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  1. I have 50x70, 14’ walls 80,000 navien lp works well. you won’t see much savings between 45-50, unless totally against it just keep one temp use outdoor sensor to have water temp on curve, just trust me on that. I would personally get an indirect water tank and have a boiler instead of “combi “ unit but that’s just me!
  2. I live about 2 hrs west of there and the rains we’ve been getting are kinda stupid. Here at home - a tenth maybe in town 5 miles away, 6inches
  3. Still only needed one hand to hold the book lol
  4. If you look real close you can start to see the fenders rusting 😁😁😁
  5. A Tesla with aftermarket v8 😁😁😁
  6. You guys….. 1977 Scout 2 w/345! maybe fuel sipper 304
  7. They’ve got some now with a shut of nozzle that’s supposed to help that…. I am still 0 for 5 on success! I am too lazy to clean nozzle out is my problem
  8. The attention to detail and just unmolested taste in all pictures you share are awesome. id love to have a 1/4 of those attributes. and 1/3of your ability to find these gems!!!
  9. I remember a trip to reelfoot lake that took me through. Town in ky. it was night, and after a day of work I was admittedly groggy. In looking for exit, passed a state trooper parked under overpass with all lights off. Again, it’s dark. He immediately pulls out behind me and I pull over. after a verbal spanking I asked him what he was doing under overpass at night without lights on. ”some drunk guy on top threatening to jump” is the response I got. ”isn’t a little late for you if you are at the landing?” nodding he says, have a nice evening
  10. Ones a goal and ones a dream…. You can decide which one isn’t gunna happen first lol
  11. Define woman you dam south Canadian duckwad
  12. Southern indiana is my neck of the woods! Do you recall the buddies name by chance?
  13. Only two things stopping you…. Fear and common sense well distance too I guess
  14. Lies !!!! You’re an electrician!!!!!!!
  15. Yep and the 18year old boys I graduated with had about 2 things on their mind, and financial security and planning weren’t in the top 10 let me tell ya
  16. I worked on furnace at my guidance counselors house and said “who’s the dummy now!!?” we were scorned, the vocational rejects I do recall being labeled by teachers in school. Like said above if the shoe fits, wear it. college isn’t for everyone and honestly, many would be more successful if they steered clear. on a side bar, probably unrelated, but don’t the charge interest on student debt? Someone’s making money
  17. My shouldn’t tell story is shooting a snake off this box on side of power line pole… I was too young to realize what a transformer was took snake and stretched across driveway and mom about totaled car in process….now I’m terrified of the legless things. Serves me right I guess
  18. You’d think a man of your means would have a better camera to take pictures! sorry I had to 😁😁 I feel your pain because the stuff to make it tick are always second to the pretty’s
  19. Didn’t realize you had such small spectacles lol
  20. No. It’d be different if you were a poor plumber, barely squeaking by. But you electricians have enough jingle in your pocket to buy the real deal!!!
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