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  1. Thinking about all the negative going on and seen this before reading here
  2. Can we call a spade a spade and realize govt is too big and they are making problems to justify all the idiots they have employed?
  3. I’d love to check it out! Test run on a 9,5,2 year olds! i do have a knack for grammar mistakes! Except my own, I guess.
  4. Will someone please enlighten me on the business aspect of moving something further from end user, amid the supply chain issues we have as well as the highest fuel prices ever? They do pay workers down there, right?
  5. That’ll work too. The tin and rafters are in fairly decent shape, and without falling down the treacherous politic slope with building material prices, I can’t see just tossing them. if things “fall apart” smoothly I’d like to rebuild a section at my house to feed and shade the cattle a bit more. We bought some shorthorns not too long ago and they didn’t like the heat at all. I don’t know if it’s a disease, a curse, or a gift yet, but I can’t stand to see decent material get thrown away and out of the other side of my mouth I’ll be the first to complain when it doesn’t go well when I try to reuse them 😁
  6. Caleb, my youngest, is going around saying green yucky IH good. Luke, my oldest, baseball coach is sales manager for JD here locally. He just shakes his head..... all in good fun!
  7. It can be considered child abuse to force a John Deere hat on the little ones too😁😁
  8. Anyone have a good way to pull nails from metal roof? It’s on a turkey building we are tearing down and attempting to salvage the metal. problem is it’s 750’ long and a LOT of nails. Any suggestions?
  9. And for sure aren’t a charity. Profit isn’t a dirty word!
  10. That’s why I don’t work for myself anymore. its either pass it on in bits to others or work more to offset it. Then the family foots the bill....
  11. The banks haven’t learned from 2008 yet.
  12. No lot, just a finished home. when we built in 2016 it was $150, and by me doing HVAC plumbing and electrical and other items I got it down to $135. I thought that was rediculous then
  13. $250/sq ft here average ammenities
  14. Isn’t uncle Lees in Greenville stocked up?
  15. Could you imagine the cluster flook that a plug in skid steer would be? mine cord gets tangled when I have it tied up and put away....I could only imagine that one lol
  16. Heck, when i read the title I thought it was going to be a Happy 50th Birthday announcement!!!
  17. I’ve got a great ideal! Instead of idea that one gets me a lot
  18. She chose him because He probably had a real charming personality lol
  19. I’m being ignorant, but what is difference between prepared and say, I found this scrap steel xyz and take it in? Does it mean there’s nothing extra hanging on it?
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