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  1. Good film. 1971 vintage. Farmingtonimplement has it on DVD 7. 

    There is a truck version of that film from 1978. Many of the same scenes are in both films. What the IH photographic center would have done was take scenes from this film and splice it on the film strip of the truck film scenes.   

  2. 1 hour ago, Big Bud guy said:

    You could paint those Wagner’s white and half a mile way you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between it and the Big Bud that started this thread.  Big Bud and Rite for the matter took off were Wagner ended.  Same exact design just heavier components.  Also Wagner was sort of responsible for the existence of Steiger.   

    And the Deere WA-14 and WA-17’s are just Wagners painted green and yellow right?

  3. Too many to choose from, not enough experience on anything to have just one. 

    That said, stand out favorites for IH to me are the Cub (I have a ‘48 model), the 1206, and 4166 (great-grandpa bought each of them new). 

    I would like to own a JD 4630, grandpa had two of them when I was little. Than a JD 7020. I’ve always liked them. 

    There are others but those are standouts. 

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  4. 2 hours ago, Big Bud guy said:

    Nice pics.  Posting Wagner photos on a Big Bud thread is like posting Oliver pics on a White thread.  It’s not off topic:)

    Well that’s actually what I was thinking. I don’t really know a lot of the history of the Big Bud’s/Wagner tractors. So if there’s very much commonality between the two I could really say. However I would guess there is some….. just by looking at the two tractors brands. 

  5. 3 minutes ago, Tonyinca said:

    I am getting stir crazy , I am starting to dream  of another restoration .

    i am hoping by Jan to have my health problems solved or close to it and start on my # 12 pto hay rake .

    after all I have two IH mowers and two IH balers but no RAKE how do I expect to be in hay business. My cardiologist and urologist have been told ! lol 


    I need a job when I graduate in May. Maybe I’ll come and help you restore…..

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  6. I first saw a Yielder drill back in June. Thought what on earth is this thing. I had never heard of them before. 

    Not to be off topic but a could Wagner’s for some eye candy. Both pics were on the same farm. 



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  7. Ironically to this post, 49 years ago today great-grandpa traded in his 1206 for a new 4166. Both were bought from the same dealer. Don’t have any pictures but do still have the original bill of sale. Yes it did have a white cab while being a 74 model.

    Back to the 1206, he bought it new in July 1967 for $7,021. A John Deere 55 combine and IH 650 were traded for it. Great grandpa and great uncle went to one dealer and they did not have one but said dealer about 30 minutes away did. The one that dealer had was being used as a demo tractor and great grandpa ended up buying it. Great uncle drove it home. They hooked it and the 650 up to rod weeders I think and the 1206 was actually quieter. You notice it is a real Wheatland, narrower coverage fenders, swinging drawbar, hydraulics, big rear wheel weights, non-adjustable front axle, Wheatland sticker, no TA or PTO. First picture was taken in the Fall of 1967 I estimate and my grandpa and great uncle are on the platform. In 1969 about they put 34 inch duals on like you see in second picture and shortly later they put on 38’s. In 1970 I believe, an Egging Cab was put on and in 71 they placed a swap cooler on it. From not being there that is what I can recite from asking great uncle. I guess the 1206 could almost pull what the 4166 could.

    Oh one more story, probably in the late 1960’s neighbors had a Case 1200 and the 1206 would out pull it.

    Ironically, in July 2017 (50 years after 1206 was bought) great uncle ran into the guy that owns it. Supposedly his son was going to restore it. Who knows have no contact info. It’s somewhere around 45 minutes from home.



    Posted this because around 1972 when this was taken, he planted wheat with the 1206 and IH 150 grain drills. I guess in the 50’s he had Demsters then in 61 bought a new set of 150’s. Guess thats all he used till he retired in 1980. Gleaner F with 18 ft head and IH A160 truck he bought new in 1957. 


    BOS for trading in the 1206 for 4166.


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  8. 12 hours ago, acem said:

    Row spacing is a strange thing.

