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  1. Wow great job on getting the casting back together I'm sure it took a lot of patience when you were working on it. I was using my cub and woods mower the other day in some shorter weeds because the riding mower was down at the time. I like mowing small stuff with the cub but the riding mower will sure get in a lot closer spaces
  2. That should be a nice plow behind the 806. Have fun with it
  3. Nice plow it looks good too. What are your plans for it after you get it restored?
  4. Was at the grandparents house yesterday in hopes to find some old successful farming magazines with some farm equipment ads but I couldn’t find the magazines. I’ll have to have grandpa do a search for me?? I did find this International truck ad. I don’t know the year but I’m thinking late 40’s to early 50’s? This is one sided and it’s made out of cardboard material with plastic around it.
  5. Beautiful job on the restoration. The tractor would look even better with a restored 4 bottom plow behind it
  6. Yea that’s a lot of power for that time period
  7. Loadstar, I like looking at the different kinds of tractors being compared in ads, especially in action. I have two IH films on two different DVD's on is from 1964 comparing the JD 4020 and IH 806 in Illinois in the field with 5-bottom, the other is from 1976 of the IH control center on the 86 series and JD's sound-gaurd cab both are interesting to watch IMO.
  8. Wait!! Back it up the White tractor ads, I found this one in a Successful Farming Magazine for 1980, if you look in the lower right hand corner you can see that they compare this 2-135 to the Deere 4440 and IH 1086
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