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  1. We all read those things where somebody falls victim to a scam. Well, unfortunately for the first time in my life, I did. I had a want ad in the June/July issue of Antique Power magazine. This fellow called me in response to that ad. We talked about Coolspring PA power museum, how he was haying with a IH 560, and his 15-30 McCormick project tractor, and how he had 30 head of beef cattle and lived on an inherited farm in Western PA. He also knew Polk's auction in Indiana, and knew enough to have actually been there in the past. Normally I can filter out the scams, as something doesn't 'feel' right. Well this fellow texted me pictures, and talked of experience. He KNEW tractors and equipment - very well (unlike most scammers He was paid via a Post Office Money Order send with tracking, so I know he received it. This was a month and a half ago back in July. Few weeks went by and I called only to have found he had blocked my phone number. Then, I did a google street and satellite view of his street address - and the property was nowhere near the description of a farm. I later found the pictures he had texted me actually were posted on the Yesterdays Tractors archived photo ads 5 to 10 years ago (not him advertising). I suspect he found the images doing a google image search. I lost $270 to this fellow for a Farmall F-12 manifold and a set of used .090 Deere Pistons. I have filed a complaint with the post office, but I doubt anything will come of it based on what the postal inspector told me. The scammer is: William (Bill) Armstrong 2476 Hemlock RD Commodore, PA 15729 724-467-1174 This is a post to warn others, THANKS to this bozo, I'm out my money and my F-12 is waiting for a manifold till I get some more hobby money together.
  2. Tried that is morning, and the bolt head is up against the flywheel before the threads are loose of the aluminum lower seal block.
  3. So, is it possible to change the rear main bearing in a Super C without splitting the tractor? There physically is not room to drop the main bearing bolts with the rear main seal retainer in place. Unless I'm missing something, it appears one would have to split the tractor and remove the flywheel to remove the seal retainer. Can anybody comment or elaborate?
  4. Ended up with a bunch of misc IH parts, and in there there was some NOS engine bearings. The boxes are the old styled IHC boxes I associate with 1930's stuff. They are part # 64354 DX and 64353 DX. Does anybody have a parts list that can look these up? Thanks!
  5. I ended up with this wide front after a trading expedition over the weekend. The guy thought it came off a Farmall M (I'm not confident, would like verification). I've been since told its a Speeco Wide front. There is red paint under the flaking bush painted green. I know Speeco wide fronts are nominally the same front axle - its the mounting bracket that is different between tractors. Can anybody identify what tractor the mounting bracket fits?
  6. If you can find fel-pro with a metal head gasket, thats best. I believe Felpro has discontinued them. Most of the sets I've seen now for sale have a composite head gasket with just little metal fire rings. I'm not sure I like that.
  7. Honestly, I'd prefer the Super H. Supers are kinda sparce around here, but moreover, a Super H is much easier to wrench on if you get one that needs "fixing up". When was the last time you saw a 300 that needed fixing up that didn't need a TA?
  8. Kinda feel slighted.... Spent 4 hours getting interrogated by US customs bringing a McCormick W6 back to the US from Canada last month (and I'm born in the US citizen!!!).....and these people can just walk in????
  9. Did not have Red Power in mind when I made that comment. That comment was due to the lead time of Antique Power.
  10. I keep hearing some of my tractor buddys telling me how there is a bunch of tractor stuff on Facebook, particularly that there are some "auction" pages where somebody posts parts and others places "bids" on them. I currently ended up with a buncha rebuilt Mags from a relatives estate and having poor luck with YT, etc. Dont really want to wait 6 months for a print ad. Anybody need some rebuilt F-4 Mags for cheap? LOL. I would need to go buy several more F series and I'd still have a lifetime supply. Using my wife's account, I looked on facebook, and while there seems to be some interesting IH & tractor pages, there seems to be so many groups and pages that things get lost in the static, well at least to this non FB savvy guy. Does anybody have some specific groups I should look for that are worthwhile? Also Is there any groups for W4 & W6 tractors? I looked and much to my surprise I could not find any page devoted to the W-series.
  11. Around here (Central Michigan), there dosent seem to be as much interest anymore in the letter series from a collector standpoint, but prices are still up there. That being said, some nicer quality tractors that were previously off the market, are now showing up for sale.
  12. Last year I tried 4 TISCO voltage regulators on my 43 Case SC. None of them lasted or worked very long. NOS USA one was installed is is still working great.
  13. Note; if you have a Distillate Tractor, that isn't too bad for compression. If it has a gasoline head on it, well yeah its low.
  14. Okay, I just assumed it was some upgrade or cobble since there are three terminals on the cutout and only two wires connected....
  15. On 1944 W4 (same as H) Help me understand what somebody did here. It still has the Original cutout wiring harness and charge rate knob. It does charge. It appears somebody installed a regulator ahead of the cutout? Only two wires are connected.... I have a 40 H with the exact same regulator and wiring on there, but never thought about it.
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