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  1. I just missed it to post here but Cyrus Hall McCormick would have turned 215 years old. Thought it might have been of some interest here. Would have been quite a sight to see the reaper at work and cutting grain back in July 1831 since it was something never seen before. Largely thanks to him we now have what was known as the International Harvester Company.
  2. I’ve got a tool chest and a flat head screw driver. I’ve always wanted a socket set like you have. That is awesome you got all that. Don’t let go of it. IH tools are a hot commodity from what I see. Most every tool you have pictured would sell in the hundreds.
  3. I think the L was a fairly decent machine. I know the L2 was good. I did read the other day for an old dealer that the first year of the L (1972) they were not very good and the G which ended production that year was the machine to have. Great-Grandpa bought his new in June 1974 with the 24 ft grain head which replaced a G. Dad was nine in 1979 and he has the little foldout pamphlet brochure introducing the 33 and 3588’s. Which the cover is with one of those models pulling a disk out the IH Photographic Center with the grain bins in the background. It has our local dealers stamp on the back. As I recall talking with the brother of our local IH dealer they didn’t sell a ton of 2+2’s.
  4. I might have shared this picture on the fourm before. This is my great-grandpa’s place in the Late 70’s early 80’s as near as anyone can tell. He would have had irrigated corn, sugar beets, and alfalfa. Plus hogs and cattle. My grandpa would have been helping and together they had a JD 4010, 4320, and possibly a 4630. I remember the 4630. At one time grandpa had 2. By comparison here is the same farm in the late 50’s looking west. The newer photo is looking east.
  5. Nice trailer, what brand is it? And what is the story on the F-20?
  6. In your guys neck of the woods corn, hogs, and cattle would be top commodities I would guess. I didn’t realize even back then still a good portion or all the grain went to the livestock and stayed on the farm….. even with as much is grown in the corn belt. Like your areas I’d say back then most if not all farms here had livestock of some type. By the ‘70’s my guess was cattle, hogs, sheep in that order. Both my great-grandfathers had livestock. The one that dryland farmed had cattle then switched to just hogs. I think by 1976 hogs were gone. They moved off the farm in February 1980. The other great-grandpa that farmed row crop irrigated had sheep then hogs then cattle. He was five years old when his family moved to the farm where he lived the rest of his life. That was 1927. They had 240 acres when they bought it. Up until the 40’s at least they had 5-6,000 sheep they would feed out at a time. In the late 40’s early 50’s I’d guess, they went to cattle. Grandpa was born in ‘52 and doesn’t remember sheep. By 1979 they still had cattle and probably some hogs. I’d guess they started raising hogs with cattle in the 60’s.
  7. Day before my birthday. Sounds like your area was quite profitable and diverse then. Would have been neat to see for sure. I can only imagine the look of faces of dads, grandpas, great-grandpas when they got a new piece of machinery. That’s one thing I forgot to mention in my op. What buildings and structures were going up on farms then.
  8. By not growing up on a farm but always being around Ag and since majoring in Ag business in college I have learned that farm succession….. really any succession is a serious deal that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If not there can be a lot of issues. Had a professor last semester that has had his own Attorney practice for 40 years. It was an Ag Law class and we talked about succession and what can happen if people do not plan. Also being involved with Collegiate Farm Bureau and going to conferences that is another place where I have learned about succession. Lots of horror stories out there. My understanding is designating assets to concerned parties in a farm operation or business is basically essential if there is any desire for the enterprise to continue. No it’s not fun to talk about but it’s better than lawsuits and other issues between family members.
  9. Found a couple interesting videos on YouTube. The first is a Georgia Tractorcade from 1977. Looks like the lead tractor is a 86 4wd like in the picture I showed earlier in the thread. Lots of JD 30/40 series Deere 4wds. The other is a news segment from 1979. The one guy speaking was the Wagon-master for the AAM who drove the 1486 I shared above. @Big Bud guy they did mention how some farmers were sponsored by farm equipment manufacturers.
  10. I’ve always wanted to farm. It’s hard to get into. I wish I would have been older at the time my grandparents moved off the farm. I was only 5 then.
