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  1. had a $50 check donated at fire dept last night. never heard of the company before and out of state return address. threw it away
  2. This will be used three times a year to this clean out turkey manure. And to be honest, it could be used to put bedding back in. It will always be by the buildings and relatively close to the incoming power supply. So long as that 20 hp motor does what it needs to do, that would definitely be the way to go. Are the hydraulic pumps belt driven or direct drive? This is getting out of my wheelhouse
  3. https://www.facebook.com/reel/885661189917367?fs=e&s=TIeQ9V&mibextid=jaSYs6
  4. i got a 20hp motor sitting here. might be wheelchair engineering way too much here
  5. anyone have source for 40-60 hp diesel complete turnkey engines? looking for something to run hydraulic pump on idea i have. what brand to get? seems kubota in everything
  6. they’d catch seth at border customs…. he’d have the toga around his head and set off all kinds of red flags lol!!
  7. I feel like I’ve disabled enough stuff this year !!! But if I were to accomplish that,, I would just cut a wires so the electrician would have to fix it!! 😁😁
  8. Seth —-“too rich for my blood” that’s total BS try being a plumber. We are so poor over here, We have to wash the paper plates and try again the next day!
  9. didn’t give you an unfair advantage on grit and grime??
  10. if I were in your boat, I would find a house moving company and sure your house up. Then I would take a skid loader and dig out the side., Eventually getting to the point where you could start getting stuff excavated. I don’t know how much collateral damage you’d have doing it that way, but it seems like you’d be money ahead.
  11. that’s like 9 75# ih weights nowadays 😁😁😉
  12. “ may not hit bottom, but you’ll stretch out the edges lol” -ron white
  13. what is the antler exchange rate in southern Canada? if my math is right, that should equal a 12 and three-quarter pointer
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