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  1. That’s interesting the tag is missing but don’t know, that may be common on a tractor that’s 35 or 85 years old?
  2. Is that the one you got to see built in Grand Island or was that one of a relative you saw built? I remember you talking about that a couple years ago but can’t remember the details? Nice machine!
  3. Well I am too. I was fortunate to see the last 5488 at the National FFA Convention that was in the Case IH booth back in 2017. The thread kinda confused me but neat that another one of the last was found.
  4. Well according to the post a few days ago about the second to last 5488 (4451) that was for sale which is 2wd, 4450 is the third to last 5488 built. Supposedly the serial number tags were switched on 4450 and 4452 (the last 5488) from what was being said. Some said that 4450 has FWA like what was said so that is neat that one has been found.👍 This is at least how I interpret the info. We should have some experts like @Bermuda_Ken chime in.
  5. Looks like a great time, thanks for sharing!
  6. Thanks for the insight, didn’t know all that. Kinda sounds like your less costly option is you may as well overhaul the engine and just put it back in running condition.
  7. Yea those places are frustrating. Would you convert it back to a 1568?
  8. Shoot you hit a gold mine just with the full rack of weights! Looks like it even has 1566 decals or just side panels of a 1566. Have you asked him about it again or waiting to hear about a value?
  9. I think I’ve seen that @billonthefarm is doing a corn harvesting day this month on his farm or right by it. Sounds like you can bring what you can to harvest the corn. Maybe he will show some pictures after the event?
  10. I don’t remember if the manual says it or not. Here is a video that helped me get the governor fixed on mine. I can’t remember what the video said but I think it’s 2800-3200 rpm’s is ideal. Good luck hope this helps!
  11. What I need now is a mulching plate like those ones had. Thanks. Thanks, I saw that exact post on FB too. I had commented on that in the group that was posted in. They would be fun to fix up but I’m a little far away.
  12. That first 1066 is a beautiful tractor.
  13. And finally it isn’t complete without some literature. Here is a manual printed in December 1973 and a brochure printed in January 1974. Both came from eBay. Apparently July 17th is a special date for this mower. First picture I ever took of it was July 17th, 2013 still at the farm, I brought it home July 17th, 2015, and ran it for the first time July 17th, 2022. I know this thread is a lot of content but I hope you guys enjoy looking through it and hopefully it will help someone with their International push mower because there isn’t a lot of info out there for them.
  14. At this point its like a week or less out from me leaving home for college so I had to get it done. I put the flywheel back on then took the bottom half of the muffler off to examine tightness of bolts since I had it running. Everything buttoned up and it started after a few pulls and ran great. This was August 15th and I mowed with it again August 17th and left the next day for college. It means the world to me I got this running and I wish great grandpa Wes could be here to see it! Here is the International 3323 along with my 1992 GMC 1500 Sierra, single cab, long bed which I love!
  15. After county fair I took the flywheel off to see what the throttle assembly was like. With the help of a guy i found a video of fixing it so I got enough confidence to look into mine. This works by an “arm” or “plate” resting on the governor rod you see coming up through the motor casting. On the shaft there is a collar with weights and by centrifugal force when the engine starts the weights fly out and allow the governor to adjust to the right position on the light or normal position by mowing that plate up and down by the throttle know on the back of the engine. The shaft is tapered with a key. When the flywheel is on the shaft it pushed down on the whole throttle assembly. You can see the governor is in a 12 o’clock position which means the arm needs to be bent down because overtime it wears. You do this by using pliers so it rests in a 11 o’clock position. You can now see the plate rests right the linkage but presses down so the governor is in a 11 o’clock position. When its running the governor goes to an 8 o’clock position
  16. August 1st I went to a local parts store that has lawn and garden stuff too see if they had at least a Lawnboy bag or mulch plate. In a back room they had several NOS Lawnboy parts. No mulch plate but I found this brand new bag still in the package that was just what I needed. I bought it and used it that next night but the mower quit after one pass in the yard because the throttle and governor needed attention.
  17. I knew that I could have mower done and ready for a start exactly seven years since I got it (my mind just makes connections that way). So Sunday July 17th, 2022 I tried my luck and it ran on its own power!! There should have been a video of my after starting it. I could hardly believe it. It was loud which is what I expected seeing videos of them running but the throttle wasn’t totally right. Then it was a number of days before I ran it again. I wanted to mow with it but I didn’t have a bag or a mulching plate. On July 29th I had the idea of using a plastic trash bag and tie it to the chute. It actually worked well until the bag got to heavy and fell through from the hook. The mower blew the bag up like a blimp.
