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  1. 2 hours ago, Roossinck said:

    BTW, I was also the guy who made the one that kicked off this thread with the 1066.)

    Shoot I forgot all about making this thread, thanks for bringing it back to the top. 
    Your meme started a great thread too!

  2. 36 minutes ago, Mr. Plow said:

    Must have been extensions for the large frame tractors, notice the bright red panels between front snoot and main sheet metal.   I'm guessing those weren't used on a 560/656.

    I’ve never noticed that either. If you look on IH films of the 234 with a 706 you can see those extensions weren’t there either. Also notice of course the extensions can be seen in the ad that Todd posted above.

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  3. 24 minutes ago, Tonyinca said:

    Great legacy ! 

         That 1466 still looks new !  I wouldn't let it leave either  but I had to ask.  My shed thinks it needs a nice 1466 blackstripe . lol 


    Does Carol feel the same way? LOL

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  4. 12 hours ago, Sledgehammer said:

    I believe the actual sheller was an option on those.

    Yep I guess it was quite an upgrade mounting a 234 compared to past pickers. Not a lot of manual work. The picker frame could be mounted on the tractor then the picker or shelter unit. Or either of the two units could be taken off with the picker frame still on the tractor. That’s what I’ve reaped from films and advertising.

    I will have to share the 856 from my buyers guides for 1968 and 69. Love looking at those!

    There is a 1/16th 856 row crop wide front toy at a local farm store I’m keeping my eyes on…..

  5. I went back out to the scrap yard to see if the 350 U diesel is still there. It will be there for a while, I’ve been kicking around the idea of saving it and selling it if someone needs parts. Not sure if I will do it tho. Anyways I found the top link for the hitch I got off the tractor! Sitting right behind battery tray. It is still missing a piece but better than nothing! 


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  6. Dad sent me this today. They (dad, uncle, and grandpa) are pouring concrete for an 18x30 ft “shed” if you want to call it that on at a house. 20 yards of concrete and it is on a hill. So it was a bit challenging. 

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  7. I have not spent near the amount of time doing farm work or seat time as all of you have. The tractors I have spent the most time on is of course my 1948 Farmall Cub, a 1996 Versatile New Holland 9482 4wd, and about a 2015 John Deere 4044R. So a wide range of technology on tractors. I throughly enjoy them all and have love every minute on all of them. 

  8. On 10/3/2021 at 1:32 PM, billonthefarm said:

    I have both.  I use both.  I enjoy both.  They both have their place on a farm.  I am not afraid to spend a day on a open station tractor and I also enjoy utilizing the bells and whistles.  The nostalgia of the 1970’s tugs at me continuously but the comfort and efficiency of modern farm equipment draws me towards the reality of modern agriculture.  
      The reality of my farm is my biggest tractor is a 1979 Versatile 875.  It still does the job I need it to do.  I still plant a couple farm with a 1066 and 800 planter because it does the job I need it to do.  I plant the rest with a new tractor and planter because it does the job I need it to do.




    When I grow up, I want to be like billonthefarm!😀

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