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  1. How about a new Case tractor with the case-o-matic transmission to pull that disk plow seeder. I think this is a cool and interesting ad. It’s about 15” by 10.5” that is also a fold out. I haven’t found a date for this ad but I’ve done a little research on when a few of the tractors in the ad were introduced I’m thinking it’s from around 1957-58?But I’m not sure when the case-o-Matic was introduced
  2. My great uncle has several Butler grain bins at his farm and a guy that my dad helps cut wheat for has put up several sukup bins in the last couple years. Those are the two main brands that are out here anyways. Nice film. I love watching those old promos. The story I've heard of the select-o-speed is that Harold Brock from Ford designed the transmission, he had gone to vacation and then later took an extended vacation. When he left the select-o-speed had not yet been perfected and he wanted to improve it more. While he was on vacation Ford released the tractor with the new transmission and when he got back almost every dealer had one. Apparently there were complaints about the transmission not working properly and Ford fired Harold Brock. John Deere then hired him and later he helped develop the JD powershift. That came from a Ford collector from Classic Tractor Fever
  3. Here is a cool Butler ad that shows the variety of bin sizes that they offered in the mid 50’s Since there has been some Allis Chalmers discussion on a different topic here is one that shows the WD-45 has “power to get ahead fast”
  4. I need to get caught up on this thread. Here is the farmall regular ad from February 1930 The 300 and 400 tractors that were new tractors in this 1956 ad although I like the looks of these tractors better with the wide front
  5. A guy that we get cattle feed from said the same thing. He said it is so much easier to haul things. He could carry 2 feed totes this past time he brought the feed to us it was just a 1200 lbs tote. When I was a little I wanted a pickup with a flatbed I thought a Chevy that was either red or white but it didn’t happen the way I wanted it but maybe someday....
  6. I see what you mean I’ve got an 8 foot bed in my ‘92 GMC and it is nice to have a longer bed. I’ve also thought the same thing about today’s pickup beds they look useless... no room for anything that you would want to haul with a pickup
  7. Well by today’s standards the IH model S-120 4x4 pickup wouldn’t be considered a full size body and a full-size cab pickup but I’ll bet it was high tech back in 1956 Here’s a Staley Feeds ad that’s says using the “Pig Mama” feed will increase the efficiency of getting more pigs out of 4 litters than 5
  8. ray54, interesting story about the Deere “sidewinder” the “banana” bales that you mentioned I’ve heard other say on this form that other square balers form the 60’s and 70’s produce those kinds of bales. This ad of the New Holland Super 77 and the Super 66 shows what it can bale in a “normal” days work (I don’t know if that is true or not I think it’s a cool ad myself) In this ad it says the 77 can bale up to 12 tons per hour and there are 21 wagons shown and totaling about 2000 bales
  9. Hay season is wrapping up or all done for this time of year so I should post some of my other hay equipment ads. The first is a “really exciting new rake” from NEW IDEA, I’ve never seen one of these before. It says that I can fit 21 different makes of tractors maybe that’s why all the men are circled around it? And also one of Mother Deere’s square balers which says the 14-T produces bales that are “engineered” by the fastest selling baler in the country. Both ads are 1956 vintage.
  10. Interesting, kinda sounds like the standard/wheatland IH tractors where the only difference was one tractor could have more options than the other and the cost difference of a tractor with no options vs. one with options
  11. Nice line up of orchards. I don't know a lot about them which leads me to ask why do these orchards not have the extra sheetmetal like over the tires and on the sides of the engine? I've seen other McCormick orchards that have the extra sheetmetal but I was just wondering why these didn't.
  12. Don’t forget to see the “big” Allis Chalmers and Gleaner combines at your nearest dealer for the fall harvest of you soybeans and sorghum. From 1956
  13. I’ll follow U-C’s trend of pull type combines, here’s an ad of the McCormick model 76 “harvester thresher” it’s interesting that they used that term a lot more back then and not “combine”
  14. I don’t have anymore Minnie-Mo ads right now I’ll have to see if I can find some Here is another good color ad from the same issue as the Minnie-Mo. It would have been some good help looking at this for three different ways to grow continuous corn back then.
  15. Or how about the power lined 445 offered by Minneapolis-Moline in this April 1956 issue of the Successful Farming Magazine
  16. I'll tell him that. I don't know of any other 826's around me but i'll keep my eye out
  17. My great uncle sent me the the tag of his 826 he knew you were doing a registry so he wanted me to post it. Sorry I don’t have a pic of the tractor but I believe it is a gear drive and is a wide front
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