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  1. Our family owned the first 6 with the long shoe- JJC0047412-JJC0047417 it was also the first batch of Cummins with the 2150 high idle RPM, which didn’t work out (not enough torque curve) so when they brought them back up to 2650 they didn’t tell us the large shoe drive pulley was smaller to keep sieve RPM up to speed with slower engine RPM!! Took about 15-20 separator hrs to shake the cleaning system out of a couple before Pro Harvest caught it and got us the replacement 5 sided belt and larger dia pulley Also this was part of the batch of 1680’s with soft piston rings so we lost 3 motors in ND at approximately 400-500 hrs when the rings let go crank case pressure would climb until it held all the oil on the top side and starved the crank and main & rods would go, sometimes a rod would come out the side of the block....
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