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  1. I knew of 1988 but not ‘79 for the other two. Thanks I think you are right. Sales went up in the late 70’s. I’ve been reading about it in Lee Klancher’s Red Tractor book. I will have to post the info.
  2. Even they had a good sized strike of their own in 1988.
  3. I’m not sure who took it. I do know that his BIL videoed the Gleaner L and L2 cutting wheat in 1980. That’s a neat video. If I had to guess I bet it was his BIL that took the plow video too.
  4. Here is a video from 1979 of my great uncle plowing with an IH 4586 he rented for a few days to plow since the 4166 was down. Not sure the brand plow but it’s seven bottom and you will notice it’s equipped with a plow mulcher attachment to break up the clods. Also notice the furrow markers on each side of the tractor frame. That’s about all I know about the video, wish it was better quality.
  5. I haven’t sat down to read this until the last couple of days so I’m trying to get through the thread. Thought I’d contribute a couple things, though I have only watched plowing. Two guys right in front of the house use IH roll over plows on flood irrigated land. Seem to do a good job. They are JD guys but one of them told me the IH plows are great and the Deere plows are like dropping an anchor in the ground. I took this from our kitchen window. This may be the only picture I have. They use 4 and 5 bottom plows. This one is a five bottom. I remember one spring about 2015 I think, in the field you see with the cornstalks and cows, the were using a 4430 and 1066 with two rollover plows.
  6. @nepoweshiekfarmalls is that second pic your 504 and #9 rake? If I someday own the neighbors I think it will be a great tractor for my #9 rake. How do you know if one has the fast reverser? Could it be indicated by the serial tag?
  7. 9000 for a 504? I mean it looks like he did some work to it since getting it but still, seems a bit high for that tractor.
  8. Would be interesting to know. I’m sure its out somewhere. @Farmall1066 any leads to this thought?
  9. I got #16. It’s a great one. Four and five are great!
  10. Neighbor has a 504 row-crop diesel with a wide front. Hopefully I can own it down the road.
  11. The Farmall Plant In Rock Island, Illinois rolled off the specially painted 1066 as the 5 millionth tractor. Friday February 1st, 1974 at 9:00 AM. The tractor had about every option that could be had. A celebration after coming off the line was done to recognize this industry first achievement. The first Farmall Regular produced at the Farmall Works Plant in October 1926 was also present. The 1066 today is at the Ft. Benton, Montana Ag Museum. IH released a five minute film on this celebration in 1975. The guy here is Stan Lancaster. He was Vice President of North American Farm Equipment Division (I think that’s his correct title). Speaking on the mic is Joseph Hart, I can’t remember his title. The other was Farmall Plant Manager Tom McCallister. This was at the August 26th, 1976 introduction at Chicago’s McCormick Place for the new 86 Series.
  12. Lol, it was actually seeing what I needed to do for livestock chores. Yea the bed liner was nice. Though it was slick. They screwed it down in a lot of places so there are holes in the bed and tailgate. That trailer is HEAVY but as you can see quality built. We got it in February 2012 for 4-H pigs (later cattle). I still remember the day dad and I went to get it from original owners son. We’ve made a few modifications for our 4-H stuff but other than that we’ve replaced a few boards. We did built a fold down ramp on the back about three feet out for the pigs. It was bought at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO in 1976 I think. It resided at the neighbors place the came to our place which ironically was next to its first home when we moved, back in 2014.
  13. Unfortunately in September 2021 I started my GMC after mowing one of my yards and it had this awful knock like sound (think of an old locomotive chugging). Lucky I had the white pickup to drive as the main pickup. To keep the story short a couple months later we had a mechanic (who actually owned the shop where we take our vehicles) and he figured it would be a front main seal out. A little later we towed it to the shop. It was at the shop FOREVER, from January to May (granted help is hard to find, they stay busy, getting parts is ridiculous. They got it in the shop and the crankshaft had cracked at the second cylinder…. the engine had 220,000 some miles on it then. So now there is a “new” used 350 engine that had 167,000 miles on it when installed. So I have an engine with a little more life in it. During that time it also got a new radiator, and transmission work was done to it, therefore it shifts like a new pickup. It runs great. It got new tires in June of ‘21 and took the plastic bed-liner out of it this summer. A couple other small things I added/fixed up this summer so it’s been fun to have an all purpose pickup that I can also learn off of. In June the bed panel got sideswiped by another guy. I was doing chores for him at his place, an accident, I didn’t have to pay he said he would. The body shop said it would need a new panel. They ordered two different ones and the both got LOST. How does that happen lol. One day I looked at it and tried to pop it our and most of it DID! So they were able to fix the original. Through it being in the shop I realized I wanted to keep it going. With pickup prices now I wasn't really enthused to buy something even half as old as my ‘92 for a good chunk of money. So me and Phantom 392 are both still going strong today. I imagine the bed liner had been on since about new. Here was the second incident. Lucky the dent was only between the gas lid and fender. Nothing but the panel was damaged. Here I had my mowers loaded and two steers for our pasture in the trailer. That was the day I got them. Trailer is a 1976 and is at our place which is next to where it spend most of its life since new. Here you can still see the dent. This is when I got it back from the body shop. One thing I did was find the GMCtruck emblem at the scrapyard and put it on. This was at a CaseIH dealer by Amarillo. This winter during all the snow. Pictured with a 1974 Ariens blower.
