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  1. The power stroke was mine at work and it is sitting in a stack headed to the foundry somewhere. 2003 258,000 miles offered to give it to a shop and they turned it down
  2. Found this in a bathroom too lol
  3. What about the “moms” who’ve done nothing for their kids? what about the ones who’ve never seen their exactly 366 day old grandchild- or for that matter called to see how he’s doing? I’m not asking for sympathy, I know what two words to find that between in the ol Webster’s, but being being a mom is more than doing the horizontal mambo for 3 minutes and 18 seconds. and the one that did that in my life has dropped the ball 100%. kudos to all the good ones out there. and if you can’t raise a kid and accept the consequences of being a parent, keep it in your pants.
  4. I’ve heard same thing but that he forgets some of the time not all the time
  5. Not to be callous, or make light of a bad situation, but here’s a fact that people are failing to account for. im all for staying safe. I wear gloves on first responder scenes and wear turnout gear going into structure fires/ vehicle accidents i just feel that it’s time to take the training wheels off on this issue and let the people decide for themselves what’s best. If they’re at 200+ million vaccines already, and add the people who’ve already had it, it’s time.
  6. Wound up tighter that a 8v92 half way through the intersection lol
  7. Caleb got to eat his cake! happy birthday little man!
  8. The only time I was successful was on my old bus driver. ironically this year I serviced his a/c and we chatted a while. he said “you know, for being a little crap on the bus everyday I sure am grateful you showed up.” funny how the man upstairs works his magic
  9. Hopefully your mind doesn’t work like mine and you remember seeing xyz when it was half shoved in the pile, and not where you meticulously carved a spot out for xyz
  10. I’ll post pics as the truck gets put together, the chassis got delivered yesterday I believe
  11. And just like that I’ll never visit Georgia 😂😉😉😂
  12. Here is beginning, then one pass. I used some stuff I found at Napa, seems to work ok to remove oxidation. I know it won’t be perfect but I can’t see throwin the dang thing away cuz it’s faded a touch. heck if they are that close they are probably stealing the Freon and don’t give a shot anyways lol
  13. What’s the best to use on dirty, corroded aluminum diamond tread? i have a refrigerant tank rack that I’d like to re use but want to make prettier than it is now. Suggestions?
  14. I think they hear about the same as my 4 year daughter when they want To how much they want To if they want to and if it’s not what they wanted to hear, toss their head around and go to their hiding spot lol
  15. Right now still in the thinking about it stage, but it’s gaining traction. As usual, I missed a juicy opportunity with low interest/ cheaper materials, but hopefully that will iron out sooner than later. I didn’t know if wood inside would hold up to manure better or worse, seems to be a lot of barns around many years were built with wood and have stood the rest of time ive always wanted a peg built barn, but don’t feel I could find anyone to build it. Grandpa had one they tried to pull down with two tractors and ended up burning it down instead concrete knee walls I had pla
  16. If possible to get the + and - ones closest that’d be awesome!
  17. Here’s the one that lives at my house
  18. Patton was a cool cat apparently. please don’t fact check me, I didn’t personally know him 😁 reading up on him I wish he wouldn’t have been to forward about runnin the Russians back to Moscow immediately. Now that’s an interesting story there
  19. Thinking of you and your family during this time.
  20. Got that right. Meth would be a decent trade off these days
  21. We see a lot of “servicemen” upselling new hvac systems around here. about once or twice a year you’ll find a capacitor wire that fell “up” off the terminal or the hose hidden inside on a heat pump, that’s a classic. nobody seems to fix s*** anymore. Replace replace replace. at our high school I ran a service call for no gas in chemistry labs. Aside from little heathens breaking pencils off in the valve, the master safety switch had a bad control board. Did some looking and a little re engineering, but for $238 a relay, and a 120 volt solenoid valve fixed what coulda cost t
  22. How do the fabric hoop buildings hold up?
  23. If you were building a cattle barn, for a small 15-30 head operation, what would you build it out of? take out all craziness going on now. Wood frame? Steel frame?
  24. Or to float across the big pond. gotta save weight!
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