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  1. What do they show in there for the feed grinders? I have one but I think its newer.
  2. IH came out with Spring guides than a Summer/Fall guide beginning in the 1966 model year. This went through 1973. I have all 66-73 Summer/Fall Editions. 1972 is probably my favorite. I love the cover being taken ant the IH Photographic Center and it was the first of these I got.
  3. What’s the story of the chains being exposed on the auto car? I can see the head is below them.
  4. Yesterday I used the ‘48 Cub to mow a strip between our fence and the irrigation ditch. We’ve had a lot of rain so I think this was the third time I’ve mowed it in the last month. Cub worked pretty hard in the tall, wet thick grass but take it slow and it gets the job done. Today I fixed fence and dug three new holes for the posts. I always use the Cub and our little utility wagon as the “fence fixing” rig. **Ignore the sand, our road isn’t graded property and therefore the road gets washed in our pasture and most recently this strip.
  5. I just realized I tagged the wrong one in my post
  6. @axial-flow has a nice one in the first pic with long bar axles. Just noticed the second one does too. I guess I don’t have a of one at RPRU? I assume one was there? I just have several pictures of 1456’s. I guess I like them more? Lol
  7. Happy 4th everyone!! I found an app that fades in an image to a picture so I’ve tried it with several wheat harvest photos. I took the first in July 2021. CaseIH 7250, 1996 New Holland Versatile 9482, and Parker 1000 bushel grain cart. Second is from July 1971 of my great-grandpas harvest. Gleaner F he bought in 1970 and IH A-160 truck he bought new in 1957. Not long after he put the grain box with stock racks on it. Last is an International push mower my great grandpa (same one) bought new around 1974. I started it up for the first time today since last August and mowed a few passes with it. Fun stuff for sure!!
  8. Did you sell an 86 series tractor?😁 lol
  9. It’s a pretty neat engine. Just push the clutch lever to engage and disengage the pump jack. It’s pretty smooth.
  10. I’ve seen those with the 4100 in IH films. Always wondered how they worked.
  11. A little newer but I got this puppy for $350 in October 2019 as you see it in the first pic. All I did was paint a few parts, add decals, and add an oak wagon to it.
  12. Wednesday night had bad hail in our area. Took out crops that looked really good. I’m hoping some will pull through and be half way decent. There is some hay laying down in front of our house.
  13. I see, I got to tour 5 Rivers a few years ago. That will be a good job for him. I live around Sterling, so an hour and a half from Greeley. About an hour or little more I think from Kersey.
  14. We’ll see tomorrow, we (my family) aren’t farmers but dad and I know enough about it and we help with wheat harvest (not to mention other crops that can be affected) to know it’s not good when hail hits. Wheat around here is looking so good and farmers need the profits. I’m sure around our area wheat will start July 5-10. Almost there!🤞
  15. Been kinda brutal here tonight. We got some pea to marble sized hail and a decent amount of rain. We’ve also gotten a lot of thunder and lightning plus some wind. There was a tornado in Kimball, Nebraska tonight I saw……
  16. I guess there was. This one was more in the southeast corner of Colorado in Holly. It’s about 10 miles or so from the Kansas boarder by looking at the map. I could be wrong on distance.
  17. Whenever I get a new brochure I read them, whenever I get the time which may be a while after I get them. Was reading this brochure tonight and found this typo on page 25. Said 815 & 819.
  18. None that I’ve heard. A couple nights ago a tornado closer to us claimed a house. No one hurt.
  19. We’ve had quite a week with rain and tornado warnings and active tornados. We are safe. Crazy stuff tho. This was taken 190 south of me. Yes this is a picture from today…. Not a painting. Here was the storm we had Wednesday night. The lightning and thunder was insane.
  20. Quite a machine. I didn’t get a picture but I probably passed a dozen army vehicles stretched out about 10 or so miles on I-80 coming to RPRU. That was probably an hour and a half from Grand Island.
  21. I looked close at that very ‘79 guide to buy (unless he had another copy). I have the one for ‘78 and I think it’s one of if not the best looking buyers guide cover. I like the look of ‘79’s too being taken in the yard of the photographic center. Maybe at some point I’ll get one, I had other things I wanted to get first.
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