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  1. Well this is the first post on this thread with me having two tractors. Last Monday I got a 1953 Farmall Super C that my great-great/grandpa bought new. I was working on it a little today and noticed it has an IH Melrose Park Works tag on the radiator.  

    Then with the 1948 Cub I mowed a little with it today. Did a good job. Just have to make sure it is dry and warm if you are mowing thick lush grass. 





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  2. 3 hours ago, iowaboy1965 said:

    Congratulations on both your graduation and obtaining your family heirloom tractor. Those are handy little tractors. 

    My grand fathers first and only new tractor that I know of. His farmall regular.


    Hey that’s great! I assume that has been restored at some point? That’s a very nice Regular. 

  3. 4 hours ago, hillman said:

    Congratulations What a great story from start to finish. I hope you are very successful

    I don't believe I have ever heard of someone having their Great Great Grandfather's tractor !.

    I don’t believe I have either. @Dirt_Floor_Poor has a good point. I am 23 and my great-great-grandpa William that bought this tractor was born around 1890 give or take a couple years. He farmed and his son (my great-grandpa Wes, in the above pic on right) was one of 12 kids, he was the third. William lived in the Nebraska panhandle and bought a few farms in the NE CO area. Two of the sons being Wes and Bernie farmed around where I am. Bernie’s farm is where the tractor was.

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  4. 3 hours ago, jass1660 said:

    Congratulations, now get a job! lol sound like your parents?  My daughter graduated from CSU in 2023 and she just started a job in agriculture finally last week.

    Yes and a few others lol. I actually I just found out about half an hour ago I have an interview on Thursday for the job I applied for here in town. Part of the reason why a restoration or at least putting a decent amount of money into the Super C will be slow because I need a job. I’ve done well financially though since the beginning of high school because of mowing yards and other jobs, but having an hourly paid job will help the funds. 

    Good for your daughter. Is she back home or here in CO or elsewhere? I recall you said she was wanting to be a large animal vet. 

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  5. Back on May 11th I graduated from West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas with a bachelor's degree in Agribusiness & Economics. I spent the first two years at Northeastern Junior College in my hometown of Sterling, Colorado then my last two at West Texas. Those four years flew by, but were great for opportunities and friendships. God really blessed me and others around me the last four years.

    I wanted to share something I got yesterday. It is a 1953 Farmall Super C that my great-great-grandpa bought new. I didn’t even know there was still such a family heirloom around until back in November. I went and looked at it in December and was happy to see it had a wide front and the fast hitch three point adapter. It is a straight complete tractor and still had water in the radiator and oil in the pan. Fast forward to last month, yes it was still on the farm where it was when new and it would be my grandma's cousin (all same side of the family) that owned it. They were able to get it running so that was also a big step. We got it home yesterday.

    With it being a family heirloom I wanted to make sure to have it at least. It appears to be in good shape. It has sat outside for about four years. It shifts well, pto engages easily, tires are all good, no major dents. I have not had it running yet but my plan is to eventually fully restore it. It will be a slow process as I haven’t done anything quite like this before. I’m not sure when the process will start but the goal right now is to get it running somewhat decent and go from there.

    This was presented to me during a graduation party I had with a few other friends and our families so its more-less a graduation present. It would be 10 years in August since we got the 1948 Farmall Cub, so it was time for a second tractor! lol. I am very happy to have it! The Cub is in original patina but the Super C has been repainted so it will be a great candidate for a restoration. 


    ‘48 Cub, ‘53 Super C, ‘92 GMC 1500, my first vehicle and took me through high school and college!


    The McCormick Cream Separator sign my parents got me for a graduation gift. 


    This picture is from 1952. On the left is my great-great-grandpa that bought the Super C new. On the right is his son, my great-grandpa.


    Thought I’d throw in a pic in my cap and gown!


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  6. 1 hour ago, acem said:

    Here's a 403 rice special from a postcard for Stuttgart AR.

