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  1. I would like to make a motion as having Mike Newman as the motivational speaker of RPF. ?
  2. If your taking about the Farmington Implement DVD’s I totally agree. Back in the 30’s and 40’s it amazes me how men used those machines to build dams and do forestry work
  3. Wish I still had pics of a 560 I had seen at a sale with a wide front and LP. That was a cool tractor.
  4. There is WAY more that went into this than my comment was intended for…… so I’ll shut up now?
  5. That Titan and TD25…..E? Are quite impressive, not to mention everything else Tony pictured!
  6. Yea but there’s always that one person in the area that has a 7 ft rake that rakes hay together every now and then that you don’t know about..lol
  7. Yes my film talks about that, it zooms in to show the sticker on the side and the spokesperson reads it.
  8. I had forgotten about this project since you had started. It looks good and coming along nicely. I enjoy seeing these posts of you guys working on these larger frames tractors, I’ll have something to look back on and see when I get one of these tractors. Plus I like the bigger ones. That 756 looks like it will be a nice one!
  9. Looks like a great save. I have an IH film from 1976 on those spreaders. Of the 530, 540, 550, 555, 570, and 580….. some of those bigger ones were just mentioned showing a couple scenes of them.
  10. Here from NE CO we watched this storm on the radar and saw the cloud…….. didn’t look good. Sorry to hear you got that. Here we got just enough of a sprinkle to stop harvest. We moved to a different field and kept going. looking west looking South
  11. No no, a lot of good has come out of this…… 1. Rick is happy 2. The new owner is happy with a free M and new tires 3. We should be grateful here on the forum because another Farmall is in loving arms 4. If tractors could talk I’m sure this M is overjoyed
  12. On a parts run to get the sickle guards I saw this in the Case IH dealership. It’s from the 80’s as it goes up to the 88 series….. then down to the Cub. I thought it was neat but I couldn’t get a good clear picture.
  13. Great pictures. We had to replace sickle guards in the 2588 today. We don’t farm but we help a friend of ours. Dad has helped cut wheat since 1986 and this is my first harvest actually helping. Here is a pic from last year. I am driving the the 1996 New Holland Versatile 9482 and Parker 1039 grain cart.
  14. Double post? as you can see I mean what I say ?
  15. Interesting you say that. In my great grandpas farming career he was pretty much an IH tractor guy…. With the exception of one or two Massy Harris’s. He had a MH 55 I think in the middle 50’s. Then a Deere in the Late 50’s. I think they bought their first Gleaner in 61 and was all Gleaner up until the mid 80’s when they ran a 7720 and N6 Gleaner. Then in 93 they bought an ‘84 1480 and a ‘86 1680 and have run red ones for years. I will have to ask my great uncle why they didn’t use red combines before then.
  16. I think it could just be explained as a drill with “shanks” as openers for putting seed into the ground. Maybe someone else will chime in. You can see the shanks in the picture on both drills ands a little reading about them. Also when I got this manual I opened it up and their was a delivery service sheet, pretty neat.
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