  14. Yes, I plan on attending! This will be my first RPRU and is the closest one for me. Looking forward to meeting a lot of you. G I is a neat place. We go there for a livestock show in September. I was also there in October 2017 with FFA going to National Convention and we toured the CaseIH plant.
  15. Thank you, that one is a 1975 3331 which I saved from a parts store and it about took nothing to get it running good. I have a 1973/1974 3323 that was built by Lawnboy and it was my great grandpa’s. Just got it running this last summer after 43 years of sitting. Pretty fortunate with it. It’s not perfect but it runs good.
  16. Wow guys, great pictures of pickups and stories! Thanks for replying! To be honest, I don’t really have a lot of knowledge on vehicles (I’m way more into farm equipment). I like the Chevy/GMC 1988-1999 pickups because that is what I’ve had. That’s also where I have the most knowledge which isn’t a lot. As a kid (like 10 years ago) my dream pickup was a GMC/Chevy 2500 red or white with a flatbed…… maybe I’ll get there someday. I’m perfectly content with what I have now. To continue with mine I’ll start at the beginning. I purchased (with a little help from dad) my ‘92 GMC on February 6th, 2017, when I was 16. I turned 17 on March 15th. We got it from a farm sale 20 minutes away and it had 208,550 miles on it. I just turned over 19,000 yesterday since having it, which isn’t a lot I’ll get one explanation below. Mechanically when we got it it wasn’t in the best shape. It had some oil lines that weren’t the greatest and we replaced the water pump it also had its oil leaks. It had some things we replaced that normally would need attention on a 25 year old pickup with that many miles. The radio and cassette player didn’t work and we didn’t put in a new radio until July 2017 so I listed to ‘80’s Country Radio on Pandora wherever I went….. That is when I really got my interest in older country. In about 2018 my grandpa got a 2015 F-150. It replaced his 1997 Chevy 1500 and he also has a Toyota Corolla that he mainly takes to work. At that time the red pickup had been out probably because one of the crappy oil lines gave out. So I started driving the ‘97 and it is currently at our place. So I used the ‘97 a lot and it’s a great pickup. In a lot of situations it was nice having two pickups. Few pics. These first three was taken the year I got it. First is the day I brought it home. The ‘97 Chevy Took a pic a couple years ago with my equipment I use in my lawn care business. These were taken at the county fair.
  17. Thank you. It’s not because I can’t afford a newer one it’s because prices right now are ridiculous for something even half that new. More to the point it was my first vehicle and I want to hang on to it.
  18. I agree. I haven’t spent as much time in others as you all have but the ‘97 Chevy I drive is very comfortable. My ‘92 GMC with the bench seat is more comfortable I think. From home to college its just under seven hours and those bench seats kept me very comfortable.
  19. Same with my ‘92 GMC and the ‘97 Chevy I drive. Takes a little bit to warm up but when it does after a while you almost have to turn it off.
  20. I think this has been done before since I’ve been here. But I got this idea from the Favorite IH tractors on the Farm thread and thought it would be neat to see some of your guys favorite pickups you’ve owned over the years. This is my 1992 GMC 1500 single cab, long bed. Its name is “Phantom 392” coming from a Red Sovine song titled “Phantom 309.” For mine I kept the 3 because it has a 350 engine and 92 is for the year. Anyhow mine has 4wd and now has over 227,000 miles. Actually today I turned over 19,000 miles since I’ve had it. Phantom was manufactured in June of ‘92 and was sold October 21st that year in my hometown with 185 miles on it. That dealer is now a restaurant. Here’s the most recent picture taken of Phantom from last weekend. I am going to college right now at West Texas A&M in Canyon and this was taken southwest of town Share all types, I’d like to see what you all have! I share more on my pickup later!
  21. Out of the 4166, 1206, and Cub that are my favorite IH’s, the 1948 Cub is the only tractor I have at this point. I figure from casting dates it was built about February of ‘48. Some neat things make it a favorite, we know all its history of owners, one being my great grandpa from the mid to late eighties until 2001. I have the original BOS for the tractors and 1963 woods mower. I also have the original operators manual for the Cub. We’ve had it at our place since August 2014. I’ve fixed oil leaks and installed a new wiring harness for FFA projects since then. I’ve also been fortunate enough to be on the same grounds as the factory they were built in (now Louisville airport) and the location of the dealership where in was sold new.
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    He came back as our New Years surprise. Welcome back sir!
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