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    4230 range transmission

    Thanks for the info. Got parts and service manual from nearby McCormick dealer.

    4230 range transmission

    I have disassembled the range transmission which essentially is whole rear end due to the small oil pump in the bottom of rear end having the key shear on pump drive gear and not pumping lube oil to the pinion shaft and ruining the two gears,both synchronizers and pinion shaft. I am going to have to replace the ring gear and pinion shaft and everything on pinion shaft. There is a splined washer on the pinion shaft along with some other shim washers to get correct setup of the synchronizers. The washer is no longer available through case and they have been no help as to what i should do because i need to replace it also. I believe this tractor took the place of the older 84 and 85 series Doncaster built tractors. Also the shift cams for hi lo and reverse are mounted on the side inside the trans housing and everything i have seen in parts and service books show them on the top. This is going to make assembly of all the pinion shaft components really hard. The service book talks about making installation bullets for the shift rail but not sure how this will work with the shift rail cams on the side and not on the top like book shows. Just throwing this out to see if anybody has ran into this and looking for any tips. That one little key shearing did mega damage as pump seems to be ok. I would replace the pump but no longer available. Thank you. Really enjoy reading this site and seeing the cool pics