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  1. Not gunna lie, I cried a little. Not only did I get my little fellas back from the clutches of a cold and wet death, but now I gotta eat crow and tell @New Englanderhe was right lol 😂
  2. Just irritated the heck out of me. Elbow deep in water today, straddling over a 4’ hole trying to loosen a coupling for this pump. Wouldn’t be bad if it wasn’t so dam cold (i know it could be worse) I heard the “sploosh” but didn’t think anything of it until the next stop..... i about cried spending $50 on those damn things but they were so handy I’m sure I’ll do it again. woukd be interested in Knipex, I got a 4” crescent wrench floating in that pocket too
  3. These are tiny. Easily fit into pocket I’ll look up Knipex and see what I can find.
  4. They are discontinued is the problem. ebay has them but I’m not spending that on them They are all aluminum and stainless so I don’t think magnet will help. whats odd is there’s no “equivalents” or competing lines similar. RIP little fellas, you’ll be missed!!!
  5. Anybody have one they’d like to part with? Mine is currently 20’ under water in a pump pit
  6. It’s Mechanical, it will fail. But given the alternative of trying to get a vent open through the roof, it would be worth a shotIt’s Mechanical, it will fail. But given the alternative of trying to get a vent open through the roof, it would be worth a shot
  7. Run 2” over to the kitchen sink- preferably into that cabinet. You’ll need to find a 4x4x2 wye fitting and a 45. I know, it ends up making a tee, but trust me on that. on the main they make what’s called Fernco couplings, which are just rubber couplings with stainless worm clamps to tighten. Use that on the upstream side, and use a regular glue coupling on the downstream side also, check to see if there’s a vent coming off anywhere. It’ll typically be coming out of the wall. I’ll bet that there’s not one, or choked up. You can install a “quickie vent” under cabinet to allow the drain to get air and drain quicker. I’ll try to draw a picture here later
  8. Seeing your toes in this pick reminds me of the Mr Deeds adam Sandler movie when they stick that fire poker in his foot lol
  9. Can’t say trump no politics!!!!!! greater than is sufficient
  10. Conversely,woulda been an ideal photo for 88 series lol
  11. You coulda said Hy-Tran is for pansies!!! And ran for the hills!!!! Now THAT would start an argument!
  12. And if your moving it golf balls work great
  13. I use one of the golden rod dehumidifiers. nit really a dehumidifier, just raises the temperature up to above the dew point. Was a lot less invasive for me. Sandhiller hit it deaD on imo. Dads had rifles sit out side in his garage for years with no issues. Consistency is key. Or at least steady changes youd think a hvac could remember that in his own house.....
  14. Is that really how they were shipped?
  15. I have a 1066, I assume to use the monitors and all, all I really need is hydraulics and to get 12volts up to it?
  16. On a new holland 560 baker, what is an acceptable hp range for the tractor pulling it? It says 90 on their website, but on the ground testimonials around here say closer to 130-140. anyone have any insight?
  17. New ones supposed to work down to -30. Hyper heat Mitsubishi
  18. The roadway driver trying to collect votes is my favorite. Truck stop 6 I believe
  19. Did you do that on purpose? Or am I the obtuse one on this?
  20. That reminds me of a gene Tracy joke where he says “ hey it’s dark down there hey it’s dark down there!!!” she got mad and said “you didn’t have to say it but once!” he said dang it I did only say it once !!!
  21. If he wants someone to cut all the pieces out in a laser give me a shout.... I’d say once that gets built you’ll want a way to make them in bulk!!
  22. If he’s like my son he will take care of his better. He cleans it all the time, I’m afraid of bluing coming off!!!😂 oh well The things he learns about messing around outside trying to shoot walnuts is worth 10x more than he’ll find holding a remote
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