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  1. Just wanted to follow up on this. I was over thinking this after seeing the M11 procedure. I knew these were top stop injectors and with injectors out I could look and see 5 and 2 were on top stroke. So the procedure of adjusting valves on cylinders 5 and 2 when on A was correct and tractor runs much better. Thanks to all for the info
  2. Going to install new injectors in 95 model year 9350. When removing the rockers and injectors rotated the accessory drive pulley to letter A and number 6 was on TDC and rotated 360 to get number 1 on TDC. This engine is a LTA10-A external damper. Most 9350 tractors had M11 I thought. The only specs and sequence I have is for L10 internal damper which shows number 5 and 2 cylinders on TDC when A comes around on accessory drive. I have info for QSM11 which has 1 and 6 on TDC when on A on accessory drive pulley. So far no help from Cummins dealer and never done a LTA10-A so needing to know correct specs and sequence for this 9350. Thanks for any info.
  3. Checking the shift cables on this tractor and they all seem to be adjusted properly as is inching cable. The problem is sometimes the shift lever does not return to neutral when moved to forward slot or reverse slot and let go. If you pull the park arm that engages halfway down, back just a little more by hand it works as it should. Looking for any suggestions. Thank you
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