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  1. If you ever wanna see person #2 walk on water, have a snake fall from a tree in the boat we are fishing in!!
  2. If this were Facebook you’d have just been enrolled in a 14 day suspension!!!!
  3. One for a giant leap of faith.... No balls, no babies!
  4. I don’t know about anyone else but anymore I like more of what pandora digs up versus the radio... Tyler Childers, Turnpike Troubadours, Cody Jinks, Sturgill Simpson are ringing bells. I like songs that have a meaning in the lyrics
  5. Don’t scrap it those are tough as nails tractors. I’d spend the money before buying new junk. Just my pennies
  6. Cab on it now is in decent shape- except one door is racked.
  7. Wasn’t sure if it was a straight up and off deal or if it had to be tilted back. Never done one, surely it’ll be fairy straightforward
  8. Anything special about taking an excel cab off an 806?
  9. How hard would it be to post up to date list? I think it’d be cool to see it all .
  10. What’s a decent way to bring luster out of original paint? I’m not looking for a show pony, but want to shine and more importantly get some wax on sheet metal areas. I had a 10 previously, sold it due to family squabbles, and now, 10 years later, have a new one. I also have a 4 year old boy that is in 7th heaven since he seen it. Any recommendations?
  11. Zach Leinenbach

    58511 s/n

    originally sold in clay city, In. (Will her name as dealer badge still on cab)

    now resides in huntingburg indiana

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    2. zleinenbach


      I do know of several other 10’s around, I’ll try to get you some #’s. Most are pullers

    3. Farmall1066


      That would be fantastic!!

    4. zleinenbach


      57293 is for sale currently in Salem, IN. Fender tractor is about all I know about it

  12. 1976 1066 black stripe #58511 in huntingburg Indiana. 4523 hrs, all original
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