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  1. she might have !!! not exactly a movie star on my end 😁😁
  2. a joke i heard a while back: ” you know why my wife closed her eyes every time we did it?? she’d do anything to not see me have a good time!!”
  3. I was always told by an old guy here he got the last words in every argument. Yes, dear. Forgiveness and permission is a true sentiment!!!
  4. can’t comment on the dress , but your eyesight is perfect sweetie!
  5. now ace, you should know by now wine is just grape juice with a bad yeast infection !!!
  6. honestly, one of those lil trucks will be contemplated when replacing the ranger for farm use. used are about 1/3-1/2 price and for hauling dead turkeys, seems it’d suit the bill. have time to research that yet
  7. i give thread two hours lol
  8. still slow going. working on walking and strength building. A lot has changed since I’ve come home for sure, not nearly as worried about permanent deficits as I was before. Just a matter of strengthening through the weakness, which test all facets of patience
  9. we get them about five weeks old I believe. They go to the processor at around 20 weeks I believe. When we get them they’re 4 r 5 pounds maybe, and when they leave, they’re closer to 45. Cows ended up in a barn that would have otherwise been torn down because it was too old to be renovated. this is the first calf from Luke’s 4H heifer.
  10. i feel dumb adding this, because I was in a wheelchair during the entirety of it. While I was in the hospital, one thing I did to occupy my mind was figure out a way to winter cattle in the one turkey barn that we had. I wanted to set it up to minimize people needed to do anything, as that is our Achilles heel currently. With the help with several foreign members, got a rough idea grown up and a couple fellas that were off due to weather got it taken care of. I know there’s a lot of things I will have to adjust and tweak, but the cows are up there and still alive after a week.. this was a project that I honestly gave up on because I didn’t want to do it without being there and helping. But with the temperament of certain other individuals around here, that was not an option. Even though it has never been an option before, it HAD to be done. That is the topic for other days, and will be titled how to deal with temper tantrums of a father-in-law. The pictures aren’t real spectacular, it’s not really that exciting, just keep in mind it was a building that really didn’t have much other use besides, something like this. The one thing I am proud of about it, is that most all stuff is reusable. in no pressure areas, used closely spaced rebar and - or feed tubes. again, building is 40x700 w/20 head of cattle.
  11. one of three turkeys left door to control room open…
  12. recteq is nice too. can sear all the way to smoker. outstanding service
  13. currently, it would be cheaper to fly into Mexico City to visit the United States. Lol. In all seriousness, this sounds like the beginnings of a fun trip! if going through IN there’s a few of us along here!
  14. 73,500/yr avg for 68 years did they ever hit 6million?
  15. yes you’re right. i wasn’t clear in trying to say it was at full load. my fault
  16. just get a set of alligators and say thanks later😊
  17. I was always told in HVAC and plumbing industry, A frequency drive was acceptable down to brief period of 20 Hz. also, I could be wrong, but monetary efficiency would be negligible due to ohms law. Power equals amps times volts, and you aren’t changing the voltage. The only place you would save would be on starts and stops on your in rush current, which is high on higher horsepower motors. And take this for grain of salt, I didn’t do real well in electrical class
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