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  1. that quonset hut is like a 50/50 chick- looks good going 50mph 50 car lengths away lol
  2. i love my kids but that youngest one is gunna be the death of me yet merrill hydrants, 39 years old and can still be fixed, internet guy was across the road and snapped this picture, show the whole place or the most part of it, barn to the far left down the hill are where the magic happens
  3. glad she is ok and hopefully not too shook up. and you are right those air bags are tucked everywhere!!! as bad as it is anymore @New Englanderis right, a camera wouldn’t be a bad investment….
  4. Not an electrician, have to save money somewhere lol
  5. Feed lines repaired and set up, lil wire pulling buddy helped get that in, wife didn’t realize what she was getting into when I told here I needed to pick up a motor lol prefab lights and as a plumbing guy can’t put a pvc make adapter in with our thread tape. OCD. ss fuel lines to generator, will run black pipe afterwards
  6. The wind drag must be super terrible. naybe not at 30-35 mph
  7. Call me crazy but it looks like it’s smiling in the barn
  8. There’s plenty of info out there available, over and over again! Surely would be easier to relocate it in the future lol
  9. Now you wanna get into crazy stuff, pneumatics for hvac controls
  10. They read zero——how about that for tricks ?!?!?
  11. Just repurposed an old pneumatic controls box
  12. Here’s enclosure for all the motor starters for tunnel, exhaust, and feed line motors
  13. If I am in your hero category, you need to borrow a bigger ladder to set your bar higher !!! 😁
  14. They know you’d probably get tired after 8 and cut 2’ off 😁😁😁 you would hit rock by 8’ surely?
  15. That’s what I was told too. The only thing is you have to keep up on bio security (rodent traps, disinfect everything, no sharing equipment between farms, etc) but I believe most if not all guys do that anyways
  16. Here’s some more. got antennas for security cameras mounted, nothing crazy just some stainless clamps, they will shoot to my house and we can monitor traffic (feed, gas, fuel, nosey neighbors lol) from home or phone. Again, just to keep abreast of what’s going on, not to hawk it. got outdoor panel, disconnect, and transfer switch mounted, and all conduits measured to get wire for them. drove ground rod in with my post driver. It’s a 3” sch40 black pipe with a chunk of round stock welded in the end. Just the weight alone will push it in dang near. As dry as it is I was happy with the 3 minute install on a 10’ rod. got one building of waterers and water line out, ran outta trailer so will need to wait for next one. if homo depot had paint the tanks woulda gotten a makeover but that must be on a ship right now because there wasn’t a gallon of anything besides safety pink on the shelf. I coulda used that but people already are saying I’m nuts lol
  17. I would think so. I asked when the “haggling” was going on, and they said in a nutshell it’s next to impossible to get loss of income insurance on birds that aren’t yours technically. I do know some other growers who purchase the birds can, and do, do that. I think it’s about like anything with money involved, if they can pin it on you, you ain’t getting the money lol
  18. Grey gold. Previous install was EMT and set screw connectors. Less than water tight for sure. plumbing is going to be redone but isn’t that crazy to do. I am beyond ocd on the water line stuff, and it’s triggered looking at what they did lol
  19. The old ones were for stir fans and exhaust fans, if I counted right is was 20 fans total. Then all the temp sensors and pressure switch and vent doors
  20. Here’s some updates, pad getting filled up, See through panels installed and all motors framed up, electric panels demoed and new installed fiber conduit for when that comes around here, hoping next two years. stainless pipe is antenna mount for security cameras
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