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  1. Alderman's in Michigan decal?

    I finally found someone that could make the decal, made a lot of phone calls and finally found a local guy that said he could do it!
  2. Alderman's in Michigan decal?

    Does anyone know a company or individual that prints these? I called Maple Hunter Texas and left a message but haven't heard anything back yet.
  3. Alderman's in Michigan decal?

    Yes it is, it is a little different than the one I have but was looking for the color they used. I was guessing black with chrome outline.
  4. Alderman's in Michigan decal?

    I talked with Travis and he transferred me to Tim, the first day I talked with him he sounded lime he was gonna be A lot of help. He texted me back a day later and I knew then they weren't gonna be a lot of help.
  5. Alderman's in Michigan decal?

    In the process of restoring a 1066 that was bought new from Alderman's and wanted the dealership decals with the rare (313) area code. I was also wondering if anyone knew what color they were. Here's the only thing I have to go by. Thanks, Matt
  6. Looking for an 826

    Thank you, if I see 15699 i'll let you know.
  7. Looking for an 826

    It was bought in Sandusky, MI and was traded off to Tri-county equipment on a 7800 against protesting kids.
  8. Looking for an 826

    Okay thank you
  9. Looking for an 826

    My brother has a U underneath the number 4 with a question mark?
  10. Looking for an 826

    My brother has a U underneath the number 4 with a question mark?
  11. Looking for an 826

    My uncle and my dad got pretty excited when I told them about this website that had all these serial #'s on it. It was the last tractor there dad bought before he passed, making them farmers whether they were ready or not at 17 and 18. We are a little confused with the #. 1970 826 25101324012468 Thanks, Matt
  12. What's your favorite snack

    I like them also but since monzelo started making them in Mexico I haven't had one.
  13. Black Stripe 1066

    About an hour and forty-five minutes north of Monroe county in between Peck and Croswell
  14. Black Stripe 1066

    It's pretty straight, my father in law has a fair amount of parts to be put back on it. It seemed to run well, I drove it 25 miles home. I was little when we sold our 826 so I'm not that familiar with the 70's Internatonal's.
  15. Black Stripe 1066

    The only tractors that we run that are red is our four wheeler and combine. We have 2 New Hollands so we are kinda color blind!