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  1. Great looking truck! Make sure to get a picture of it and the 715 if the opportunity arises in the fall!
  2. I hope to own one someday. On DVD 15 from Farmington Implement there is a 766 film from 1973 that’s seven minutes long. The film is mostly about the new diesel engine on the 766. Since seeing that the 766 has been a favorite of mine.
  3. I’ve never ran one. Do you drive with pedals and steer with the sticks? That’s how it looks to me.
  4. I remember a 225 swather in our area when I was younger. Thought it looked odd with the windshield and the roof like they are. Farmingtonimplement has one film on them on DVD 13. It’s a six minute film from 1973 and one thing they talk about is how it has a 10 foot swath and it’s comparable to a 14 ft swather. After seeing that film they’ve grown on me for some reason.
  5. The 230 your talking about right? Nice photos. I see the Gleaners have the “cranes” not sure of official name, for loading headers. Are those C2’s? If not an E or F is what I’m thinking.
  6. I have one pic of that 175. I think it came out in 1966 or 67. The 210 came out it 1970 I think. I could tell you exactly if I wasn’t seven hours away at college so I can’t look at my stuff. Thing is the 175 didn’t have headlights in literature I see but the 210 did which came out after 1968 when great grandpa bought his. So maybe headlights was an option on the 175’s and his had them? Don’t know.
  7. The IH is a 230. August 1968 my great grandpa bought an IH 175 (I think) brand new. Grandpa has told me the story of him helping great grandpa put it together at the dealer the week before his and grandmas wedding. He remembers being sunburned at the wedding. That swather had a 19.5 foot grain head for millet and a little grass he had. After great uncle took over the farm in 1980 that swather was used into the early 90’s.
  8. Even though it was the smallest in the IH line when the Cub came out in 1947 it was $545. In 1962 the IH 2001 loader was advertised at $519. Those are a couple that I think of the top of my head. Then in the early 80’s the prices of combines was astronomical (at least that what the article said that had prices) anywhere from $80,000 up to around $100,000. Crazy how things are now when I’m 22 from when some of you were my age or growing up.
  9. Neighbor has a 504 row crop diesel with wide front with a fast hitch but I think 404 and 504’s only came as 3pt from factory.
  10. That was on DVD 15. Yes it does make you wonder.
  11. Absolutely. I have all the DVD’s. This last weekend I spoke to Craig the owner of it all, for a couple hours. Speak to him once a year as they stay busy. Great people!
  12. You beat me to it. I remember watching that film for the first time in March of 2014 and thought that line was killer. Neat film for sure. On DVD 13 there’s a short film of the 1256 verses the 4520 and DVD 15 there’s a film of the 4020 versus the 826.
  13. Why would have the cabs on the 5x88’s been prewired at factory for radios but only a dealer installation? I realize farmers didn't really care about that stuff and it cut costs but by 1981 I would have thought with more creature comforts they would have just been standard.
  14. Here is the 706 that the farmer has that dad and I help with wheat harvest. Real nice tractor. Two real nice ones from FarmallLand. The LP is my favorite 706 I’ve ever seen.
  15. I remember a couple years ago talking with one or two members in a topic about doing that. Our FFA chapter did a radio show and I had Tony Ramos, Danny Anderson, and Craig Swanson owner of Farmingtonimplement who restores the IH films, on separate shows and that was great.
  16. It would be this one. Thought this trio would look good together since they have similar paint scheme, styling, and print date of 1981.
  17. I have that one and the one for the 3X88’s
  18. Can’t forget the one I have. Also have one and a 5288 in 1/64th scale.
  19. I’ve been waiting to share this first pic….. From the 1983 IH Axial-Flow Productivity Guide. February 2020 I saw this for sale about an hour from me. Believe it was a late 1983 model Can’t leave out the last tractor to roll off the Rock Island Farmall Plant line on May 14th, 1985. I saw this at the CaseIH booth at National FFA Convention in October 2017.
  20. I don’t have pictures to contribute but about twelve or so years ago when Ertl came out with the 1/64 set of a 1486 and 1977 Scout I remember going with dad (since I was about 8-9) to see if the local CaseIH dealer had it. They did not so we ordered it and I still have both the tractor and scout to this day. Still remember going to the dealer for them.
  21. Probably one of the last from 1981 I would guess. It’s the same the BBG shared on page 4 I think?
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