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  1. Roscoe has fought the good fight for a long time
  2. I called local FSA office and they have kits available. $15/ test. I figure I’ll do a baseline today and then see about finding someone to do a more thorough job next year
  3. Is this something you can do the leg work for and send it off, or is it like many things and much more in depth than simply digging a hole?
  4. If they are older guns you may check into a c & r license. I had one of those but let it expire like a dummy
  5. And they had their azzes beat if they didn’t look presentable because that reflected poorly on the family! or was that just ours? in our first house I found the previous owners report card for grade school and a “I like IKE” button
  6. Asian carp are shiit eaters though lol
  7. Looks like ‘70 was the rare year
  8. I find all kinds of cool stuff laying on tops of ceiling tiles. i haven’t bought a linemen’s pliers or screwdriver in years!!!! thise loaded electricians just leave laying around like the Easter bunny!
  9. They say those are well built for nagants.... if you haven’t yet, take some time to read about Simo Haya (sp?) and what he accomplished with one...
  10. No apologies needed, we are all adults (well most of us 😁) I agree that with today’s inflated prices it’s hard, damn near impossible, to start farming. Profitably. But, I don’t think the Banks will just rubber stamp loan approvals for the heck of it. I just meant by earlier post that if Joe Blow wants to be an organic possum pooty grower, what the he’ll do I care? At least it’s going to an ag use, rather than the developers gobbling anything flat up for obscene amounts of money, but there again it’s not my business to judge what they spend their money on.
  11. Seems there are a lot of assumptions flying around about other people’s (strangers) finances. Everyone is aware what assume stands for, correct?
  12. Napoleon said an army marches on its stomach! Makes a lot of sense to me. also, look at how controlling a food supply can be used as a tool, such as using it as an extortion tool to get what you want. Im sure there’s some countries in this world that can offer some heavy metals or the like, but can’t support their food demands. Like many African nations that China has befriended in past years.
  13. That’s where marketing comes into play... “Really big fire starters!”
  14. If you’d position them so the tread would shove their hoof into the middle, it may keep them from doing the splits? i think it’s a great idea. I bet we’ve all wasted more than $50 on our lives if it don’t work! and if that’s the case, you could cut them up and sell them for fire starters for the yuppies in town!!!
  15. “The sun shown bright and clear that day we all left Washington to lick the rebel boys in gray at the battle of bull run —another Johnny Horton classic
  16. My other truck has 456,000. not all original drivetrain, but original owner said he’d drive it anywhere!
  17. Thanks to apple for taking this 5th grade spelling bee champ and turning him into the regular ol dumb azz who can’t type a legible sentence !!!
  18. It is a total ocd thing, but can’t they proofread the ad before the sale starts? Drives me nuts when they miss it that bad. 1976.....and then to go in and in about originality. just venting
  19. If tractor insurance is anything like house insurance- they won’t cover anything. I just had that as an example, a poor one I suppose
  20. The thing I’ve always wondered is, say you buy this 1456 for 41k, and INsure it for just for easy #s, 50k. in the event that piece of equipment is totaled in fire flood or whatever, how is insurance going to replace it? It’s not like they can just go find one? I have a sour taste in my mouth about insurance but would really like to understand how they do that
  21. What’s your angle for finding a 40,000 dollar truck??? Just kidding it does have character!!!
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