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  1. I have a 1066 that I’m going to install a 13mm pump with 4-27 injectors. Was curious what turbo I should put on. S2e, 3lm, s300? Any ideas . Also what else should I be doing to the tractor? Going to be pulling mostly mph class and some open classes. Thanks guy appreciate any info
  2. Have a couple rd 501’s and I’m looking for main and rod bearings? Does anyone know where to get parts for these engines? thanks
  3. The numbers I found on it are Res6a950320rs2779. Hopefully this helps. I also found this picture on my phone of the pump before we put it in that would help also. Thanks again.
  4. We installed a dt360 in our 706 recently from a school bus. It has the Bosch pump on it with a hx35 turbo. Looking to turn up the pump on it but not sure how too. This is basically a farm stock puller. Want more power and we are on a budget right now so just want some advice. Thanks
  5. Is it possible to put a 14" clutch from a 1066 in a 560. Going to repower with a dt360.
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