  11. On my last thread about the Tractorcade several post were made about what tractors their family had that year. Someone said it was interesting to see what everyone had so I thought, why don’t we have a more dedicated post to draw a little more response. I know several already posted but this thread can really be about anything. Tractors, trucks, pickups, equipment, crops, livestock whatever you’d like to contribute that would have been on the farm. Even pictures since we all like them so much. I don’t really have a lot to contribute because one, that was before my time. But I did have two great-grandpas that were farming then. My grandpa would have just started out on his own then. Here are a couple home videos of the one that was a dryland farmer. The first video is from 1979. It is not the tractor he had, he did have a 1974 4166. IIRC this tractor was leased and I believe this is my great uncle in the 4586. The second is from 1980 wheat harvest right on the farm. First is the Gleaner L2 they bought in 1977 and the other is the Gleaner L they bought in 1974. Both have 24 ft headers. A question I do have, in ‘79 new equipment like the N Series Gleaners and IH 2+2 were brand new. Does anyone know anyone who had one or remember them new in your area in the ‘79-‘80 timeframe?
  12. Listened to his debut Toby Kieth album a little while ago. A lot of good songs on that one. He was a legend….. great singer and songwriter, and a great person.
  13. Yea this one I found and it was a hour and a half. It was probably done in the 2008-2010 timeframe. Happy, TX is only 20 minutes from where I’m going to school. I wonder why the purpose of the burning tractors was?
  14. My thoughts were the same. Those were quite the tractors to have for the time. Even if those were early production models would it have been early enough in the 70’s for the bank to still be willing to borrow to the farmer before everything went south? If that makes sense what I’m asking.
  15. Since going to college in the Texas Panhandle, I went south this last November with a college friend where his family farms cotton. So I got to see cotton harvest for the first time. In Lubbock, Texas the FiberMax Museum has a display of the Tractorcade. They have the original 1486 driven by the AAM Wagon-master who was from Hereford Tx. It is in fact the original after doing some research on it. If you ever get a chance and go through Lubbock it’s a great Ag Museum!
  16. LOTS of 86 Series tractors. I even found one of an 86 series 4wd. There will be a Part II article in Heritage Iron in the March/April Issue. At the end of Part I they said there was a guy that drove a JD G 1800 miles. Now that is a LONG drive!
  17. I did not know it was offered that early. Might have started to come into the picture when the new 400 series diesels came out in ‘71?
  18. Was it the documentary from PBS? We watched it in a farm and ranch management class I took a couple years ago. Just watched it again this weekend. I think it’s a good source of info. If you look at pictures from google you notice some 40 series JD’s. They would have only been a year old if that during February 1979.
  19. Today is 45 years since farmers and their tractors from all over the country entered D.C to Lobby to Congress and the Carter Administration about Agriculture, poor policies, and economics at the time. Heritage Iron has a great article about the AAM Tractorcade in their January/February 2024 issue. I’ve been quite fascinated by the event and have been doing some research on it. I was curious if any of you were apart of the event in January/February/March 1979 or if any of you had relatives that drove a tractor, or even apart of the AAM. I’m sure many of you remember it happening if you were alive at an age old enough to remember then. I was not so I thought it would be interesting to hear any stories.
  20. Was it a story along the lines of they took the original 12 hole centers off for another tractor that needed them? That was one thing I read.
  21. That was one source I saw that on…… about three of the remaining dealers. Figured you would have an idea what happened. Thanks for the info.
  22. My apologies for not adding a little detail to the story about after the dealerships bought it. I think it was by the mid-1990’s only 3 of the original 13 dealers were still in business and they donated it to the Ft. Benton Ag Museum in Ft. Benton Montana where it is today.
  23. My first IH that I know of was an IH 756 Custom with a Year-Round Cab and I got that Christmas 2001 when I was 9 months old so I knew about other colors but always took to JD. The Case IH dealer in Lubbock, TX when I visited there back in November had way more toys than I had seen in a dealer for a LONG time. Times are different. Just make sure you play with your son and help him set up displays to keep him interested and show him to take care of his toys now. That’s what I always did.
  24. Reason why I have a lot of JD toys is because our Deere dealer had a lot of toys and we knew the manager pretty well. Of course that was before online shopping took over the market. The thing with me is I wasn’t born early enough to been in the era of IH as a sole company and my family doesn’t farm so while I was around Ag I didn’t have just IH around. But it’s what I got into and I thoroughly enjoy it.
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