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  1. Indeed. There’s a few I have I love looking at but have to be a little careful. My favorite brochure I have is a 66 Series brochure printed in May 1971. It’s an oversized one and is in great shape. Spine is a little worn, not terrible.
  2. From what I’ve observed it seems the Spring ones go for more. Like the two you have seen pretty sought after. But with 06, 56, and a 68’s on covers that probably contributes to some of it. Nice pieces for sure!
  3. May I ask what one’s? I’ve always enjoyed the buyers guides. I really like my ‘78 and ‘79 guides. I’ve got all the Summer/Fall 1966-1973 guides.
  4. That’s what I’m hearing. I was unaware of three. I only knew of the one in New York then the one at Spencer.
  5. I said in another thread and made the mistake not saying it here, I should have said here according to the video there is one of two. That’s the only thing I went off of. Didn’t know of any other info.
  6. Well at least it’s being preserved even if not resorted. I think it’s pretty neat they are both accounted for.
  7. From pictures there was a 1026 Hi-Clear with a black dash at RPRU. Kinda hard to see but it looks like there is gold on that one on the side of the fuel tank. Classic Tractor Fever had one featured on the show fully restored. The father and son live and New York and have several gold demos. The 1026 Hi-Clear is only one of two. They are restored really nice. Instead of throwing this in another thread, thought I’d make a post just for this so it’s easily accessible. So the one at the show might have been the other one? Pretty neat! EDIT: After further discussion it is confirmed there is at least three 1026 Hi-Clear Gold Demos that exist. Two in New York and one unrestored that was at RPRU 2024 in Spencer, IA.
  8. So I watched the video and according to the father and son that own all the demonstrators there are only 2 of the 1026 Hi-Clear gold demos built. I’ll post it so it can be easily seen.
  9. I’m pretty sure a few years ago Classic Tractor Fever had a 1026 Hi-Clear gold demo on the show restored and the people said there was only a few made….. like way less than 10. That one resides in New York IIRC.
  10. Happy Birthday Justin and Jim! Been lucky enough to visit Jim on my way to college a few times. Great guy full of IH knowledge!
  11. Thanks all for the pictures. Takes a lot of time to post them, I know! Always regret not being at the show, especially after last year being my first one. These pictures help for those of us that can’t be there. Lots of great people for sure!
  12. Prayers sent to his family.
  13. Spoke with Danny Anderson on the phone tonight. Tony and his wife Carol are flying up to RPRU. Been trying to get ahold of Tony but I may just have to message him. The last it says that Rick was on was February 8th, I wonder how things are for him (all things considered).
  14. I’m sure I’ll get a picture here. I’ll maybe upload some wheat harvest photos here in a month.
  15. Always thought it would be fun to be on a custom wheat crew. Farmer dad and I help once told me to do it before your married. I’m glad I get to help with harvest anyways. 2001 was an exception because I was 4 months old in mid-July. But 2002 and on I’ve been out for EVERY harvest. I’ve helped since 2021 after getting out of having animals in 4-H. Was on the tractor and grain cart and since 2022 have been in a 2588. Wheat color now is changing fast in the area.
  16. I have a pair of Caterpillar ones. I’ve probably had them about a couple years. Seems like they might be my second pair? I’ve been happy with them.
  17. Took the Cub and Case 435 skidder out to the pasture to replace some fence posts.
  18. We have a LG/Blu-ray DVD player that the last nine years I have put a TON of hours on watching IH films from Farmingtonimplement. It says manufacturing in September 2012 and it’s been a good player. Just yesterday I got in a new remote for it because the other one was worn out of too corroded. New one works so much better.
  19. I haven’t been around the sun near as many times as everybody here that’s commented, but I’m not surprised you can still get most if not all parts for a John Deere 7000 planter. Those things are as overrated as the Deere 4020……. not saying they are bad or I’m annoyed with them. There is just a lot around. Lots of them in my area (of both machines).
  20. Thank you. Fortunately they had it cranking before I got it. I did just go out and rock it in high gear and the fan turns. So since I am new(er) to some troubleshooting what will loosening the mounting bolts do? Understand I’ve been around a little to have done some things but haven’t done it all. So some things will be baby steps for me lol.
  21. Today would be great-great-grandpas birthday. He would be 137 years old. Thought I’d share that. In other news I’ve done a little work on the Super C. I took the hood off and cleaned under it because there was a nest between the manifold and valve cover. Discovered it has an IH tag that says Melrose Park Works on the radiator. I got a new battery, and clamp for the positive wire. I was going to get a new ground cable but I think it still has the original one. It is flat and still has red on it. With a little cleaning up I think it will be fine. I also installed a new kill switch. With all that it won’t turn over. Yes it turned over last month, before I had it. I’m told it could be the starter solenoid.
  22. Well this is the first post on this thread with me having two tractors. Last Monday I got a 1953 Farmall Super C that my great-great/grandpa bought new. I was working on it a little today and noticed it has an IH Melrose Park Works tag on the radiator. Then with the 1948 Cub I mowed a little with it today. Did a good job. Just have to make sure it is dry and warm if you are mowing thick lush grass.
  23. Hey that’s great! I assume that has been restored at some point? That’s a very nice Regular.
  24. I don’t believe I have either. @Dirt_Floor_Poor has a good point. I am 23 and my great-great-grandpa William that bought this tractor was born around 1890 give or take a couple years. He farmed and his son (my great-grandpa Wes, in the above pic on right) was one of 12 kids, he was the third. William lived in the Nebraska panhandle and bought a few farms in the NE CO area. Two of the sons being Wes and Bernie farmed around where I am. Bernie’s farm is where the tractor was.
  25. Yes and a few others lol. I actually I just found out about half an hour ago I have an interview on Thursday for the job I applied for here in town. Part of the reason why a restoration or at least putting a decent amount of money into the Super C will be slow because I need a job. I’ve done well financially though since the beginning of high school because of mowing yards and other jobs, but having an hourly paid job will help the funds. Good for your daughter. Is she back home or here in CO or elsewhere? I recall you said she was wanting to be a large animal vet.
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