    I understand in Australia they call them 'header' instead of 'combine'.


    The Rice and Duck Capitol of the World Stuttgart, AR

    Looks like there’s another one in the left side of the picture at the other end of the field too. 

  7. 34 minutes ago, Big Bud guy said:

    The 403/503 had a good reputation here and were fairly popular.    They competed with the JD 95/105s.  My neighbors father ran five 403s custom cutting in the neighborhood.  I have one of his trucks. Most guys here including IH diehards will say the 03 series were the last good combines they made before the Axial Flows.  That’s also been more or less said in printed material.  I’ve never run one but in the past I’ve posted pics of a 403 and 503 in my neighborhood if you search them up. 

    We also had a 4000 swather back in the day.  It was our first with both a hay header and draper header.  Bought it from Rieder Co who was one of the dealers to buy that 5 millionth 1066. Very good swather and much better to then Versatile.  But it got traded in for a JD 2280 later on. 

    Yes I was reading your post from a few years back those are neat you found those. 

    I can’t recall seeing any 03 combines in my area. I’ll bet back in the day our area was predominantly Gleaners and Deere. At least during the 03 series. I know my great grandpa had IH tractors and other than a Massey 21A and JD 55 (ran with a 1958 Gleaner A) he always had Gleaners. First red combines to come to the farm was1993,  a 1984 1480 and 1986 1680 (first combine I ever rode in).

    Don't know anything really about the swathers so I was curious what others experienced. 

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  8. Yesterday was five years since I really started collecting IH stuff. Ironically it was a forum member who reached out about me purchasing a cream separator & Milker Pump oil can. Got it on April 29th, 2019. 

    Anyways I get these two brochures yesterday, one of the 4000 and 5000 swathers which was printed in June 1979. The other of the 403 and 503’s. I got them on eBay from the same seller and there was the wrong description for the combine brochure and only one picture of the front cover. I thought it was neat, and I hadn’t seen one before. So I’m looking at it yesterday and was super surprised to see it was printed in Australia! Even has a dealer stamp! Not that an overseas brochure is super rare but it’s the first piece from overseas in my last five years of collecting, and I wasn’t aware what it really was when I got it! 

    There are not a lot of differences between this a U.S. brochure. But I really like it. Got to see a guys collection earlier this month that has almost all the 03 series combines. So this brochure ended the month nicely.

    So, if you got to the bottom of this post, lol, anyone still run or had experience with the 03 series? I’ve done some research on them and sounds like they were good reliable machines for their day. Same question goes for the 4 and 5000 swathers.  I’m happy with these additions to the collection and thought I’d share them here. 



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  9. Cool to see one out and about resorted at a show. I’ve only seen one, which was at Farmall Land U.S.A. Wonder how many are still actually out there. 

    On the front of the front fenders it reads on the other side “Before I grew Up” then on this side “ I was a Cub Cadet.” I think that was something Jerry did when it was restored.





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  10. On 4/19/2024 at 8:33 PM, Drysleeves said:

    Jack Wise was integral in the Hickory Hill Photographic Center along with Verlyn Foster, Russell Johnson, Fred Woltering, and many others.

    I know which one Jack and Russell are but I’ve never known the other names. So you have me curious who is who! Not to derail Brian’s thread. 

    1 hour ago, 234-IA said:

    I always wondered about the guys in the advertising photos.  Were they actually farmers with the side hustle of modeling with new red machinery?  Seemed like good work if you could get it.

    Guys like Jack and Russell were employed by the IH Photographic Center, plus many others. A July 1968 interview with Al Rucker who was manager of the Photographic Center said there was 38 (I think) people employed at the farm then. That included anyone from farm workers to camera men and directors. That was a top notch job to work at the IH Photographic Center.

