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  1. That’s something you don’t see everyday. When I got the video deal figured out, I went through the YouTube app and made a private channel for myself to upload videos as a link then paste it here. That’s just the one way I’ve done it that works for me.
  2. Would look neat with a White Demo Farmall C. Hate to think it might be left outside as stated above.
  3. Just got a chance to listen to the song you posted. Really nice. When I started driving the radio in my pickup didn’t work so I listened to a lot of 80’s country on my phone those first months before the new radio was installed. Bellamy Bros have good music and I’ve listened to a lot of Gene Watson the last several months and he has become one of my favorites.
  4. Congratulations to you all! I’m 23 and I pray that I will find a woman who has commitment and faithfulness like you all have found. I know it will come eventually. @dieselman I’ve always been a big history buff for many subjects, one being country music. Ironically Mel Tillis had a number on record beginning the week of July 8th, 1978 which was the same as you and your wife’s anniversary according to my math. Song is I Believe In You. It’s a good one I’ve always thought. Thought that might be of interest to you.
  5. Yep it is flat. Some hills. Where that picture was taken there’s not a whole lot of action out there traffic and farm yard wise. Though we had about an hour drive to get equipment to that field and in that trip we probably saw 20 combines in the field.
  6. Taken today but what I’ve been doing since the 3rd. The night of the 4th dad and I got into town from the field and people were setting off fireworks in the street lol. Regarding the cougar, yea a car was last on my mind.😂The two legged ones, then the Steiger was on my mind. 😂😂
  7. We don’t have hay either. I saved it from a fence row of the neighbor that used to use it. I’ve used in on a few occasions. That time was for the farmer that hays the field of the property where I got the rake. That is the other neighbors tractor I was using. Really nice with the hydro. It’s a 4044R. Now that I have great-great grandpas Super C with the 3pt fast hitch adapter I’ll run the rake with that.
  8. I sure wouldn’t trade my #9 hay rake and #10 manure spreader….
  9. Tonight as we were at the edge of the field for dinner I showed this to dad and he got quite a kick out of it. His uncle had a 7720 and a N6 for several years. They were replaced by a late 1480 and early 1680. That was quite a step up. There were others in the area that had newer Gleaners like N and R series so he has experienced or at least seen some things you talk about.
  10. Ironically tonight I was looking again through the latest Heritage Iron issue and because of this thread I noticed a picture in the first few pages of a 9190 at the 1989 National Farm Machinery Show. The guy that posted it is who owns that very tractor.
  11. I can’t give much details but the local IH dealer in my town did sell Hesston products at one time. I have a newspaper reprint for a Hesston Sugarbeet harvester ad from about 1969 from the local dealer. In later years they also sold Steiger tractors. Along with the IH farm equipment, trucks, scouts, pickups, and lawn and garden stuff. I have a business card from our local Deere dealer from probably the late 80’s? One thing it said on that card for short line equipment was New Holland.
  12. Farm where my dad helps farm and I help with wheat harvest has been in their family since 1887 or 1889 depending on what papers you go by I’m told. What they did to homestead it was build a house (original part still there) and a barn (still there) on each side of the county road so they had two quarters. 320 acres was a lot to farm in the late 1880’s.
  13. Last year at RPRU when we were by the 100,000th Farmall weren’t we talking with a guy that owned one (or two) 70 Series Steiger built 4wds at one time? I don’t remember the whole story.
  14. You can always expect to be called out for something you didn’t know here😂
  15. Indeed. There’s a few I have I love looking at but have to be a little careful. My favorite brochure I have is a 66 Series brochure printed in May 1971. It’s an oversized one and is in great shape. Spine is a little worn, not terrible.
  16. From what I’ve observed it seems the Spring ones go for more. Like the two you have seen pretty sought after. But with 06, 56, and a 68’s on covers that probably contributes to some of it. Nice pieces for sure!
  17. May I ask what one’s? I’ve always enjoyed the buyers guides. I really like my ‘78 and ‘79 guides. I’ve got all the Summer/Fall 1966-1973 guides.
  18. That’s what I’m hearing. I was unaware of three. I only knew of the one in New York then the one at Spencer.
  19. I said in another thread and made the mistake not saying it here, I should have said here according to the video there is one of two. That’s the only thing I went off of. Didn’t know of any other info.
  20. Well at least it’s being preserved even if not resorted. I think it’s pretty neat they are both accounted for.
  21. From pictures there was a 1026 Hi-Clear with a black dash at RPRU. Kinda hard to see but it looks like there is gold on that one on the side of the fuel tank. Classic Tractor Fever had one featured on the show fully restored. The father and son live and New York and have several gold demos. The 1026 Hi-Clear is only one of two. They are restored really nice. Instead of throwing this in another thread, thought I’d make a post just for this so it’s easily accessible. So the one at the show might have been the other one? Pretty neat! EDIT: After further discussion it is confirmed there is at least three 1026 Hi-Clear Gold Demos that exist. Two in New York and one unrestored that was at RPRU 2024 in Spencer, IA.
  22. So I watched the video and according to the father and son that own all the demonstrators there are only 2 of the 1026 Hi-Clear gold demos built. I’ll post it so it can be easily seen.
  23. I’m pretty sure a few years ago Classic Tractor Fever had a 1026 Hi-Clear gold demo on the show restored and the people said there was only a few made….. like way less than 10. That one resides in New York IIRC.
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