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  1. Well for one thing I didn’t have tools to do so. The “right guy” needs to come along and save it whole. That isn’t me though.
  2. Yea it is I think……. but it may be a good parts donor for some parts?
  3. Yea the adapter has good paint on it. Has a couple IH bolts on it. Haven’t found if there’s an “IH” casting in it. My same thoughts are those being adaptors for duals
  4. Here was the poor 300 U it came off of. Wish someone could save it.
  5. I stop to look every once in a while. There was a 300U (I think) and it had this fast hitch 3pt adapter. I decided I should save it. $.25 cents a pound and I got it at $45. I thought I did alright, but what do you all think? I know there’s not a lot around.
  6. Wow that’s pretty good! What model # is yours? Mine is a 3323, it was my great grandpas
  7. Great picture! I wish the one I had ran!
  8. That’s awesome you still have it! Those IH toys still in boxes bring a good amount of money.
  9. How about another hydro? I’d love to own a 9 someday but so far this is my closest attempt. I also have a 1/16 scale 966 with a red cab and a 1/64 966 blackstripe
  10. Only every once in a while when I was little would dad let me play with his toys from when he was a kid.
  11. @460 I would like to have a 80’s vintage 88 series with AWD to go with my grinder I showed in my first post. Maybe someday!
  12. Sounds like a great station, I looked into it. Love the classic country. My favorite singers at George S. Merle then Conway👍
  13. I recognize a few on those shelves!! Keep the photos and comments coming, so good to read all your guys’ comments here on this side of the forum again!!
  14. I saw the post about it. Never heard of this guy but I hope this 1206 doesn’t go down the drain. Can’t imagine what would make a person do that…… of course ruining a 55 year old tractor that’s restored is down the list compared to what some people actually do in this world that are unimaginable for people like us here.
  15. Always makes me happy to see some old iron saved from the fence row or trees
  16. Dang, I hope to have some IH’s like that some day. Great pictures
  17. Your getting to do a lot of great things with that little 240 Brody! Keep it up!!
  18. One of the promo films I have on the 86’s from 1976 shows a CB radio in the cab. Thought that was neat.
  19. Well it was his way of thinking not mine Mark. I understand both of your views, just passing along what I remember reading.
  20. Here is what’s left of the one I got. Added some matchbooks to it too.
  21. Lorenzo isn’t too fond of them. I remember him saying he went around Nebraska and crushed chest freezers for the reason he stated. A friend gave me one. It didn’t work so I ended up chunking it but saving the emblems and serial number. Wish I would have given it to someone to fix. They are heavy tho!
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