  18. At this point I’m working on the mower during off days of helping with wheat harvest. Ports and muffler are a cleaned up. Looked pretty good. Here the half of the muffler is bolted back on the deck. All buttoned up. Had to do a little work for the electric start. One wire needed repaired.
  19. Next came pulling the engine off and the half of the muffler bolted to the deck. Then cleaning the muffler and exhaust ports. To clean the muffler I used Brake Clean and my parts washer. For the ports the carbon was hard so I used “dentist” tools I guess you could call them, and a wire brush. You can see the three ports here and 2 of three are clogged. I needed something to hold the engine up while I cleaned the ports. This is my workbench for mowers so I drilled a hole in the wood stake that’s screwed down. Worked good.
  20. Now that I had the rope start with proper tension I figured my chances of getting it to start increased because I could now properly start it. However it still did not start but I did have a pop. I found last summer it did have spark and I replaced the plug. The next step with the help of a couple guys that knew these mowers better than me I had to pull the muffler off to clean the carbon out. All the while taking parts of the other machine such as the carburetor here. Since the muffler is under the deck it required me to remove a plate on the shaft which was stuck pretty good. The plate is what the blade adapter and then the blade bolt to. I took it to the neighbors and he helped me get it off. It is tapered on the shaft, no key tho. This was a big step and as it turned out what I need to work on to get it running. The IH screwdriver the neighbor gave me! The muffler comes apart in two half's. There are then three ports for the exhaust.
  21. Nothing really happened for the next year because I needed parts for the rope start and it didn’t have enough tension because the spring inside it came out on me once. The way it works is there is a spring between two plates and that what recoils the rope. Early this June I went out to the scrap yard looking for a couple pickup parts and found this Lawnboy 8237 on the side of one pile. It was just what I needed so I got it for $15! On mine I had gotten the rope start fixed once. Well it came apart on me again earlier this year and fortunately I was able to fix it myself. One side of the rope start plate has a shaft to tighten it to the engine so that shaft I put on a Vice and spun the spring around and around and out of luck was able to get the cover on it. It was tough. I took about every interchangeable part plus a couple others off the 8237 and kept them. This unit is self propelled that is what the long rod is on the side of the handle and what the top handle is in the picture.
  22. More photos. These here are called Reed valves. They face into the crankcase and draw air into the carb. Over time they bend a little and have to be flipped to the other side to seal against the carb casting. Here is before and after. They are now sealed a lot better. Here is looking into the crankcase with the carb off.
  23. Here are some pictures of the carburetor, most work was done to it in the summer of 2021. All ports were cleaned and it was in good overall shape. No gunk anywhere.
  24. This is a model 3323 International Push Mower built by Lawnboy. This model in particular was built in 1973 and 1974. It has a 3.5 HP engine built by Outboard Marine CORP. It’s a 2 cycle engine and this model has electric start. The IH version of these Lawnboys are hard to find and to find one with electric start is even harder. Great Grandpa bought this mower new from the IH Dealer in Akron, CO between ‘73-‘75 and he wanted one with the electric start. It was used on the farm through 1979 when it was parked in the hog shed for the next 36 years. I brought it home in 2015. Really up until the summer of 2021 I didn’t make a whole lot of progress working on it because….. parts are hard to find and I knew hardly anything about these mowers so these pictures are from past years just taking it apart and learning about it. July 18th, 2015 This was the day after I brought it home. Because it sat inside all those years the engine was free and it still had compression. These were taken about a year later. The rope start is up front with IH600E on it which is the engine model. The black piece to the right is the starter for the electric start. There is no on off switch on this model because the electric start key is what does that. The carb is rather simple. You can see the set screw up towards the front and the linkage going up into the engine is the governor. Here is looking into the electric start so you can see the ignition and all wires
  25. I asked about it once at an Auto Parts store in town but they seemed to think that it was non existent another said to bring it in sometime and they can see. That’s about all the time I’ve spent in looking for a battery so far. Now that I’m in Texas for school it will have to be on hold for a little bit. I have no skill with 3D printing but from what I see on what you can do it may be possible. I don’t mind keeping this one the way it is because it’s original and it was my great grandpas. If it was just any other one I would want a new top more, but maybe someday if I find one I will get it.
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