a few months and gotten nowhere. Any sources to try that have a big stash on NOS IHC truck parts? Thanks Ken
  10. I don't know about that, but given Parts Depot will only sell to a dealer of the OEM line, but isn't part of the OEM corporate. Many of the dealers around here that have been taken over by mega dealers just look at parts depot as hassle or they are the 18 year old at the parts counter who types the number into his case IH system and says its not available anywhere....
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. I had forgot about them.
  12. Do you have any recommendations of a friendly dealer to get Case IH parts from Parts depot? I'm in Michigan, but location is irrelevant it will have to be reshipped to me as no dealers withing driving distance know what parts depot is or care to take the time. Local dealer here in Michigan has no interest and apparently I just lost my contact at a dealer in Ohio that did all my ordering from parts depot for me. Thanks!
  13. When scrap is up (which it currently is), ads or people going door to door like this are real common around here. Its sad that our society has progressed to this level of deception.
  14. No Avery. Tractor behind the Super Dextra is a F-14 and the Yellow tractor to the left of the Allis is a Huber
  15. Forward: I have no issue with parting out stuff, as I realize it takes parts to keep something going. I also realize it's the American way to make a buck. I'm getting real tired of these part out guys around here. I'm not sure if its that way everywhere, but its sure like that here in Michigan. They buy any equipment that is fair priced, even nice stuff take the tires/rims off, a few choice parts and scrap the rest for iron. Want any part (even not desirable), its $250 up, or they will "haul it in for iron". Attached is the picture of one of the such guys iron pile ready to be loaded into semi trucks. Made me shed a tear. They seem to have no respect for anything other then a quick buck, even at the cost of history and the future of the hobby. My teenage cousin has been looking for a project tractor, and still is. ANYTHING within his price range quickly gets snapped up by these fellows. One part-outer even acted like a complete jerk and figuratively p*ssed circles around a tractor at a non-auction estate sale. Do they not realize that you can conduct business, buy something, sell stuff, but NOT go out of your way to piss others off and act like a jerk? Inquired about that Allis on his iron pile. Figured I'd give it to my kid cousin for his project. Offered the guy $150 over Iron price (Iron is high now). He said I won't take less then a grand or I'll scrap it. Idiot. Doesn't he realize that $150 over iron price is better then iron price? I know he made out selling the rims and tires and the mag. I just don't get it.
  16. Mostly. D is the same engine but with upgrades like pressure oiling to the rockers, and a bunch of other little upgrades.
  17. I am currently neck deep in a 1938 Case CO project. Kinda odd working on a non-red tractor for the first time in 15 years. Cylinder head had been cracked, welded and welds cracked again. A friend of a friend in Indiana offered me a head for free, which was very nice. Problem is he is 85 years old and not really techy to get pics or even able to lift or move it to see condition. I am really really really hesitant to drive 6 1/2 hours south for something that could turn into a wild goose chase, not knowing condition. Better yet considering I can't really cut loose get down there easily, if the head could work its way up to Michigan City, IN, South Bend, or Benton Harbor, MI, I could get a ride for it up here. Anybody local to Boswell, IN that could go grab it on my behalf to see if it is indeed usable and something worth getting up here? It probably would be an interesting visit, I am told he has lots of early tractors and iron(1910's-1930's) sitting around.
  18. Not to dredge up an old thread.....but.....How many gallons or primer and 2150 did you use? Have a OS project going myself and want to stash enough materials given the pandemic.....
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