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  1. I’ve seen that too. Wish I had them when I split my cub earlier this year. A few days ago I got a small magazine from Steiner with a coupon on the front that said $50 for $250 purchase. That’s what I’m working for with getting parts for my next project on the cub.
  2. Interesting about Studebaker, I wonder how many are still around with production ending 50+ years ago I would imagine that they would be quite the collectablies?
  3. That is a cool ad loadstar. I wonder what that vehicle is on the semi trailer on the right behind the description. Here are a couple others. The first is a Standard Fuel Oils ad from 1955 This ones a Studebaker ad from 1956 I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before or heard the name, shows my knowledge of cars! Lol
  4. Before we get too far off from vehicles of the mid 50’s here are two Chevy ads the first from 1955 the second from 1956. Personally I kinda like the styling of the ‘56 models
  5. Here is just a Ferguson tractor ad from 1956 about the Hi-40. This tractor has the spin out wheel rims I think the spin out rims give these older tractors more eye appealing looks. Jmo
  6. I remember seeing that video Loadstar. I like the styling of that Ford 6000. Good thing that you got both tractors running. Speaking of the Massey 444 here is an ad from 1956 showing the triple 3, triple 4, and triple 5 tractors. Would you bet that there was no 666 because Massey thought someone else could have the “devils tractor” like IH maybe haha
  7. That plow is a model 37 and the tractor is a 44 special. Where there a lot of those Massey tractors around your area during that time Loadstar?
  8. The first one is a little different to what everyone has been posting. I had mentioned this fertilizer ad in another topic but though I would post the ad here. The second is Massy Harris ad with their line of tractors. Both are from a January 1955 Successful Farming magazine
  9. That is one good looking combine right there
  10. Following with the side delivery hay rake trend here is John Deere advertising a few different rakes that they had in 1956. The one pictured is a 851
  11. The hillside in the ad is a 302 and the one just to the left of it is just the conventional combine a 150. I don't know anything about those Case combines so can't help you with the differences. On another note the four Case crawler tractor models in the ad I have never seen before. They are kinda cool looking too
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