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  1. Can turn on a dime and leave nine cents change…..
  2. My 1948 Cub still has the original IHC kill switch but it is awful hard to pull out, and not super easy to push in. I’ve been using penetrating oil and WD-40 while the switch is upright in a vise, to try and free it up. Then dry it and use silicon but there is not a lot of change. Is there anything else I could? BESIDES the obvious and get a new switch. I’d like to keep the original if I could. Thanks for any help.
  3. 1000 acres would have either been in wheat, millet, or summer-fallow so it wasn’t 1000 acres of just wheat…. still he did have to farm it. F had an 18 ft head. There was a couple years there they had a guy help that had a G. Probably 1973 great-grandpa got a G. 1974 was a big year since he got a L Gleaner and a 4166. I wasn’t there but I do know he was a good progressive farmer from stories I hear.
  4. Can’t say to the older ones but the farmer dad and I help with wheat harvest has a 1996 New Holland Versatile 9482 and about the same year model 9682. So 300+ hp 4wds. They run his 1000 bu Parker 1039 cart hydraulically put not near as fast as PTO. An 86 that’s 20 years older I’d guess would have a tough time, even on a smaller cart.
  5. Is the frame of that Macdon (except the hitch) kind of set up like an IH 990/1190? From what I can see behind the header it reminds me of them at least.
  6. A Super C, Super H, and a W-30. Your friend has some nice tractors. Great looking shop too Dan!
  7. Graded a bit of the road today. It rarely gets graded.
  8. You better show us here after you take them!👍
  9. Drove the Cub around tonight as it was dark just to use the lights. Tomorrow or next day I may grade the washboard out of the road by the driveway.
  10. Wow that looks awesome! I always appreciate a restoration that looks just as it did when new as shown in films, literature, or pictures
  11. They had a strike in ‘88 right?
  12. I agree with @IHC_1470 Hebrews 11:1 & Hebrews 13:8. These are a couple of my favorites I refer to.
  13. As a 2001 model, in my world I refer to the proper brands as International, International Harvester, OR IH. I use J.I. Case so my generation (and others) know what I’m referring to. Then of course I use the name CASEIH in its entirety.
  14. To add to my above post I would chose late 60’s through late 70’s. Really helping my great-grandpas farm from the 40’s through 80’s would have been a dream.
  15. One scholarship I applied for my senior year of HS in 2020 had a question about going to the past or future, what year you’d choose and why. I picked farming with both my great-grandfathers in 1971. The early 1970’s have always been of interest of me, especially with IH. One of my great-grandfathers farmed with JD and fed out some hogs and cattle. Raised sugar beets, hay, and corn. They had a 530, 630, and 730. Plus a B. He farmed about 300 acres, all irrigated. My other great-grandpa raised hogs from farrow to finish. Raised wheat and a little millet, and a tiny bit of grass hay. Had a 1967 IH 1206, 1968 IH 175 Swather, 1957 IH A-160, Farmall H, and a Gleaner F combine, and IH 150 grain drills. He farmed about 1,000-1,100 acres dry land. So I wrote all this in an essay….. just over two pages and got the scholarship. I enjoy writing and this was one of my favorite papers I wrote.
  16. 10 years ago, dad and I found one of those suitcase weights at the scrap yard and got it for $5. That was really the first IH acquisition I got. Research has showed me those weights with the straight bottom came of a late 86 series.
  17. I’m kind of partial to GMC/Chevy pickups. My first pickup (still have it, and is my only vehicle) is a GMC 1500 built in June 1992. It had a replacement 350 engine put in it a year and a half ago that had 220,000 on it. Pickup now has over 234,000 on it. My pickup was sold new in my hometown on October 20th, 1992 with 185 miles on it. I actually met the original owner earlier this week. Here it is this last June in front of the dealer building where it was sold. The dealer sold GMC, Oldsmobile, and Cadillac. It’s now a restaurant and they do have some old photos from the dealer inside. Here is a picture of my dad (next to his F-150, grandpa, and uncle next to their GMC’s at a local dealer. I can’t remember the date of the photo. Seems like it was 1994.
  18. Seems like the right JD model they had….. from what I recall reading.
  19. Convoy was the number one country record this day (December 20) in 1975. Stayed there for six weeks. One of the three biggest records (in regards to staying at the top for six weeks) of the 1970’s. I have all C.W. McCall’s vinyl albums, except his 1978’s Greatest hits one. My 1992 GMC 1500 is named Phantom 392 (3 being 350 engine, 92 being model year) from Phantom 309.
  20. Wanted to bring this back up to the top. This isn’t widely known I’m collecting serial numbers for 4166’s but I’d like to get it out as time goes on. I now have 29 4166’s on the list. Refer to original post for info I’d like to have for each tractor (if possible). Thanks again!
  21. Yes sir, I understood your post.😀 I thought I’d clarify the source of my info. There’s lots of knowledgeable and far more experienced guys on here than me….. I’m just a youngun trying to figure stuff out.😉 But I figured I could contribute a little of my observations.👍
  22. I will clarify, I did mention the slow reverse because that is a disadvantage several owners/operators I have read about, had for the 504. Everyone has their own opinion…..
  23. I have an IH 3pt rake and the neighbor has a 504 diesel that I might be able to buy at some point. Everything they have commented on is what I’ve observed about the 504’s. For what I would use it for on the rake, like you would use it, sounds like there isn’t anything to be afraid of if it is mechanically sound. One thing I have found in my research is they have a slow reverse gear. Don’t know if that would be an issue for you. I suppose some would want an older tractor like said above. Side by side, I’d probably take a 656 over a 504 because it’s more tractor…… but it all depends on what comes along and how well a tractor will work for you.
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