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  1. Not exactly what I was thinking but this would be the same thing
  2. They make a thing now that the hydrant comes in a casing and has some sort of pit-less adapter fitting on it, supposed to eliminate the need for digging once installed, never used one. I like your idea though tht should work nice
  3. If you do this, would it be possible to bury a sleeve of some sort? then in theory you could remove next post and not have to fool with concrete?
  4. My cousin uses a Polaris pioneer and pulls a 250-300 gallon sprayer on tandem axles. he mounted a raven unit to it and sprays about 1500 acres, usually before the big guys can’t even get in the fields. not what you’re looking for but thought I’d share
  5. Then they wouldn’t need the black box, and all those pesky investigators looking for it would be …oh never mind. That’ll go off the rails lol
  6. anything cows will mow down better than another?
  7. Do any of you guys have recommendations on grasses that are more resistant to flooding? Obviously no grass would take being underwater all the time, but we have some River bottom ground that is tough to plant but I feel would be good for running Cattle on
  8. Jakes on point What one man turns to for comfort to deaden his pain May come back and tie the knot on the noose. the thought of letting anyone down becomes an anvil you can’t shake and ANYTHING will keep that thought inflamed. imo that’s why the depression side of things is such a tough nut to crack. The very first thing that’s needed is for them to admit there’s an issue bothering them, which is a catch 22 because that’s exactly what they perceive as a failure. sorry just my .02
  9. To what Art just mentioned, in doing HVAC and plumbing service for a living, I have ran across many vets from various campaigns. one that struck me the most was from a field gunner in the Europe theater. In what little time we conversed, I had actually “punched out” to spend time with him, it boiled down to him saying through a tear filled face he wouldnt have went to **** for these idiots of today. “when I left, my neighbor had my back. Now, my neighbor wants me to scratch his back.” This from a man who did more by the age he could drink a beer than 95% of my generation, myself included, could even dream up. God bless our soldiers and sailors.
  10. I remember seeing these around here too. I think they made them in shop class? im not kidding I really think that was a thing
  11. I had messaged him about one similar a while ago, I did a double take- wanted him to verify so I didn’t feel bad if I read it wrong!
  12. Speaking of which, how is his search for 15699 going?
  13. My uncle was in Indiana national guard unit in Vietnam. his company is the only one , I think, to complete the Ranger school as a unit and not individually. they were part of the LRRPs, and were one of the most, if not the most, highly decorated units in Vietnam. I always remember him saying they were at Fort Benning completing Jungle Training and they scored higher than the Marines! excited about what they won after beating the Corp, their commander said “congratulations boys, you’re heading to Vietnam!”
  14. Exactly. Never know it’s out until too late. As far as all the other comments- we’ve all done stuff we know to be incorrect or wrong. “Won’t happen to me…. or this’ll work I’m only going so far…” hindsight is always 20/20 and if that fella took that many pieces to that show, he had a special place in his soul for them. Especially way they looked. I personally do not give one rats ass about why he should have or could have done differently. And I’d be willing to wager a bet he has already played that chain of events out a million times already. we are all adults. Well most of us. Either way, let’s get along
  15. Where are 23 and 24 scheduled to be?
  16. I get your drift. This is the place to find info out for sure!
  17. Although it is almost a sacreligious statement saying you only want one tractor at the. End!!!! 😁😁😁 it’s ok. I have the same comment when I go to gun store lol
  18. When Chevrolet sent a volt vehicle down here to give our county training, they specifically said don’t cut XYZ places. Due to high voltage wires traveling there. Of course they will have them in conduit and protected the best they can. I understand it’s supposed to be isolated. And probably is. but just another thing to consider when chopping on a vehicle, and judging by your name, we both have experience in this and understand how stressful of a time it can be. that is all
  19. Not to mention the Fire fighters trying to extricate people and having all the high voltage wires to worry about too
  20. Bonus points if you draw things lol
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