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  1. None that I’ve heard. A couple nights ago a tornado closer to us claimed a house. No one hurt.
  2. We’ve had quite a week with rain and tornado warnings and active tornados. We are safe. Crazy stuff tho. This was taken 190 south of me. Yes this is a picture from today…. Not a painting. Here was the storm we had Wednesday night. The lightning and thunder was insane.
  3. Quite a machine. I didn’t get a picture but I probably passed a dozen army vehicles stretched out about 10 or so miles on I-80 coming to RPRU. That was probably an hour and a half from Grand Island.
  4. I looked close at that very ‘79 guide to buy (unless he had another copy). I have the one for ‘78 and I think it’s one of if not the best looking buyers guide cover. I like the look of ‘79’s too being taken in the yard of the photographic center. Maybe at some point I’ll get one, I had other things I wanted to get first.
  5. Long Farms won! I was at your tractors and was gonna meet you but you were visiting. By the next chance I got back you and your tractors were going. Oh well, next time!!
  6. No worries, I think the exact same thing. In my mind they probably just started printed them to have ready for dealers. I could be wrong. There is a guy on eBay that has 36 copies now of them and the post cards, new from box from 1984. Now the manuals you don’t really see a lot but I have heard they made many copies of them and they got thrown out but some got saved.
  7. Yes I got two Viscosity hats from Danny. I didn’t allow myself enough time to really look for parts. The only thing I could have utilized was a set of front weights for the Cub. Come to think of it I should have looked for a battery box for it. Didn’t think of that at all until now!
  8. The homeland of the 5x88 series tractors!
  9. Speaking of not seeing things until after. Jim told me the first Cub built was there and I only saw it drive away from in front of the arena, which was before I knew it was the first. Looks like @Brady Boy had a picture of it here tho.
  10. Shoot @SDman how long did we talk between us two and with Jay Graber and we were 15 feet away from that tractor. We should have looked since we’re both familiar with the No-till stuff. I’ll send you a walk around video of it.
  11. Glad to hear your home sir! Was great talking with you!
  12. Its like Christmas in June!! In the other threads I have probably shared all my pictures that aren’t similar to everyone else’s. I went through and saved several that others have taken because I didn’t get all that I wanted. But before I left Saturday I made sure to get a few things. The 8x10 photo is a 1939 M serial number 505, the fifth one built. It is owned by John Kinzenbaw, founder of Kinze Manufacturing. It was pictured by author of IH books Lee Klancher, who signed it for me along with Max Armstrong. I got a shirt with a pylon IH dealer building and 86 series tractor on the back of it and an 86 series hat plus the IH thermos from IH Gear. I would encourage all of you to look on their website! I stopped by Paper Farmer out of Wisconsin and got these pieces of literature, a 1947 Cub fold out brochure since this month is 75 years since my Cub was sold, 1957 McCormick manure spreader brochure that has my #10 in it, 1967 hay rake brochure that has my 3pt mounted PTO driven #9 rake, and the 1984 brochure of the Super 70 Series (this is a great brochure!) Plus a 1984 postcard of a 7488. Long description I know (I’m incompetent to do short ones) but I was curious to hear what the rest of you took home if you don’t mind sharing.
  13. A very special tribute Jeff! Sounds like a great wife (mine hasn’t arrived yet, lol) too bad yours couldn’t have made the trip this weekend!
  14. Happy Birthday Jim, thanks so much for opening up you collection for me when I’m down for college! Happy Birthday Reichow, hope we can meet sometime!
  15. Lol yes I got to drive it some and load it which was a bit intimidating at first lol. It was great meeting you too!
  16. Well I would just like to say how much of an honor it was to be at this show and make all the connections with people. A childhood dream was meeting Max Armstrong and seeing all things IH. I loved meeting all of you here that were there and I’m looking forward to going to shows in the coming years. After this show I feel actually apart of the International Harvester Company. Since I was born in 2001 I don’t have the experiences all you have with the company. It’s not that I didn’t have a connection before but I haven’t (and yes I’m still young) seen a lot of the IH stuff that I have researched over the last 12 years. Yes I collect but it’s different from going to the show and meeting people that lived it. This show was more than an eye opening experience and one I will always remember. Of course one of my highlights (the whole weekend was really) was the opportunity to drive Danny’s 5388 and back it on the trailer! When Danny asked if I wanted to drive I said I don’t think I was qualified but I am so thankful for experiences like these….. no other way to learn as he and BJ said. Tony & Carol, Brady Boy, SD Man and the MANY others whose paths I crossed, how great it was I got to meet you! I look forward to future meetings!! I’ve gone through this whole thread and saved a good amount of photos because I didn’t get near as many as I could have. I spent most of the show taking it in and communicating with others. Thanks to all who posted. Anyhow I love the International Harvester Company and loved speaking/meeting with you all!! This was my favorite pickup. The display room they had in the vendor building was great. I love the dealership counter and this film projector display. Notice the films under the projector. Love it! For some reason I did not get many Cub Cadet pictures but I did get this one and a video.
  17. It’s an eight hour drive for me, which is just a bit more that I travel to college. I think I will do my best to go!! Will be a pleasure to meet you!
  18. It was such a pleasure to met all of you today and share stories! That’s what’s makes these deals so great is the people and connections. What a great first RPRU to come to! Incredible show and greater people! Tomorrows plan is to take lots of pictures and videos and buy a few things. I’ll report back to here.
  19. Okay everyone, this in me in this pic that @Wi Ihtook. Hey I remember you taking this and I was just getting out of the way for you. Ironic lol! Probably won’t have a cowboy hat tomorrow but I’ll have my glasses and the beard lol. Jayce
  20. At some point I’ll have to get a newer pickup. My ‘92 was my first vehicle when I got my license. Don’t plan on getting rid of it.
  21. No kidding. There is a cabinet of sockets and wrenches too. Thousands worth with those things alone.
  22. Great. At that time today I was infatuated with all the vendors….. my mind is blown. Apparently I didn’t use my head to apply hearing a picture was at four and SDman telling me about Pete’s booth. 🙄 anyhow I did see about 98% of the show just to take it in. So it was a good day. Here’s a few pics. Loved meeting some of you and looking forward to the next two days!! Phantom (yea pickup has a name, 1992 GMC 1500) and I got here a little after 11 and got a front row spot. This is the same spreader I have at home. Glad I found one that is fully restored. Here is the first Axial-Flow built
  23. Shoot I missed the picture! Is there another meeting during the day tomorrow?!
  24. Hummm…… haven’t heard anything about a 60 series. Will be interesting to see.
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