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  1. Anyone got a favorite brand? Length? Options to die for? getting pulled by a 3:4 ton diesel pickup,
  2. “Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Waylon, Jennings!!!”
  3. Working at my uncles hog farm I can attest to that. In warmer weather we’d walk the buildings an extra time every day. If a dead or dying one was left too long it was toast. Or if a tail didn’t get docked at birth that was like candy apparently. Once they drew blood it was all over with
  4. They say if you wanna get rid of a body that’s the way to do it!! hogs will eat anything ya give em, don’t let nothin go to waste- Tyler Childers
  5. We had a confirmed case of it here. they foam the whole house of turkeys to destroy them. Nasty stuff
  6. I respectfully disagree. While I’m not at the level of high school sports yet, I can certainly attest to the fact that the younger group has to have equal everything. Everyone gets a trophy, equal playing time regardless of desire or ability, no score keeping. it is frustrating to me as a volunteer baseball coach to see these kids having a missed opportunity to teach life goals by parents trying to protect them from that vulgar word “defeat”. but that’s only one instance of me and the sports world, and by no means gospel.
  7. Get the knipex alligator type and you’ll use them all the time
  8. That is true. For me fortunately (I guess) it’s limited to phone and internet at home. Then the utility bills.
  9. That is very interesting point. I don’t NEED a $100/month phone, but here I am typing away.....
  10. Mud. I don’t know what this predictive texting thing thinks I’m trying to say half the time!!!!
  11. Made in Louisville, KY. Way back when. For sone reason mid and muck doesn’t stick to them. A plumbers best friend!!!
  12. No display. It if you run across any bluegrass shovels I will pay you enough to build your display!!
  13. We have installed a slew of them. Big selling point was lifetime warranty on the tank. You pay twice as much for one though! lol not bad, I like that they are light.
  14. Anode is usually on top in about the middle. Looks like a bolt head. the dip tube is what shoves cold water to the bottom to be heated by the burner or bottom element. Sometimes they crack and let the cold water to “bypass” and go out the hot water side before being heated. If you have hot water to start but there’s no capacity- check that
  15. Stay away from variable speed.personally don’t see how the benefits outweigh the costs. combi units are nice, but if you plan on using a lot of hot water a lot of the times I’d go with an indirect tank. a lot of options out there for sure!
  16. That’s what Pluto water was. High sulfur in the spring water The great excelsior of the early 1900’s make you crap your brains out lol
  17. Figure 20 btu a square foot. Was a rule of thumb that’s been working, and with the turn down ratios of newer equipment over sizing is t AS big of a deal
  18. One of my friends converted a school bus into a camper. It’s pretty cool, but he ended up have to run an inter cooler and some other things to keep it below the grenade line
  19. Would have definitely ruined the Macguyver TV series!!!!!
  20. You must be in the heel and we are in the toe of southern Indiana!
  21. The whole game is set up this way. Not just ag but in general. It’s harder and harder for small outfits to stay relavent
  22. Has nothing to do with age!!! ol adage of 2” of this and 4” of coveralls is true this time of year!!!
  23. I had completely forgotten that there’s different grades of stainless. So props to you for bringing that up
  24. Anything more than 14 it doesn’t like
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