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  1. Is that why the 914 and 715 were made up until like 1979? I assumed it was because IH didn’t have the 1420 and 1482 ready by 1977-78. If the 914 and 715’s were that popular that makes more sense.
  2. When I get home from college here in the near future I have a 1970 brochure of the 8 and 915’s and all summer fall guides from 69-73 that those combines are in. I can make a dedicated thread….. or post them here in one shot. First is also from 1972. It’s interesting that all IH Summer/Fall guides have a combine on them. Guess just like Spring guides had a tractor on the front, it was seasonal.
  3. Yea @SDman and @dale560have it right from the IH film of low profile combines I’m thinking about. They were introduced in 1974. The cleaning fan chute was able to be unhinged easily for maintenance. There was a service deck and ladder below the engine fan and the fan ran of suction and no belts. There was also an optional service deck under the improved unloading auger. There was also a new swing down ladder. Final drives were improved on the 915 and I think were adjustable. Thats what I recall from the film without watching it again. Also btw @Big Bud guy from anything I have found 1970 is when IH started painting the augers red instead of white.
  4. As you watch those films you notice that they took some scenes originally on one film and used them in a different one.
  5. After 1959 IH made all their own films, instead of the productions like you said that did them in past years. I can’t speak much to the ones like you posted but IH was very good at doing their own films at the photographic center. I love the film and advertising side of things for IH. I’m one to think that IH did the most promoting film wise (making film at least) than any other company. Allis-Chalmers might have been second to them.
  6. I recognize that spokespersons voice from a 1973 IH film on DVD 14 from FarmingtonImplement. Could be a different guy tho. So I suppose the photographic center did these films too? Just in a different format than the motion picture films. I’ve never known a lot about these ones like you posted.
  7. Happy Birthday Bill! It was great meeting you at RPRU!
  8. IHhogfarmer


    1957 IH A-160. Great-grandpa bought it new that year. Used it on the farm till they moved to town in 1980. Did all IH trucks leave the factory as cab and chassis only? Then the customer or dealer could put whatever on the chassis.
  9. 1972 Summer/Fall Buyers Guide There were lots of 150 hoe drills sold here back in the day. Great grandpa had a couple different sets. Bought one in August 1975. Tandem set as 24 ft iirc.
  10. This was something I made back in August. I’ve always loved farm equipment (as we all do) and taking pictures and videos of them and talking about them. I should have worked at the IH Photographic Center in Sheridan, Illinois, but was born too late for that. Anyhow, I considered posting this video on Facebook but thought there might be some of you here to enjoy it. My dad, uncle, and myself help a friend with wheat harvest. Here is what’s in the video: 2007 CaseIH 2588 w/30 ft 1010 header. I’ve driven this the last two harvests. 2013 (I think) CaseIH 7130 w/35ft Macdon D65-S Draper header New Holland Versatile 9682 and Parker 1039 1000 bu. grain cart. This was first harvest with the grey Peterbuilt truck. Pretty nice rig. Like it says, I don’t own rights to the songs.
  11. My parents were married in ‘97. I’m just a young one yet. Lol.
  12. When you have your videos pulled up that you’ve uploaded there should be three dots to the right. Click on them and comes up a list of options. Click share video and there should be an option that comes up that says “copy link.” If you have the video pulled up (like you’re watching it) there should be an option below the video that says share. Click that and “copy link” will come up. Click that. However you copy it you then go to where your post on here and tap the space and it will say “paste” click that and the link will show up on your post. Hope that helps.
  13. Reminded me of this picture I took during wheat harvest back in July. There are places like this in our area too. Sad to see. I think there is also and IH pickup and swather at this place. Lots of stuff. The Gleaner is a G I’m certain Deere is a 66/7700 IH is a 8/915 looks like a low profile one.
  14. I don’t want mine out either but you can make it so it’s on a privacy setting. So I don’t think anyone can see my videos Unless posted here.
  15. Good land….. Two Deere tractors I would like to have. A 7020 then a 4630 since my grandpa had two of them at one time. Lots of neat stuff. Thanks for sharing BBG.
  16. I have the YouTube app. So the way I’ve made it work for me is just upload a video to my private channel and then copy the link here. That’s kinda vague but that’s the only way I really know.
  17. Wow I like that one! Always have loved the 4166/86 tractors! I’ve always thought all 4186’s had the exterior ROPS. I would assume they were taken off for the restoration and left off. I have seen a couple 4166’s with the white ROPS and white cab. Then when they changed to red cabs in 1975 the ROPS went red too. At least I assume that how it was 45-50 years ago from the factory.
  18. I wondered. That’s why I was unsure how to interpret that. I’ve always found interesting how the Wheatland’s had the narrower fenders and tires and the standards had wide fenders and larger tires. At least thats how I’ve seen a lot of them. Looks to me like great grandpas had the same axle length as spec sheet, just had the large cast weights. Here is that tractor about two years after the first was taken. Notice there are only 34 inch duals. After a couple years they had a pair of 38’s for it.
  19. Ahh we may have something here. This one has the Wheatland sticker, 18.4, narrower fenders, and no TA but reads like you could get a PTO? Anyone have this sheet for the 1206 Wheatland? I found one but its too blurry to read
  20. Bigger tires but no TA and Wheatland sticker or badge. I’d call it a standard. Could be wrong.
  21. Times were different for sure…. We have things to easy nowdays.
  22. They all have chrome pipes like above
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