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  1. I can relate to this ^^^ heck even the “small town syndrome “ takes effect.
  2. Not being nosey, and no means judging, but do you have a lot going on to the point he’s not getting any alone time? reason I ask is because our daughter (5)was a real shithead for a period and it cleared up almost instantly when we started doing “board meetings” with the kids. Once every other month, Emily takes one and I take the other and Caleb heads to grandma and grandpas and we do one thing that the kids want, one on one. So last month Luke and I went to gun range and he learned how to make scope adjustments, addi and Emily went to the park and then went fishing. It’s 4 hrs of no phones and no interruptions. It’s actually pretty nice to do, and I’m telling you, it helped with both kiddos and their behaviors. and a swift and decisive response has seemed to work at our house. Usually it doesn’t get to spanking but soap in the mouth and eating with the dog and cat (not eating supper/wasting food)aren’t out of the question we are almost to a quarter here with opinions with my .02 added in lol
  3. There’s a 20’ brush hog at a local place that’s priced reasonable. 15’ are much harder to come by, and when you do they are in rougher shape typically around here. I was wondering if a 20’ would force me to drive slow enough that it wouldn’t make sense to have it, so long as the first cutting got everything back to a manageable level and I kept up on it afterwards. mainly over grown pastures, but again it’d be an initial cutting and then maintenance afterwards, hoping like ace says and have cows do the brunt of it afterwards.
  4. Actually gearing up to do this somewhat in the overgrown woods areas….
  5. Are there any? clipping pastures and knocking weeds from pastures left alone too long. Not horrible slopes but definitely not flat 2-3 times a year have a 1066 w duals or 5220 mfd to pick from 15 or 20? Is sizes in question 540 or 1000 more beneficial?
  6. So what about a 03 duramax getting 15 driving around and mid 20’s interstate (no loads either number) No def no emissions no problems had a 2002 6.0L. 10mpg no matter what. had a 1983 350 3/4 ton. 10 mpg no matter what. they know how to get better fuel mileage. They just don’t want to let that info go.
  7. My wife still thinks geothermal is colder in the winter 😁
  8. After reading this page briefly, it seems to me that these calculations have no real basis and are footed in hypothetical and assumed variables that are drilled down so far it is next to impossible to pinpoint any inaccuracies. To further complicate that, any inaccuracies can be made accurate by simply moving slider on assumed variable. now I agree mining stuff and transporting it and everything we do has an impact, but the way they are trying to quantify it is hog wash.
  9. The only reason I ask is a “ton” of CO2 is a **** of a lot of gas. I had seen a thing that was basically saying a tanker ship hauling crude over here produced a staggering amount of tons of co2. I guess I’m not smart enough to figure out where that all equates from
  10. Serious question- how do they come up with how many tons of CO2 are produced by xyz?
  11. I think getting used things to work and possibly use them For other than intended purposes will be a life saving attribute. I know I am guilty of throwing away perfectly good things. Trying to find balance between thirty and ingenuity and being a hoarder lol
  12. What were details of that idea again?
  13. Headed for the nearest “too hot to farm” tractor class…. Will have to re arrange weights to make weight!!!
  14. My wife’s “step-grandpa” (not sure of correct terminology) still won’t eat at a Chinese restaurant. or own anything Asian, so long as he can help it. Heck it took them making Toyota in USA for him to get one of those. he said, briefly and quietly once, and only once I can remember, that the heathens don’t value life. Women children screens, etc. he said that was hardest part
  15. Thanks you guys! soent day squirrel hunting (chasing, actually) with Luke in the morning. then went and got soil samples for IDEM permit, ground is so hard and dry I do t know how that will pan out then went to local rifle range to sight in .17HM2 that was culprit for chasing the squirrels 😉 and sighted in a 6.5 Grendel soent remainder of day trying to outsmart bluegill…. Maybe this year around I’ll find the secret. The first 36 haven’t yielded any answers!!
  16. Alright. Next question in rear weight. Do they make weights that bolt to the wheels or just put fluid in and be done?
  17. Got a 5220 loader tractor that is mainly a utility type tractor that sees the road more than I’d like, hopefully that’s past the worst. Needs new tires, 12.4x24 and 18.4x34. Any suggestions?
  18. Basically if you have 100 acres, and they put panels on 50 of it, but you sign up the whole property, you’d get 800 for the 50 and 300 for the other
  19. I have to disagree here—-if they buy then they pay taxes. 1200 acres LEASED .5 miles from my house. $800/acre with panels on them, $300/acre just to be “on call”. neighbor asked, “for $800/acre/year, why don’t you fellas just buy my ground? It’d be way cheaper.” well,sir, we’re not sure how long this will work. that’s a direct quote from this man, whose neighbors did sign up. I feel there is a lot of pooey at work with these so called contracts. Very possible it’s a regional thing so just disagreement with what’s happening here
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