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  1. My dad has always wanted one of these to go with his plow collection. Mom found one all restored at an auction so she is hoping to get it for him for Christmas but I’ve never seen one sell so what would be a good price with out way over paying. We are in Indiana so we don’t see these hardly ever. Thanks!
  2. Awesome! So cool to get them back!
  3. Thanks! We got that a year ago, my grandpa bought it new and when he traded it off a neighbor bought it so it has never left our block and dad was finally able to get it back! It always had a loader on, we didn’t need it so took it off and put it in the corner of the barn and found the right set of frame weights for it. The picture of 4 people is my grandpa(that bought it new) my dad, me and my son. Makes a nice tractor, it has power steering and the hi-low tranny. The old heat houser was junk but we were able to frame each side that had Ih and hang them in the house
  4. It ended up being a bad rubber flap on the front of the shaker pan, ran about 4 acres last night! Finished with the lights on! Won’t let me post the videos
  5. Any experts on here on the model 82 Ih? I do not get to run this enough to be an expert. It is throwing beans out at the front over the front of the shoe pan I believe so they are just coming out under the throat. Also getting beans in the fan. I had beans coming out under there before and the pan was totally caked full of nasty old bean dust so I cleaned all that out and seemed to work fine. I’m hoping to run it towmorow, not my beans just playing but can’t waste beans, they aren’t mine. I have not crawled up inside yet.
  6. We picked this up at the Portland show. Has IH on it and just found sone info on it. Pretty cool!
  7. Thanks, it was grandpas new we just got it back in the family in October. We found the weights on Facebook an hour from home and they were correct for the 404 got lucky there
  8. I’m not a big Deere guy but the guy that owned that particular G my family knew really well and always enjoyed that tractor
  9. Hard to beat the sound of that G
  10. Yea we got lucky and found those on Facebook only about 1 1/2 hours away! 3 piece set I like them. Yea we have seen them before for $1500 plus which we always wanted one but that’s a lot of money for something like that lol. We got them for $900 a piece which we were happy with
  11. I will have to double check, I think 13.6x36. Just got a new one on it last week. Thanks! We might paint the one but the nicer one for sure will stay original, probably put a sealer on it Thanks!
  12. Thanks! I do not believe anybody else muse them. These were built last 60s early 70s. According to the flyer they were used for yard work and light farm work and I think some promotional stuff thanks! Yes not a very common item at all!
  13. Picked up these 2 Parker wagons over the weekend. Dad and I have been wanting one of these for along time. Thought some of you might enjoy these. Finally got a couple that didn’t break the bank. They are so coo!
  14. Thanks for the update. Might want to update the Facebook pages and the website. Very hard to find the info on the date change.
  15. We do most of our raking with an H Farmall. We pull a new holland bar rake or an Oliver 207 bar rake. This year we are going to start using the 404 narrow front for raking I think because of the power steering
  16. The Deere info available varies according to which tractor model it is from what I’ve read, I will find out because I just purchased one for my father in law because he just bought back his dads A so figured he would like to have it. The Farmall one isn’t a necessity but since dad bought his dads 404 back I thought it would be neat to have if they existed
  17. Ya I have been on there for many different hours, lots of good info!
  18. Has anybody ever found a place to get a build sheet for your tractor according to serial number. I talked with a lady at Case to start with, all she has was Case not IH. She sent me to Wisconsin historical society and they only have the truck division so they sent me to Racine historical group I think is the name. They sent me to CNH lol. Just seeing if anybody has pulled this off. John Deere two cylinder club does this for the green ones. https://journaltimes.com/news/local/case-donates-its-history-for-new-museum/article_d494e685-bc83-5b68-9e6b-f9442cdac81d.html
  19. When we got the tractor it had a heat houser on it. We took it off and it wasn't in very good shape but hated to throw it away. But each side was good around the IH. So dad had it cut out and framed. I got one for Christmas and he kept one. I think it turned out really neat!
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