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  1. I have a 1066, I assume to use the monitors and all, all I really need is hydraulics and to get 12volts up to it?
  2. On a new holland 560 baker, what is an acceptable hp range for the tractor pulling it? It says 90 on their website, but on the ground testimonials around here say closer to 130-140. anyone have any insight?
  3. New ones supposed to work down to -30. Hyper heat Mitsubishi
  4. The roadway driver trying to collect votes is my favorite. Truck stop 6 I believe
  5. Did you do that on purpose? Or am I the obtuse one on this?
  6. That reminds me of a gene Tracy joke where he says “ hey it’s dark down there hey it’s dark down there!!!” she got mad and said “you didn’t have to say it but once!” he said dang it I did only say it once !!!
  7. If he wants someone to cut all the pieces out in a laser give me a shout.... I’d say once that gets built you’ll want a way to make them in bulk!!
  8. If he’s like my son he will take care of his better. He cleans it all the time, I’m afraid of bluing coming off!!!😂 oh well The things he learns about messing around outside trying to shoot walnuts is worth 10x more than he’ll find holding a remote
  9. I was always told that the man bun is just a saddle horn for his BF to hold onto!
  10. I’m not mature enough for this lol
  11. My wife is complete opposite. she orders so frequently the amazon drivers give high fives passing in the driveway
  12. The Mitsubishi mini splits are fairly nice- if layout allows... one thing I’ve seen and have no clue if it’s work for you is radiant warm floor heat. It’s all electric and it’s put under the flooring... if it’s just supplement heat... electric heat is electric heat if you ask me. Make sure it has a fusible link(fuse) in it and have at it, may be a question for @vtfireman85
  13. Best of luck! On Covid, and the ass-kickin!
  14. That would be my daughter. As long as it’s close to put away it counts lol
  15. Thanks for the info! I think it’s cool you guys handle all that!
  16. In upgrading hvac controls at a county building close to home, stumbled across a bunch of old leather bound books dating early 1800’s I could t read any of it. Like New Englander said, the verbiage is different and writing all runs together. neat nonetheless
  17. This movie we live in every day is a lot more enjoyable if we don’t try to be the director. That role is already taken.
  18. zleinenbach


    Good for you! I’ll be looking forward to the updates!! ive got a few wild hairs going as well. It will be interesting for sure!
  19. Yea Seth- you could be a plumber!!!!!
  20. My opinion to stopping stupid is to make it hurt again....no consequence for an action there’s no reason to change
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