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  1. I don't know about that, but given Parts Depot will only sell to a dealer of the OEM line, but isn't part of the OEM corporate. Many of the dealers around here that have been taken over by mega dealers just look at parts depot as hassle or they are the 18 year old at the parts counter who types the number into his case IH system and says its not available anywhere....
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I had forgot about them.
  3. Do you have any recommendations of a friendly dealer to get Case IH parts from Parts depot? I'm in Michigan, but location is irrelevant it will have to be reshipped to me as no dealers withing driving distance know what parts depot is or care to take the time. Local dealer here in Michigan has no interest and apparently I just lost my contact at a dealer in Ohio that did all my ordering from parts depot for me. Thanks!
  4. When scrap is up (which it currently is), ads or people going door to door like this are real common around here. Its sad that our society has progressed to this level of deception.
  5. No Avery. Tractor behind the Super Dextra is a F-14 and the Yellow tractor to the left of the Allis is a Huber
  6. Forward: I have no issue with parting out stuff, as I realize it takes parts to keep something going. I also realize it's the American way to make a buck. I'm getting real tired of these part out guys around here. I'm not sure if its that way everywhere, but its sure like that here in Michigan. They buy any equipment that is fair priced, even nice stuff take the tires/rims off, a few choice parts and scrap the rest for iron. Want any part (even not desirable), its $250 up, or they will "haul it in for iron". Attached is the picture of one of the such guys iron pile ready to be loaded into semi trucks. Made me shed a tear. They seem to have no respect for anything other then a quick buck, even at the cost of history and the future of the hobby. My teenage cousin has been looking for a project tractor, and still is. ANYTHING within his price range quickly gets snapped up by these fellows. One part-outer even acted like a complete jerk and figuratively p*ssed circles around a tractor at a non-auction estate sale. Do they not realize that you can conduct business, buy something, sell stuff, but NOT go out of your way to piss others off and act like a jerk? Inquired about that Allis on his iron pile. Figured I'd give it to my kid cousin for his project. Offered the guy $150 over Iron price (Iron is high now). He said I won't take less then a grand or I'll scrap it. Idiot. Doesn't he realize that $150 over iron price is better then iron price? I know he made out selling the rims and tires and the mag. I just don't get it.
  7. Mostly. D is the same engine but with upgrades like pressure oiling to the rockers, and a bunch of other little upgrades.
  8. I am currently neck deep in a 1938 Case CO project. Kinda odd working on a non-red tractor for the first time in 15 years. Cylinder head had been cracked, welded and welds cracked again. A friend of a friend in Indiana offered me a head for free, which was very nice. Problem is he is 85 years old and not really techy to get pics or even able to lift or move it to see condition. I am really really really hesitant to drive 6 1/2 hours south for something that could turn into a wild goose chase, not knowing condition. Better yet considering I can't really cut loose get down there easily, if the head could work its way up to Michigan City, IN, South Bend, or Benton Harbor, MI, I could get a ride for it up here. Anybody local to Boswell, IN that could go grab it on my behalf to see if it is indeed usable and something worth getting up here? It probably would be an interesting visit, I am told he has lots of early tractors and iron(1910's-1930's) sitting around.
  9. JP Tractor <jpparts@jptractorsalvage.com> Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 9:13 AM Reply | Reply to all | Forward | Print | Delete | Show original Good morning, We do not have one currently but should have some coming in within the next few months. If you don't find one, check back with us if you like. Thanks, Sarah
  10. Working on an old W4 I saved out of a field where it sat for the last 30 years. Amazingly it was loose and not stuck. Got it running, but had really bad compression on one cylinder, you could hear the exhaust valve leak on that cylinder into the muffler when using the hand crank. Anyways, I figured probably use a valve job after sitting for that long outside, so I pulled the head. Found a big erosion area where a crack was through a valve seat. Guess I know now why it was parked all those years ago, LOL. Not fixable by any means. I have 3 parts Farmall H's out in the field. I figured I'd pull a gasoline head off one of those and grind the valves and use it. Well, three days later of head-hunting, got the heads off, and ugh. Although, I am good at pulling heads now. LOL One parts tractor head is cracked from freezing. Another is cracked though the valve seats. Yet another one is not cracked but some *moron* had put valve seats in it at one point. Unfortunately they goofed up and cut out and installed the same size seats on both the intake and exhaust. The exhaust valve only barely catch on the far edge. I even in disbelief cleaned things a bit and lapped them a bit to see exactly where it was seating. See attached picture, the shiny lapped spot is where it is barely seating. So do Gasoline 8043 heads have a tendency to crack or have I just found out that the heads on my junk, is in fact junk? Being here in Michigan, most salvage yards I've called are too short staffed to look, are just reopening, or still closed due to the State lockdown that was in place for the last few months. Found a few out of state but they want pickup only, even if I supplied a pre-paid fedex ground label. Not driving 300 miles to get a used head. Please don't suggest ebay, the prices are ridiculous (especially for a younger collector in this 30's, and currently layed off due to the covid-19 thing). Looks like I mothball this till things open up more.
  11. Not to dredge up an old thread.....but.....How many gallons or primer and 2150 did you use? Have a OS project going myself and want to stash enough materials given the pandemic.....
  12. That's a Fairbanks Morse FMX 4B11. Common replacement magneto Fairbanks sold in the 50;s and 60's as replacement mags, however they are more common on Allis Chalmers. Decent magneto. Yours is a later one, so it should have a cast plastic coil which rarely goes bad. Usually dirty points or bad condenser. On an FMX, one must take the small distributor cap off first and remove the rotor before you can remove the big plastic cap to get to the points.
  13. I have no criminal record, but I do have some prison experience. 10 years ago, the girl I was engaged to at the time, got accepted as secretary/accountant and payroll clerk for GEO northlake [private] prison here in Michigan. GEO was contracted to house California prisoners, here in Rural Michigan. I got to see her co-workers in outside-of-work social settings, and occasionally would have to go see her at work. WOW - prisons are a different world. I couldn't even wear a belt through security. She was not allowed to have a underwire bra. If I was unlucky enough to end up in prison, I'd never want to be in a Private prison. Everything was about housing as many prisoners for the least money - to the point I started questioning basic human rights. Heather was an accountant, so I got to hear all sorts of budget decisions their board of directors made to cut costs. For example, Food was cut to below nutritional maintenance standards. GEO had their own medical system in place for the prisoners. They decided many expensive medicines wern't "necessary" for some of their inmates with chronic illnesses (eg, Hep C, HIV, Diabetes). The whole demeanor of many who worked there was a dark dreary sadistic hope-comes-here-to-die mentality. One thing I noticed is many of the Correctional officers from interacting with them outside of work at parties or get together - their behavior wasn't that much different then many of the guys IN prison behind bars, rough, crude and lots of foul language. Eventually after a few years that demeanor rubbed off on Heather. She started acting well, rough, crude and her favorite term picked up at work was "hey fucker". She ended up cheating with a co-worker and we broke up. GEO Northlake facility eventualy closed after they lost contracts for various reasons (one being not meeting standards for prison conditions).
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