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  1. That's a Fairbanks Morse FMX 4B11. Common replacement magneto Fairbanks sold in the 50;s and 60's as replacement mags, however they are more common on Allis Chalmers. Decent magneto. Yours is a later one, so it should have a cast plastic coil which rarely goes bad. Usually dirty points or bad condenser. On an FMX, one must take the small distributor cap off first and remove the rotor before you can remove the big plastic cap to get to the points.
  2. I have no criminal record, but I do have some prison experience. 10 years ago, the girl I was engaged to at the time, got accepted as secretary/accountant and payroll clerk for GEO northlake [private] prison here in Michigan. GEO was contracted to house California prisoners, here in Rural Michigan. I got to see her co-workers in outside-of-work social settings, and occasionally would have to go see her at work. WOW - prisons are a different world. I couldn't even wear a belt through security. She was not allowed to have a underwire bra. If I was unlucky enough to end up in prison, I'd never want to be in a Private prison. Everything was about housing as many prisoners for the least money - to the point I started questioning basic human rights. Heather was an accountant, so I got to hear all sorts of budget decisions their board of directors made to cut costs. For example, Food was cut to below nutritional maintenance standards. GEO had their own medical system in place for the prisoners. They decided many expensive medicines wern't "necessary" for some of their inmates with chronic illnesses (eg, Hep C, HIV, Diabetes). The whole demeanor of many who worked there was a dark dreary sadistic hope-comes-here-to-die mentality. One thing I noticed is many of the Correctional officers from interacting with them outside of work at parties or get together - their behavior wasn't that much different then many of the guys IN prison behind bars, rough, crude and lots of foul language. Eventually after a few years that demeanor rubbed off on Heather. She started acting well, rough, crude and her favorite term picked up at work was "hey fucker". She ended up cheating with a co-worker and we broke up. GEO Northlake facility eventualy closed after they lost contracts for various reasons (one being not meeting standards for prison conditions).
  3. Well, The shape of it. All Heisler OD's for F-series have a similar shape. Bought a Heisler OD at the Buckley Swap Meet for $40 when I was 12 years old for an F-12...Never bought a tractor to put it on and later sold it when I was in college for textbook money. Then when I was 24, I ended up with a few junky F-12's and immediately regretted selling it. LOL. Heislers originally had a brass tag on them saying model and such, but usually they are gone. Also, any overdrive on a F-12 or F-14 is most likely Hiesler. Whereas on the F-20 there were numerous companies selling overdrives( Heisler, Bennett, Belhen, Sears, Wards, etc), For an F-12/14, only Heisler and Sears Sold one. The sears one has a odd top loader shift stick sticking out of it. Never seen a sears one in person. Odd random fact, One cannot use the F-12 overdrive on an F-14, as the trans input shaft has different amount of teeth. They slowed the gearing down on the F-14. Heisler OD's for a F-12 or F-14 are like money in a bank. Ones for an F-20 just seem to be cheap (good thing since one would be nice on my '32 duckbill)
  4. The one with the heisler OD is the best deal of the lot, likely. Already have a couple W4's. Also.....Given some comments on this thread, I should state the following: I'm not desperate for some first tractor. I'm not new to it at all. I've wrenched on them since I was a teenager, though I'm kinda hitting a brick wall finding a W-30 in my state.
  5. Maybe I'm going down a slippery slope rabbit hole here, but that Heisler Overdrive is calling my name. Where did you see this for sale?
  6. I try to get the feel for somebody on the phone too. Kevin, Remember that year and a half ago Friday phone call talking with you for a bit before I drove to Ontario the following weekend? LOL. Somehow this guy slipped through, he seemed to talk a different game on the phone. I've had plenty of high price blowhards. I've just never had one complain about no young people, but yet price his stuff sky high to somebody under gray hair age.
  7. I can understand everybody likes different ends of the hobby. Some are after the chase or the deal, others like to wrench on stuff, some like to use them. That being said, somebody who asks 4 times a realistic value for something and refuses to negotiate in my book, is not somebody remotely rational. I understand asking a bit more then its worth, but come on, 4 times more? Lets be realistic.
  8. I know people. Also....finding stuff here is getting stupid. Electric one would be worth hauling. PM sent
  9. IF you are serious about possibly parting with it, thats one F-14 I could actually wrap my head around and love.
  10. Now, thats an F-14 I could actually love . LOL
  11. Near Big Rapids, Mi. Though I'd be happy finding a W-30 within the state....or adjoining state for that matter. Have pickup and trailer.
  12. I am located in Central Michigan, but I do end up going to see a Lyme Specialist Doctor every 3 months in Duluth, so if I dragged a trailer along that opens WI, MN, etc to options. Like I mentioned in the beginning of my original post my search has been looking for a pre-war standard tread. I''ll be real specific: ie, a 10-20, 15-30, 22-36, W-30, with preference to a W-30. Repeat, W-30.
  13. Thats why I like dealing with you, Kevin. Your fair. A W-30 was on that list I emailed you a few weeks ago. You should print it out and keep it in your wallet when you go to sales. LOL
  14. If that's a question for me, yes possibly.
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