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  1. I had thought about leaving it the way it is but I may end up cleaning it.
  2. Another couple views plus the closest thing I could find to it in my tool book. Named an Agricultural wrench. Notice it says they measure 6-15 inches, mine measures 12 1/4
  3. My uncle is a project manager of construction, on building projects in the city. He found this on one of his sites and gave it to me. What intrigues me the most is it still has a wood handle intact.
  4. And I’m just the opposite
  5. Yep smut. First year of me trying to grow sweet corn was in 2013 and that’s what I had. Granted I didn’t probably have enough corn planted to do anything great but IMO it isn’t worth the headaches of trying to grow sweet corn in a garden in my case if you can just go to the store to get it.
  6. Thanks Jeff, I started this as an open discussion for whoever wanted to express their thoughts about this subject….. whichever side anyone was on since it’s affecting us all in some way
  7. Yes! The farmer we help cut wheat for uses a real nice 706 on an auger. I believe everything on this one is stock…. Except the seat. It has a fast hitch as well. This is one really nice tractor. Since they have had it this tractor has spent most of its time on auger duty I think.
  8. Your opinion and perspective is welcomed. I just wanted to post them putting one up and see what other people’s thoughts were about the towers in their areas…… and to post some wheat harvest pics? What your grandpa said is interesting, I don’t think I’ve heard this one before. Watching these towers the other day I thought “I wonder what people though 100-150 years ago when farm windmills started going up?” Then I figured it’s possible that everyone knew they would be a help to livestock
  9. There is that aspect too, and we were talking about this the other day. The people I had mentioned above that didn’t want a wind tower by then and got their wish, he is the superintendent at the school 5 miles away. The guy we help with harvest went to the board meeting and their is NO money coming in for the schools. I do understand the the county commissioners wanted these to boost economy. And yes, one day when they don’t work and nobody will work on them, who will take them down? Guaranteed not the ones that put them up…..
  10. I should mention my dad and I help a friend with harvest so it is not our ground but regardless, there was one to go in his field and right by it was where he used to live, he still owns the field.The current owners that live on the farm property have been their about 7 years and they raised enough Cain about that tower being in the field so they did away with it. Therefore the guy we help won’t have the money from that one tower that would be on any of his land. I’m not the one getting the money but my perspective is still I wouldn’t want one a 1/4 mile from me.
  11. 74 are going in here in like a 15 mile radius. On the way to the field this morning dad had said how there is all this pasture or grass ground that nothing is on and these wind towers are going right by houses or in the middle of fields…… you should see some intersections that they widened Example: in the 80 acre field we are in now. You can see the trench the did to the right and that left a little triangle of wheat to cut.
  12. Local doctor that lives about 2-3 miles from where this was taken was one of the people that headed there not being wind towers out here. As he had one that was going to be by their house ( they had just gotten a new house built) after all that there will be five by his house…… I am believing with full confidence that since doc raised Cain the wind people thought “well look what we can do”
  13. And of course here are some harvest pics? Case IH 2588 and we got help for 2.5 days with a 7230
  14. Not the most ideal thing to be going when there is equipment going around and wind traffic is on the same roads but we saw a little action of them putting blades on a tower while harvesting today. This one was sitting on the ground when we came to the field this morning. They had it tied down somehow to secure it then slowly begin to lift. You can see the far left tower, the blades are on the ground. Don’t know much about the process but thought I would share. Anyone here live within a mile a two of these wind towers?
  15. Well if your still taking votes I will put in a 706 or 1206…. I see you did a 8 already.
  16. They still have those in a local farm store here
  17. My grandpa got 1 knee replaced on June 21, he has been doing very well. Last week he got on the churches zero turn mower and mowed all the grass there- 3 hour job about. He hasn’t had much pain but in one spot where a nerve is still healing they think. The doctor thinks not much pain because his knees were so bad it kinda evens out with post surgery healing.
  18. Right, even then my point was those tractors could be used and worked if they didn’t have a three point and used with their matched implements if they were to be had. All about what the owner is able to get a hold of how willing they are to work with what they have or able to have. Just making sure we are on the same page?
  19. Probably used the implements that didn’t require a 3pt back before they were really a thing….. which admittedly are implements become less and less easy to find. “The M is becoming obsolete” funny, a 3pt can be added on- and that’s happened a lot but not everyone wants to do it, so sell it and then get something with a three point. No body cares as much as you do to complain about a tractor that you yourself could have gotten rid of a long time ago…. It’s really a quite simple concept
  20. Yes and it’s a great thing we have this site for people like you across the pond to “join us” in the states!
  21. My grandpa remembers coming home from school on 11-22 (school was called out I think) and his dad was watching it and crying. Neat story on the 560. That’s a late one since the 7 and 806 came out in June ‘63. I assume that one had fenders but removed for the strippers. That is like the one I saw at auction, though it was in pretty nice cosmetic shape.
  22. ^^^^ yep that sticker as I read it I could hear the spokesperson in my head reading it. If IH spreaders are anything like my #10 IH should be pretty close to the top with manure spreaders
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