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  1. here is drawing of cattle corral or working area at this farm. these numbers are measured out but not set in stone. any ideas on where to put what?
  2. don’t look for it on my account! only thing i can build out of lumber is a bigger burn pile
  3. fil is the cattle whisperer. typically goes twice as easy if he stays out.
  4. agreed. we won’t have a large quantity of cows, especially compared to what a lot of you guys have. my problem is scheduling help and weather and cows at the same time. we got jack spit for handling equipment now, so it takes 3 or 4 adults and a kiddo or two to get anything accomplished. FIL is getting older and our kids are only ones to show interest in it. i may be over extending it by buying equipment to save me the headaches of schedule conflicts. example, cows need to be vaccinated but could t pull it off because everyone busy this weekend. so next weekend will be 30 degrees cooler and muddy. this is hypothetical but could be very accurate
  5. does anyone have any brands they would recommend over another?
  6. i’ve seen people have large D rings poured into concrete to run chains to and pull things
  7. this is third level trolling right here
  8. i think getting ready for the SOBs will be harder on me than raising them lol
  9. the feed being unloaded into dump trailer was a sunday night around 230 in the morning lol. and the electrician on the job sucks so lights aren’t there yet. got closer last night—13 exhaust and tunnel fans wired 4 heaters and around 24-30 lights. i’m not sure. got controller wired in somehow and it actually works. do to covid or whatever reasoning there is for a wire shortage, My OCD will have to take a backseat because the wires going to fans are any and all colors.
  10. the other was just that small. we have a picture next to our golden retriever and it’s a toss up
  11. he is tickled pink. first deer he short may be his biggest. the second may hold record for smallest. he felt really bad about second one but i feel his pain when they are alone it’s hard to judge size, especially 9 year old. his mom got to witness it all. this is text i got after Emily tried her best 😂
  12. we relocated a bunch to a guys house who was mortified of heights and didn’t want to get on his roof a couple octobers ago….. must’ve been a hundred people stop in and ask how much he lived our current leadership….. he doesn’t lol
  13. that quonset hut is like a 50/50 chick- looks good going 50mph 50 car lengths away lol
  14. i love my kids but that youngest one is gunna be the death of me yet merrill hydrants, 39 years old and can still be fixed, internet guy was across the road and snapped this picture, show the whole place or the most part of it, barn to the far left down the hill are where the magic happens
  15. glad she is ok and hopefully not too shook up. and you are right those air bags are tucked everywhere!!! as bad as it is anymore @New Englanderis right, a camera wouldn’t be a bad investment….
  16. not if ours are bigger and bomber lol soubds like a good way to sell some stuff to put a dent in the 30 some odd trillion!!!
  17. Not an electrician, have to save money somewhere lol
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