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  1. I had the chance to drive a 2+2 a few years ago at the local CaseIH dealership but I never got to drive it because it was about this time of year and got too busy to go out and try it, they do have a cool and unique look That is a nice video of the Claas pull type combine thanks for posting it
  2. Here’s a brochure from our old local IH dealer from 1979.
  3. Thanks for the kind words, hopefully if I have time this week I can get the grill and side panels back on. I wanted to post a video of the tractor running but it won’t let me post one☹️
  4. Makes you wish you were that smart? oh well for me it’s just a glimpse of what the real world is like ? I really like the ad of the Hamilton Works product line
  5. Well I guess I shouldn’t believe everything I read but it is still good for me to get corrected by guys with more experience that me? Back to the Hesston swathers I found a diagram that show how the 500 Auger header windrower operated and some of the features it had when it was introduced in 1962. Both pics are 500’s
  6. Today was a huge success as we got the cub running! First of all, I want to thank everyone for looking at my project and for those who have given me good advice along the way it really helped! Last night put the carberator back on and got the governor rod and choke linkages put back together. Today we got hydraulic oil and a tread tape and screws for the holes on the sides of the front casting for the side panels, I don’t have that and the grill screen on yet but that’s the one thing left to do. After dad and I got fluids back in I started it for the first time and it started right up! Then a few seconds later it quite because it was a little cold and it had been sitting for 3 months but it finally started running pretty good and it runs better then It did before. I then drove it around the yard quite a few times and got some shots of it in the pasture and then with the spreader. I had also told dad that it’s even nicer to drive just because it shows a lot more red paint? I guess the next thing to do now is to get another project to work on. Here’s a few pics I took today. Enjoy the pics and thanks again!
  7. Big bud guy and loadstar, thanks for the correction I guess I should have done a little research before I posted? I did a quick search on the older swathers and didn’t find much from the early 50’s but I did see a picture of a Minneapolis-Moline self-propelled swather the SP-101.
  8. It looks to me like a 75 foot Draper head could make one big windrow. If that’s the case I would imagine you couldn’t use one in very heavy crop conditions. Neat add though. I don’t really have any ads for Hesston swathers but I have a issue of Heritage Iron Magazine that talks about how Hesston got their start and about the swathers that followed decades after. Mechanically it doesn’t talk much of how the model 100 swather works but it was introduced in 1955 by Lyle Yost, the company founder, after management(I assume Hesston management) purchased a self-propelled swather concept from a tractor dealer and a machine owner in Iowa and the model 100 was introduced as the first commercially self-propelled swather in the industry. Then in 1959 an new model, the 220 was introduced.
  9. db1486 hope you find one I would like to see it in action. Honeybees aren’t really popular around here... if there would be they wouldn’t be as big as the drapers in the ad. Mac don headers are very common around here. I have seen Honeybees on tractor house but not of that vintage most are from the 2000 to 2010 range.
  10. This may not quite qualify as a “Vintage Ad” but since we have been on pull type combines/windrowers I thought this would fit. I’ve never seen one in action but it would be cool to see that Gleaner N series combine and 51 ft? Draper header in action. In 1992 A honey bee Draper header would be a faster way to cut your grain if you were in a big hurry. I would imagine they were used in flat, wide open wheat country especially
  11. I got the clutch put back on and used a clutch alignment tool so everything is good there. We have had the tractor put back together for about a week and I re-did some of the wiring like the starter, main wire harness and the battery cable. The batter box, connections, and battery posts had some corrosion on them so I cleaned all of that up and got everything put back together. After I was satisfied with how things looked so far I flipped the hood upside down on a set of saw horses took the fuel strainer off cleaned that and used brake cleaner, a wire brush and a putty knife lightly to clean the junk off. Then after that was done we put the hood on. The only thing left now is to put the carb on... I need to do some work on that, get hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic block, put engine oil in, antifreeze, and use a tread tape to rethread some holes for the side panels in the front casting. So I’m close hang in there too see the finished product?
  12. Interesting read I love the new look of that 7. That would be a lot of fun to use to work in the field.
  13. I’ve seen part of that cartoon before on YouTube kinda entertaining to watch Here’s another New Holland ad from 1980 on the TR-75,85, and 95
  14. Thanks for the website. That is how I learned how to read the casting dates but I never looked for parts until the other day. Thank you everyone one else for the kind words and advice. This past Saturday I did a LOT of work with the cub. First dad heated the pulley and put it on the shaft, then we took the front end to the car wash and it cleaned most of the big stuff off. Since we don’t have a cherry pickers made our own stand for the front end which has worked. And when we got in there we took the clutch off and everything on it looks good on it. This tractor was split in the rear in 1984( we have paper work from then and it show what was done to it) it shows there was a clutch kit so I assume they replaced the clutch and the retainer was replaced during that time also because it has an IH R2 part #. The next step it to put the rear main back together and we need to get a clutch alignment tool also so I think I am on the downhill side of tackling this project?
  15. The valve inspection cover was stuck on pretty good so I used a flathead screwdriver to slowly pry it off. The I had to scrap off the old seal and used the parts cleaner and a wire brush to clean everything up, it took a while but it cleaned up pretty well. The valves inside looked good to me even though I don’t know a whole lot about them. The I put the cover back on with the new gasket and tightened up the bolts. What’s next on the list is taking the front of the tractor to the car wash to clean it up and put the front pulley back on so hopefully both will be done by the end of the weekend. Here is a picture of the valves and the cover when I got done cleaning both sides.
  16. Over the last couple days I’ve made some headway with the cub project. Wednesday night dad and I installed the seal that goes in the housing for the governor and magneto( I’ve heard that’s called a small bore seal but not sure) the the front main gasket went in and the front casting went on. Then the governor gasket and the governor went on and the governor shaft also and then tightened everything up. Yesterday I did quite a bit too I got new hoses for the water intake and radiator then put the water intake back on and installed the magneto then went around to the other side of the engine to remove the valve cover and replace the gasket and finally installed the carburetor.
  17. Thanks for the info Art I wonder if there was an advantage over that setup versus the regular Hitch kit that was put on later drills and planters. This may answer you question about the rope going across the planter. With This 1/16 scale custom set up there is two ropes and they tie to the rope going across the drill in two different places and then that must control the markers. There is an article about this, they said it was used in the late 60’s and early 70’s and the tractor is a 4320, it also says the disc is a 14-foot JD BWA and the drill is two JD PDA 7- foot pony press drills. Maybe Big Bud Guy would know a little more about this
  18. In the last picture what is the purpose of the setup with the frame going around the rear tires and hooked to the planter hitch? I've never seen it before
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