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  1. I agree with buying right tap. weve all had to do some shady back door MacGuyver stuff before, but any tine you do that IF you ARENT pressed for time, you are almost assuredly setting yourself up to fix it later
  2. I just wonder how much of the actual fighting is outside of the big cities? in history books you never here of “the battle halfway between StLouis and Denver” just a question not meant to take away the severity of what’s going on
  3. Take aerator out if end of faucet. Probably full of the crud you flushed out
  4. I’d install a filter before the heater. Does your heater have service valves on the bottom where you can isolate the heater and flush descaler through it?
  5. I saw 15999 on Facebook the other day and about fell over. i PMed him on here but didnt heat back. Hope it wasn’t a typo!!
  6. All I can say is ALL of our roads better be like a sheet of glass, since a PERCENTAGE of each gallon of gas sold is to fund roads and maintenance....
  7. When you control the way the means are made, it’s much easier to make the means force the outcome. if you have $ in oil, and $ in green energy, you are in drivers seat. Right now it appears (opinion) they are trying to change horses running together full stride. They’ll ride this high oil market straight into the green stuff, with wriggle room because of profits made from jacking the oil up. what did they loose? A few tanks and several thousand people caught up in it? Peanuts for the big swingers in this. I believe we are getting played for fools, and sadly, they would be correct for a majority of people nowadays
  8. Prayers and sympathies from my family to yours. I am sorry for your loss, Jim
  9. My question mainly is this—- and can be applied to a lot of things in life so if this thread switches lanes I’m totally fine with it. everything has a better, albeit pricier, alternative. This instance it’s steel vs aluminum stock trailers. I’m 35, and basically starting from scratch and wanting to maximize my dollar for the expensive purchases. Will a steel trailer work? Absolutely. But where is the cutoff point between spending dang near 30k for aluminum, vs the (now) price of 15k for steel? Can you get two “lifetimes” out of aluminum? Or the extra weight not lugging around? With a certain liquid with crazy price fluctuations it might pay off in just fuel savings. I don’t know. It’s interesting to me how other people view it
  10. Wow. I just spit my drink out lol
  11. 7-8 dollar gas makes the electric vehicle look more enticing to more easily swayed consumers
  12. IH contract was for 100,000 rifles bit sure exactly but well over 5 million garands produced.... so less than 2% are IH?
  13. Maybe instead of looking at why you can’t do, look at what you’ve done for almost your entire adult life!! keep your head up and pat yourself on the back, job well done!
  14. Where there’s a cloud don’t mean there’s rain, a tear in my eyes don’t mean there’s pain. keith Whitley I’m over you
  15. I don’t even want to say what 5220 has then! 4400
  16. What about the last line? Some get spiritual, 'cause they see the light And some, 'cause they feel the heat ray wylie Hubbard conversation with the devil
  17. Tonight I broke the seal, on a Jim Beam decanter. That looked like Elvis george Jones the king is gone
  18. I’d have to run cocaine in the front to pay for that !!!!!!
  19. Made about 45 minutes from me. I actually do a little work there in their air make up units for paint booths. Pretty cool set up
  20. Dear boss I write this note to you to tell you of me plight “Irish bricklayer song”
  21. Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble, when you’re perfect in every way.
  22. Thanks guys for all the advice on these! I’m too the point now where they are both expensive, I might as well make one purchase rather than a couple
  23. That’s interesting. Is that because of the sea salt ? I woulda thunk it’d been the opposite!!
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