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  1. Parts came today. We had to order the whole engine kit with the front,real main gaskets, oil pan gasket and numerous other gaskets and seals that I’ll replace too. We had to order a new pulley unfortunately because part of the original chipped off.  Stiener had to get the governor seal from a different place and that’s my guess as why it took so long to get here. For getting the governor seal on correctly what is the best way to get it back in without damaging anything, do you hav to put any grease on it to get it in?D7CA72D4-ACE8-4A1C-A451-DE98F841569A.thumb.jpeg.046485d388fd00317c3f53966d89f88e.jpeg

  2. Nothing major right now. We ordered the parts we needed last week and they haven’t came yet so hopefully the will come before the weekend so I can work on the tractor some more. I did take the hydraulic lines off and cleaned them up (there in really nice shape) and since I got a few things off I used some WD-40 to see how well things cleaned up and it did pretty well. But we got some brake cleaner so I’ll do more cleaning with that . One thing I’m not sure about is getting the governor back on and everything timed right Ive been doing some research on that but we'll see about that when dad and I have to put it back on- sorry it’s been slow guys ?

  3. After we got the pulley off I took the front casting off and use the parts washer on that and other bold and the governor rod.A80DDF19-7305-45AC-8D4C-7C6B3F0BD5A7.thumb.jpeg.de140a63d5e44e22b94d39aa9c587fe0.jpeg2C9D0365-2D63-423B-8FFF-8587BD779643.thumb.jpeg.ceec656afd4eeef6599e068c3d8498fe.jpegThese are before and after pics of the parts that I cleaned last night. I know there not restoration quality but I did the best I could with what I could use to clean them and I’m not restoring it now so that okay.0BAAE8E8-DFFF-4D03-A1EC-9C250684C540.thumb.jpeg.4c345bd84bdd008ff777a4c15609148c.jpegThis is after I got the casting off and everything is pretty clean inside. Now we will order the seal kit and the front main seal and the governor seal will be replaced. Then I’ll go onto the rear main seal. I’ve had a lot of fun doing this so far since it’s my first tractor to tear into and I’m learning new things everytime I work on it. I just did this last night and so I will keep you guys posted on how it is going. 

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  4. It’s been a while since I posted on General IH about starting into this project- been busy since then but now  have had some time to work on the tractor. Basically, we’ve split the front end and clean different parts. 801B6BCC-7CFD-445F-8EFD-1DC39980976B.thumb.jpeg.068e58d35adc306de6da5eba8ebd389c.jpegDad drilled two holes in these pieces of metal and mounted them on the cultivator mounts. 32D1D6BA-FD5E-4089-AB30-94F9AF2D0632.thumb.jpeg.8adcee2c8ea68314f106b1dac646a5c5.jpegWe ended up having to use a torch to take the front pully  off A02AF3CC-AE5D-4C06-9E56-53B46FA27CCF.thumb.jpeg.5e39126d28e208fefdc7e051e058179a.jpeg

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  5. Aha found a baler ad! This is a newer baler ad from a successful farming magazine issue for April of 1980 it’s a model 420 New Holland.  

    As brady boy posted the IH balers I would think a 656 hydro with one of those square balers would be a nice setup ?


  6. I have seen those a-c Roto balers but not in person but I imagine that they were a good setup with a WD-45.

    I don’t really have any old baler ads from the 40’s and 50’s but here is another one of the cub lo-boy. 


  7. Cool info about the industrial wheel tractors. How much would one of those weigh? 

    I like the ad of the I-4 I think it would be cool to drive one of those. When I saw that ad I thought about a Massy-Harris industrial tractor that was set up that way. It was on Classic Tractor Fever but I believe the owner said that it was used on a Navy ship in the middle or late 1940’s

  8. I’m new to the forum so I thought I would post some ads on this thread. I don’t have as many as some of you guys but I’ll add to this a little at least.

    The two pictures are from a Successful Farming Magazine issue from August of 1980.



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