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  1. not if you burn trash at night
  2. Another thing to consider is your insurance with an indoor stove Some companies will drop you if they find out you have one
  3. he was piloting the Edmund Fitzgerald in the Bermuda Triangle, tragically. the only reason i know this is because mine were on there too
  4. Solar powered, of course. Hate to disturb the environment with that protection.
  5. it’s a damn shame with all these electronics you cant hook offense charger to your equipment
  6. The problem with that is, I would have never seize all over me as well
  7. **Language Alert** https://youtu.be/XfVqr0EkLXA?si=a_5_OjzPqbSkRRxt
  8. zleinenbach


    not too far from me. There’s a lot of cool stuff down there.
  9. just HAD to go there !!! insert random statistical charts here
  10. in 5 more years the ol duramax will be wearing Indiana antique plates lol
  11. https://fb.watch/nywvmQUGZB/?mibextid=K8Wfd2
  12. not all days can be great lol
  13. listen to your boss i think the man upstairs was dropping you a hint
  14. if you took all of those pictures, I think you missed your calling in the parts department. Start making calendars. and tell whoever took all the old ones thanks a bunch. That is awesome history! Remember this: you can quit at any point in time. Why quit now?
  15. you aren’t too far down the road then. I’m from Huntingburg.
  16. True, but flying in that rare air means you’re an easy target when it comes to people having grievances. I guess they to hold their nose up and fly true . Out of curiosity, and I truly don’t know, is Toyota union?
  17. couldn’t agree more. add live tv and show whAt happens to anyone considering it
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