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  1. They all have chrome pipes like above
  2. I edited my post a little, that one also didn’t have a PTO. Maybe not the best way to put it is “no options” but like Dan says, there wasn’t a lot on them that you could get with other versions. That’s how I have understood it and to me that makes the most sense between a Wheatland and standard Wheatland - little to no options (or very few options, however you want to say it) i.e. refer to great grandpas 1206 above Standard - has any options that a Wheatland doesn’t have but not all options that a row crop would. That’s how I’ve interpreted it. Yes the one above has the Wheatland sticker.
  3. Lights were located on the grill of Wheatland and standard versions of International 1206’s because the round fenders were replaced with the flattops fenders that had lights. Here is a TRUE Wheatland 1206, true meaning barebones, little to no options that a standard version or rowcrop would have This one had the narrow wheatland fenders (as opposed to wide coverage on standards), no 3pt hitch, no TA, no PTO but it had a swinging drawbar, hydraulics, and a fixed front axle. This one also has the Wheatland sticker above the 1206 badge. A true wheatland was basically a tractor to pull with in wide open spaces. This one also had big cast wheel weights on the outside of the rear tires. This was my great-grandpas 1206 he bought new in July 1967.
  4. Come to think of it great grandpa had a 4166 he bought new in December 1974 with a white cab. Serial number 11507. About 250 from the first 1974 model and 177 from the first 1975 model.
  5. 1566/68 came out in later ‘74 as new for 1975 I think. That could also be a pre production model and they put a white cab on it if the red ones weren’t out yet.
  6. I’ll be praying for you both. Reading God’s word, handing over everything to him (since it’s his plan that will work out), memorizing/studying scripture and praying/talking with him through out the day makes a world of difference I’ve found.
  7. Are those 45’ drapers or only 40’?
  8. JEFF!!😂😂 I’ve used the same book the last two years. Local bank has given them to me lol. It’s nice to use. (Notice the name on pen too)
  9. WOW, I loved all you pictures and your story! Stay strong, God has a plan for you! For me it helps a lot praying and reading the Bible and really get into the word. You begin to find a path. This is what I’ve really trying to work on since I’ll be graduating in May and going out into the real world. I’ve been seeing some progress in trusting in Him and His plan for me. Just thought I’d share a little of what I’ve been doing. I also like taking pictures and editing them. I really like the communications side of things…… in Ag. Good luck in your journey. Here’s a few of my favorites. ‘ This was not one I took but I did some editing to make it look better than the 1971/1972 original. This was my great grandpas Gleaner F and 1957 IH A-160 truck. This is my 1992 GMC 1500. This is my 1948 Farmall Cub
  10. I have one too. 75th annual edition. Can’t remember what year its from (it’s not with me). Here’s a pic. It’s from the dealer in my hometown. Also is a couple implements that my grandpa gave me from when he was a kid.
  11. I wasn’t around then. I know nothing about the 1200 except I would be pretty sure it did not have duals, same with the 4166. Great Grandpa had the 1206 from 1967 - 1974 when he traded it for the 4166. The 12 had 38 inch rear tires with big cast weights bolted to the outside of the wheel castings. I’m not sure if they were on the inside too. I wouldn’t doubt it. In 1969 or so it had 34 inch duals added, then after a couple years they got a pair of 38 inch duals. Around 1969 it also got a set of suitcase weights. I don’t know when the 1206 and 1200 would have been compared…… if great grandpa and neighbor figured that out or ran them side by side. I would guess it would have been in the later 60’s. (The 1206 replaced a 650. When the 12 came home new, they hooked both up to Miller bars and the 12 was quieter than 650). The 4166 on the other hand had 23.1 x 26 8 ply tires. I would highly doubt great grandpas 1206 was ever turned up on power. I’m fully confident that it WAS a well taken care of 1206.
  12. I don’t mean to get this off topic…. I don’t have a pic of dads 1456 toy but I do have one of my 756. Pictured with it is a cap I had when I was little. Probably a 20 year old hat. Still have it.
  13. Yep and it’s also my screensaver on my phone!😀
  14. I think I might have a few pictures….. Farmall Land U.S.A RRRU 2023
  15. Don’t have one but a neat story : my dad got a 1456 toy (ICB Cab) Christmas Day 1971 when he was a year and a half old. Thirty years later on Christmas Day 2001 I got a 756 toy (Hiniker Cab) when I was nine months old. We both still have these today. His has been restored, mine is original. My great grandpa had a true Wheatland 1206 and the neighbors had a Case 1200. The 1206 would out pull the Case and supposedly the 4166 that he replaced the 12 with.
  16. Here at West Texas A&M I have a class named Grain, Fiber, and Oilseed. We learn about Corn, Wheat, Milo, Cotton, plus two others I can’t think of. Then we have to research a crop to present in class. My group presented Barley yesterday and I pulled up the diagram on the board of the 16xx series to show how the grain goes through the combine. I wanted to show something a little newer but this diagram showed up the best on the classroom screen. My point was to talk about the basic function of harvesting, threshing, separating, and cleaning of the crop. I did include rotor and fan speed for these combines in barley. Got good reviews for the presentation. I don’t think I ever showed any wheat harvest photos from back in July. Here are a few favorites. The farmer dad and I help has a 2588 I run and a 7130 dad runs.
  17. Thank you for the info @lorenzo. I for one knew what it was although I firmly believe if my generation and the one before me were like previous generations of either talking in person or a phone call to communicate, we would be far better off in many ways.
  18. This is my phone screensaver. June 2020 at Farmall Land. I have a 966 Hydro and a 1466 all original from the 1970’s. (I don’t think they were repainted). Got them both from Girard Auction. This is one of my favorite brochures. Printed in May 1971. Only a 966 Hydro on the front but it is such a neat piece. If I wasn’t 7 hours away from home I’d get an inside photo of a 966. Ever since I got in to IH stuff in around 2011, the 66 series has always been my favorite.
  19. Wheat harvest this year was notorious for mechanical issues for not only us but others I’ve talked too. Just happens every once in a while I guess from my observations. Best of luck with your machine during harvest.
  20. Dad and I help a friend with wheat harvest and he has a 2588 and a 7130. There are several differences. Dad went from the 25 to the 71 and likes it. I run the 25. Both are good machines. Having met SDman at RPRU this summer and reading about his knowledge here on the forum in past years I’d say he’s a great resource for help on running Axial-Flow machines if you have one. A stand up guy with a lot of knowledge!
  21. Four lanes at 75 in Texas is a dream. Truckers, thank you for all you do! I am amazed by all the trucks running on 287 between Amarillo, Texas and Kit Carson, Colorado on my way to and from home and college.
  22. Thank you for the kind words, means a lot.
  23. Northeast corner. We are about an hour and a half northeast of Greeley and about 45 minutes south of Kimball.
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