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  11. Congratulations Danny on #436. I remember when I interviewed you on our FFA Chapter’s radio show on December 19th, 2019 you said you had just done over 400, and I thought wow that is a lot! You do such great work and I’m so glad we got to meet at RPRU 2023. Whenever I see a picture like above of the one and only 5388 I think, so cool I got to drive it!

    Danny Anderson is a first class guy that does first class work!

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  12. The AII and CII Gleaners came out in 1964 so very likely to be a 1966 ad….. and if Loadstar posted it, it probably is. I also saw that on FB yesterday. 

    Lots of old Gleaners in our area…… even here in Central TX for a few days I’ve seen a few. Great grandpa had a 1958 A he bought new. I believe that was replaced in 1970 by an F. June 24th, 1974 he bought a new L and new (I think) L2 in 1977. There was a G somewhere between the F and L. 

    This would be my great uncle on the A in 1961. They also had a pretty used JD 55. 

    Here is I think a 1972 photo of the F with 18 ft head unloading into the 1957 IH A-160 great grandpa bought new. In the back is a 1940’s Dodge truck is my guess. Bottom two pictures are from the same time 



    This is the 1974 L with a 24ft header. 


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  13. 6 hours ago, Diesel Doctor said:

    You are definitely one of us! Welcome

    Well, I’ve been on here a little over six years so I keep trying to become more like you guys.😂😂

    The undercarriage is from a wagon we got at Hobby Lobby. Just used the undercarriage. Basket is still in the box. 

    I did that my senior year of HS and dad helped me with the wagon and he is a carpenter so he deserves a lot of credit!

    It was painted by the collector I got it from but I did do a couple touch ups…. Including the flywheel.

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  14. I think your meaning the model LA 1.5-2.5 HP engine. According to this list looks like yours is an early 1937 model. 

    I have a model LB engine that’s 1.5-2.5 HP. 1944 model. Neat little engines to have. 

    Here is mine. It was restored by another collector. It was in October 2019 when I got it. Following spring build the oak wagon for it and put decals on. It also has a pump jack on the back. 


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  15. That’s a really good film that Farmingtonimplement restored. A 1974 film that the IH Photographic Center went to FARMALL WORKS to do. Al Rucker who was manager of the Photographic Center, talked about doing that film on DVD #5. That film named “Possibilities Unlimited” is on DVD #4. Really neat how they were able to get into the factory. Mr. Rucker recalled the workers were really private about their work but when they learned they were there to film and from the IH Farm they were welcoming to show the work they were doing on the assembly line. The tractors on the side are if they had something missing or a part was defective or a part shortage they were pulled off …… I think that was the case anyways. I know for sure tractors like that were put in the yard and were pulled back in for the next shift to finish. My guess about the rims is they have primer on them and waiting to be painted. Kinda odd why they are at the Finish Assembly line (which was Department 70 in the plant I think). 

    Hopefully Dr. Evil chimes in. I’m just going off stories I’ve been told. He has been there although I think he was there at the start of the 86 series. 

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  16. I’m my hometown there is CaseIH, John Deere, and Massey Ferguson all within a mile on the edge of town off the highway. There is also a Bobcat dealer right there. Deere is in the process of building a huge new office area and shop because the original building was built in the late 60’s or early 70’s and are too small for the new stuff. They sell some off line stuff too. CaseIH right across the highway sells Kubota, Krone, and Polaris, plus some bumper pull trailers and a couple other brands. MF does some other lines too. 

    Here in my hometown IH and JD were right across the street for 25+ (now CaseIH is across the Highway). MF was in the same spot, Ford was here plus Allis-Chalmers….. at least those were they were the bigger ones here.

  17. I did not do a bracket but I should have. Will have to do one next year. I was glad to see Gonzaga and North Carolina win. Watching Texas and Tennessee right now. #3 for Tennessee (who is very good) has Colorado ties. He is from there and went to the same Junior college as I did in my hometown. He graduated in ‘21 and I did the following year. I did not know him though. 

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