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  1. Hi Chip, you are correct in your assumption, I do not have the serial number plate that has the tractor serial number on it, as you probably know this plate was located inside the tub/seating area just below the dials on the dashboard, unfortunately over the years these get bashed and knocked off by operators with their size ten boots, I wonder do you or any of the other guys here know if there is another way to identify without this plate as in Engine number or chassis number?? BoneDigger
  2. Hi all, I wonder is there any of you gentlemen who can help identify the year of my machine please? I have included my machines serial number plate. Many thanks BoneDigger
  3. When we used the Neil Pelican health and safety was not heard of, we would hang on to the bucket and let the driver lift me or whoever into the air to its highest point, after a couple of minutes you would be screaming to be let down because holding on was becoming very difficult, we were lucky none of us ever got hurt!!
  5. Looking at this topic it reminded me of the day when we ran a coal business and used the Neil Pelican Loader, it was built on to a Fordson Major tractor!! I will add pictures if I can find them!