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  1. https://www.facebook.com/reel/325697960202032?fs=e&s=TIeQ9V&mibextid=jaSYs6
  2. could be wrong, but looks like a black stripe That’s faded out.
  3. now you just need a club to keep the ladies away
  4. you can make it a novelty and a cook your own type thing. You supply the oven, they pick the ingredients and put it all together. You wouldn’t have to hire a cooking staff.
  5. definitely wouldn’t be talking about the pizza lol
  6. I can’t help but think of the old Gene Tracy joke about a father, giving his son a duck to go into town. And how amazed the father was, when the son came home and the story he told him!!!
  7. eastern far southern part where cst is east of us l
  8. You gotta love daylight savings time. There is nothing like watching the sunset while you’re eating lunch.
  9. basically a building blueprint. i’ve got a Turkey building. I’m trying to have help with to put fences in for cows. My current situation won’t let me do it myself, so I figured this would be the easiest way to get my ideas to the people. Any format that can be excepted via phone or print it off .pretty ignorant when it comes to this stuff
  10. anyone able to take a drawing i have and put it to scale in CAD? i will gladly pay.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/reel/744925394131352?fs=e&s=TIeQ9V&mibextid=jaSYs6
  12. will the boat require a super charger? i need to check the map to plan accordingly
  13. my ocd just blew up! seriously serial 12345?
  14. Tony Tony look around, somethings lost, and must be found Prayer to Saint Anthony that I’m sure has been butchered.
  15. if you create a business it’s a tax write off !!!😜😜
  16. x4. a companion knife would make perfect heirloom imo!
  17. not if you burn trash at night
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