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  1. Wow up to 50 foot coverage for the late 50’s on a sprayer. Maybe that would have been a little ahead of its time? I would guess that spraying wouldn’t have been very popular then I could be wrong
  2. Here are a couple of Oliver ads from the mid 50’s. The first is the super 88 and the second is the #50 square baler. If you look at the picture caption in the super 88 ad it says it is the most powerful rowcrop tractor made and that it’s a full four plow tractor
  3. For some reason I don't think I have made the connection that you are Farmall51 but now that you mention it I have seen your progress on youtube. Seems like an interesting thing that you are doing with the Cub. I am not as familiar with the variations of the instrument panels on the cubs other than mine with the ignition switch, ammeter, light switch, choke and starter ('48 panel). How is everything on yours arranged?
  4. Ive always liked the G1000 wheatlands. No experience with the but they have a cool beefy look to them like the other wheatlands of that time period did
  5. First photo is of our 4-H hogs trying to be friendly with a couple heifers in the pasture. And no we do not keep hogs in the pasture Second is of the same two heifers in the pasture. Last summer was the first time that we got to irrigate our pasture and this pic was taken in about September and the grass was still really nice
  6. How about some show cattle pics? This one was taken back in September when we got these two steers. Last weekend at cattle weigh-in the white steer was 1005lbs and the black steer weighed 940lbs. They are both to be shown for our county fair
  7. Okay, here is the part that you guys have been waiting for. I was really excited to get the Cub out today and get it running and use the lights. The tractor runs like a top and it sounds so good with the muffler on it now. For this project what I was most excited for was getting the lights working and they turned out great! These first two are kinda comparison pics. The first was taken in 1998 when my great-grandfather owned it. Back then it leaked oil terrible and later on it did not run good and the lights of course didn’t work and the second is the tractor today. Later on I will put the Woods mower back on but that will be when it gets closer to mowing season. So now with this project wrapped up hopefully before long I can add another horse to the stable
  8. These next two pics are of the new wiring harness installed. First I hooked everything up to the generator and then put everything together at the instrument panel. These are of the reflectors all cleaned up the best that I could get them. They are pictured with the new seals and gaskets that I ordered. (The lens in the first picture was the only one that was still in one piece so I only had to order two lenses) All wiring is installed at this point the red cable for the battery to starter is to be replaced because it is shorter than I’d like it to be but for now it is still on there This dent in the center of the front of the hood has been there for decades not sure what happened but I’m sure glad it wasn’t me that did it lol. All we used was a rubber mallet it worked well and it’s been beaten out good enough for us. You can kinda see it has been fixed in the last pic with the new lights assembled.
  9. That is quite the dog pile. I bet the feed bill adds up quick. Haha
  10. I’ve never heard of them before that is a cool ad. This is LOK-RIB steel building ad from an April 1956 Succesful Farming Magazine
  11. Thank you for the compliment metamora farmall. These next two pics are of the original wiring harness lots of places where it was either taped or bare wire exposed This is the generator after all the wiring was removed this is in good shape so I cleaned it on the outside a little and made sure everything would have good contact These are the three light reflectors I didn’t buy new ones so I cleaned them up with chrome polish that we had in the shop. The date on the bottle said 1988 but it still worked great
  12. Thought I would post another pic of ours. This was taken in the evening a couple weeks back. When the yellow pup lays down she is out like a light. There’s been a few times where I’ve seen the black lab have dreams when sleeping. Kinda interesting to watch how they react to them
  13. Okay so I got this project wrapped up today. It’s been about a month since my last update, been crazy busy since then and I decided to finish this out and then post what I did. I tore right into the electrical wiring it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I took plenty of pics and always double checked myself to see if I got it all correct. This is when I pulled the panel off.... This is a before and after pic of me using a foam brush with water and baking soda to get the corrosion off. I did it over the course of several days. Since I had the battery box off and the seat as well I took the bolts off the gear box quadrant and clean as much grease and oil off as possible without taking the quadrant off. I’ll post more pics tomorrow of my progress
  14. I see the cotton in the ear now that you mention it. Looks like a large diameter exhaust pipe on the tractor so maybe it was really loud. I had to look up another picture of the 8-16 to see if that was a possibility. I like the pictures of the farmall A in the first one looks like an aftermarket hitch never seen one of those before.
  15. Here’s the two we have both are females the black lab Oakley is 3 yrs and about 2 months old. The yellow lab Marley is 6 months old. We have had her since the first part of December
  16. That reminds me of this Farmall Cub ad probably from 1947 I would guess. But you could buy a new Cub for $545. Ours Cub was sold on 6-11-1948 for $648
  17. All great pic in that post sir, I especially am interested in this one because: 1. International trucks are pictured 2. This shows how livestock was once transported being that I like IH and show livestock (cattle and hogs) I just thought I would point this out. Do you know where this picture was taken? Sorry that I’m a little late asking this since you posted this a week ago but it was good timing that I saw this pic as we are taking a steer to show at the National Western Stock Show this weekend in Denver, Co
  18. I see. As I was looking at it I was wondering what it was like. Recently I found a yard stick that my grandpa has from the old IH dealer here it states “Good equipment makes a good farmer better” I would guess that yard stick is not to far off from the age of that ad
  19. Loadstar is that IH February message a one page thing or does it have multiple pages?
  20. https://www.farmingtonimplement.com/store/p9/DVD_9.html Wes, I don’t know if this link will work, if it does it will take you to a preview of the 200 film the same that I have Plus many other classic IH films. I’ve yet to figure out how post a video taken from my iPhone on here. Otherwise I would take a video of the whole film and post it for you
  21. Now that is a cool ad didn’t know that IH made all that fire equipment
  22. I found this ad the other night looking through my tractor restoration book. Not sure what year this is but I do have a 200 promo film from 1956. I do like this ad though
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