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  1. Not to hijack a thread, but that’d be an awesome second one, working set ups pros, cons, how many helpers, how many head, etc… id start it but don’t have required prerequisites lol
  2. The most effective govt program to date 😂😂😂
  3. That’s called a butterface
  4. If their shotguns are built to same standards as rifles, buy it
  5. And since we live in todays world if you dont delete them it’s a documented form of communication, I do t know legality wise but you can look it back up and see who fell off who’s rockers lol
  6. Making a pad for generator, 277/480 transformer, diesel tank, and propane tank to sit on. Should limit any and all foreign traffic to one road, which will be monitored. Not only that but keeps traffic around barns to a minimum, should limit possible disease movement. remember the whole “6 feet and keep it neat” policy a few years back? 🤦‍♂️😁
  7. It’s not so bad, the same bank allows me to call the house I live in “mine”, so long as those checks clear!
  8. The avian bird flu is the nasty one. close the curtains, turn off fans, with a little help the whole farm is destroyed. its not a pleasant experience, hope to never deal with it. they’ve said that’s the major difference between making money and just getting by, keeping close eye on animal health. same as people really, shove a bunch of people on an airplane and someone is bound to get sick…..
  9. That’s perfect. Stealing that!
  10. Yep you are right. But, in case my wife is watching this, there’s not much money to be made and any and all cash payments for that will be directly handed over to her for safekeeping. will not be used to fill the coffers of Zach’s rathole money 😁😁😁
  11. These birds will be Perdue property. They’ll get pretty bully if I sell them outright 😁
  12. Yeah, poultry prices are high. But I don’t think the “grower” (me) sees any benefit on that, just the bigger company with the processing plants 😁
  13. I’ve always heard they are stupid, and get pretty mean right before leaving. I don’t have a lot of experience. They have flock supervisors to help lead the way. I got interested in it doing water treatment for poultry farmers tht used lake water to supply the barns. Talked with a slew of different people, just so I didn’t get a lopsided response. best I can tell, there’s money to made, but you aren’t going to set the world in fire.
  14. The two south barns for turkeys, on the top the barn with rusty roof going to keep to winter our cows in and the talk with @TN Hillbillyabout getting a smaller scale feedlot set up for maybe 30-50 feeders…
  15. Caleb is the most excited. If you look real close it’s his “work shirt” Leinenbach Heating and Cooling from several years ago. I wish that woulda kept rolling but, it didn’t.
  16. That’s stuff creeps me out. I’ll find one of those hats to wear around someday- I know where ones at but Vermont seems like a long drive to prove a point !!! 😁😁
  17. Most of the buildings on this place are in tough shape. The original owner was,to be nice, ultra conservative with his money. He was one heck of a grower from what I’ve been told, but died do to cancer 10-15 years ago the next owner didn’t know what he was doing and got way in over his head. He passed by his own hand and the place was in shambles. next guy bought it and had many of our southern friends employed there. They were good guys, I personally new them, but the owner was 3-4 hrs away and never checked on them. And to be fair, they didn’t need to worry about property upkeep- all they wanted was the turkeys. so I’ve got to get all the good shoved back in these buildings. several will be dismantled. One will be toast due to me being on fire dept to find the guy after his incident. House hope to rent, machine shed hope to rent/use, grain bin to be dismantled and two buildings to remove. hipe to have a decent place in years to come.
  18. This will be south of us-50. South of Washington, but before you’d get to interstate-64
  19. Will be doing turkeys as well as working at Alpha Energy Solutions. basically taking everything in my life and switching it all around- all at once 😬😁 been a long decision, started in November with offer, then getting to this stage. Excited, nervous, terrified and relieved all in one fell swoop.
  20. Bought a farm close to home in April. At the time, No contracts were available on the turkey buildings. Fast forward to august, and due to building material increases and inflation, they don’t have the interest in building new sets as they did before. so now I’m going to be a turkey grower, after we get the buildings redone. This will be my little diary on that process!
  21. Out of curiosity, does track get easier or harder the more pullers you have? i don’t think I’ve ever seen a pull like that
  22. Just gunna get ahead of it, your second picture is political lol
  23. That’s better than most! I’m sure you will get to the bottom of the culprit and get through it ! Here if you need to vent or want opinions
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