    Here in Arkansas much of the best corn is grown on 38-40 inch beds. It's row irrigated cotton ground. Cotton farmers are accustomed to regular scouting their fields and tend to micro manage. Corn responds to management in Arkansas as irrigation timing is critical.


    Do they use drip irrigation in your area? I’ve learned that here in the Texas Panhandle they use it….. usually is right about planted row. 

    In my area of Northeastern Colorado it’s either flood or sprinkler for irrigation. 

    What do you mean by row irrigated? Is that like flood where it goes in the furrow? You saying row irrigated made me think of drip irrigation. 

  9. 1 hour ago, 766 Man said:

      I got thinking about the IH Number 10 grain drill I got as a kid around 1970 this morning.  Sure would be nice to have another one.  It was not Christmas that day but my birthday and it sure was blowing snow.  I remember the box wrapped in gift paper and when I first saw it the box was sitting on mom's Kenmore dish washer.  I wish that I had taken better care of it but I was a typical kid who could be a bit aggressive with things.  I see a 1/16 scale 1460 combine advertised for 625 dollars available early 2024.  At that point I will go looking for a real 234 corn picker.

    Dad has several of his farm toys from when he was a kid. One bring the 10 drill. Missing a few parts tho. 

    There is a picture of Christmas Day 1971 at his grandparents house and under the tree was a new 1/16th IH 1456 with cab. I think there was also a red 1/32nd scale tractor too.  Dad was about a year and a half old. Christmas Day 2001 I was nine months old and got a 1/16th IH 756 Custom with Hiniker Cab. 

    We both still have these tractors today. His has been restored, mine is original. I was always one for some reason to not play hard with my toys. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, SDman said:

    I can remember being a young lad and seeing a new N7 Gleaner at the SD State Fair with a 12-row corn head. Had to have been 1979 or 1980. I think the 315 bushel grain tank on the N7 impressed me more than the 12 row corn head at the time.

    Even looking back in ads today I catch myself looking in awe at a N7 and 12 row head. The bushel capacity made it the largest combine of the time being a Class VII. 

  11. On 11/21/2023 at 8:14 PM, nepoweshiekfarmalls said:

     I fondly remember disking 480 acres (twice) one Memorial Day weekend in a 1586 pulling our White 256 disk.  A special that played every one of George Strait's #1 hits was on the radio during my marathon session in the field.

    Sounds like the perfect environment for me…..

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  12. Well I got home for break and I went ahead and pictured all combine pages for the summer/fall buyers guides. Hope you all can blow these up to read them.

    The first time a 15 series shows up was in 1968 which is the 315.







    815 has a V304 128 hp gas engine, V345 144hp gas or LP engine, and a D407 120hp 6 straight six diesel. 

    915 has a V345 144 hp gas or LP engine, V392 158 HP gas or D407 120 hp straight six diesel. 















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  13. Talking about tall stubble made me think of these photos, probably from 1972. Stubble doesn’t look all that tall which I’m sure is why the trucks are in the field. This is great-grandpas Gleaner F and IH A-160. I think the other truck is a mid 40’s Chevy by the looks of it. 
    I’m gonna assume all these had gas engines?
    This is winter wheat planted with IH 150’s. 




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  14. 12 hours ago, SDman said:

    The 914PT and the 715SP were so popular that IH kept producing them for a couple years after the Axial-Flows were introduced. The late 914s had the red grain tanks as opposed to the earlier ones that had the white grain tanks. I can remember when a "Red Top" 914 was worth considerably more than a "White Top" 914 just because it was that much newer. Sad thing is, both Axial-Flow replacements for the 914 and 715 were probably not really considered all that successful. The 1482 and the 1420 were introduced at a time when the market for both machines was disappearing fast. The 14/1620 and the 14/1682s as a whole were not big sellers.

    Is that why the 914 and 715 were made up until like 1979? I assumed it was because IH didn’t have the 1420 and 1482 ready by 1977-78. If the 914 and 715’s were that popular that makes more sense.  

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