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  1. Love it! I would like to run the 1066 and 400 planter!
  2. Hey I saw that picture posted on a FB page. Great stuff!
  3. Cool wish I could come across something like that! Thanks for sharing Here’s the google maps photo
  4. Could you post a pic of the cover please? @utility 64thank you for posting those!!
  5. I can’t keep track, how many 66’s do you have if you don't mind sharing? Your 1466 third production 1466 looks good too in sure you like it!!
  6. We have had some small fires around but Friday morning we had heavy fog in the morning. He had some rain drops fall last night but it didn’t amount to anything.
  7. Love it! Could you all send some rain down here? We are drier down here than the days of the dust bowl (really)
  8. Man, I love buyers guides. I noticed the first one is Canadian what year is it 1972?
  9. Yes I would say she was pretty active for her age before this happened. She is a very strong woman. She has had cancer twice now, first was in the 90’s and it came back about 2015 or so which is about how long she has been living with my grandparents. The issue for low blood pressure after surgery when she was at the hospital was because she had just had chemo days before her hip broke and also because of how big the incision was for surgery. Thank you all again so much for prayers!! What an awesome place to come for them!
  10. Wanted to give a little update: yesterday at noon they moved my great grandma back to our town to the local nursing home so she can have continuous care and rehab. She has not been in a nursing home before but what is good is my mom works there as the HR director so she will be there for great grandma. She was a little delayed coming home because up at the hospital her blood pressure was low and they had to give her blood. When she got to the nursing home yesterday they brought her in a non-emergent ambulance and mom said she looked good. Praying this next adjustment will go smoothly.
  11. Long Farms made me realize this. I remember coming home one day in early 2014 and seeing this calendar on the kitchen table that dad got me. Looking through it then I saw this beautiful 4166 and just now I remembered it was restored by Richard Walker as I read through this thread. I didn’t know him but remember his tractor was on the calendar. Maybe it stuck out since the 4166 is one of my favorites. Prayers for his family.
  12. Oh yes! At the moment I recall the AC and on the opposite side of the road (still in CO I think) there is a Massey-Ferguson 4wd sitting. Also the 1206 that had big heavy rear wheel weights. There is also an IH drill sitting close to there too. I don’t recall the truck in Dumas but across from the Dumas JD dealer there are some buildings. So unless I missed something I didn’t see it.
  13. Thank you all so much, my family and I really appreciate it! Perhaps its when you need prayers is when you realize how good of a forum Red Power is. I knew I could come here to ask for prayer. Most recent update, about 20 minutes ago they got her up at the hospital and she made it to the chair and for breakfast. Grandma sent a picture and she looked good. Praise the Lord!!
  14. All is good now, but yesterday afternoon my great grandmother 87 years young, fell and broke her hip. She lives with my grandparents, (grandma is her daughter) and she fell when grandparents were away but she wasn’t alone very long. Ambulance came and did what they needed, x-ray showed hip broke because she twisted weird and it broke. It happed at the socket and is a spiral break. Late in the night she was transported to another hospital where they did the surgery early this morning. Surgeon was very good and surgery went very well. Therapy will start as soon as it can. Doctor says long journey of recovery but he is very optimistic and feels they gave here best chance on long term result. I was able to see her last night before they transported her, she seemed to be pretty good despite circumstances. She is a very strong woman. Just prayers for quick painless recovery and for our family. Seems God has been showing his hand. Thank you in advance friends!!!
  15. I’m looking forward to seeing all the different farm ground and practices in the panhandle! Yes unfortunately, good thing some buildings are intact to help you memory and imagination wander. Thanks I was happy to find it. I also found another dealer building in Amarillo, there was an M wide front on the lot. No pictures tho.
  16. Great memorabilia and tractor as always. Some neat history in that article. Yes we saw that place going through Dumas, we had also stopped at the John Deere dealer Western Equipment. Neat place. I’ll be going through Stratford serval times the next couple years, we’ll have to meet some time!
  17. This fall I will be transferring down to West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas which is about 15 minutes south of Amarillo. Dumas is 45 minutes north of Amarillo. Passing through Dumas on our way down I found this building that appeared to once be an IH dealer mainly because of the pylon so I looked it up on ihdealerspast and sure enough the address listed was the dealer I saw. It’s now a car dealership but on our way back home I wanted to get a picture. Any Texans know this one back in it’s hay day?
  18. What is the story (if there is one) behind his 300 U since I’m assuming it’s not at the museum since it’s not pictured?
  19. I have a 1/16 scale prestige version of a 300 utility with his signature on it. Ertl made them.
  20. It was convenient that the last FARMALL LAND U.S.A auctions was over my birthday, March 14th & 15th. On the March 14th sale (day before my b-day) I won these brochures. The small one is from 1979 when they introduced the 82 series. The white colored mowers 55 & 85 “bathtub” mowers is from 1981 along with the other 1981 piece. And the two that are the same are from 1983 and they show a 782D on the front. I always thought the 82 Series was stylish just like the 88’s. So I’m happy to have these and a little more memorabilia from Jerry’s collection. Enjoy, Jayce
  21. Yes they would be. The guys that restore those films go through and clean the film then adjust sound and color with computers.
  22. Looks great! Thank you for sharing!
  23. The buyers guide for Summer/Fall 1969 only shows the 850 and 1050 grinder mixers but by the Summer/Fall 1972 Buyers Guide it shows the 950 and 1150. So it’s possible the 1150 first showed up in the 1970 buyers guides but I don’t have those.
  24. Why won’t the square mirror work? I am a little late to the party but since square was originally on it I think it would be fitting to put new square mirrors back on. But I guess you have to look for something different. I know what you mean about having a pickup in the shop and wanting it back, my 1992 GMC has been out of commission for a while and is getting a used engine put in it because crankshaft cracked on original engine. I am anxious to get it back!!
  25. You do nice work. My grandparents have one of those tractors but they were originally a 544. It’s in pretty rough shape which is why I think it would be great to restore. But the rear left axle housing is broke off from the rear end so I don’t know if that can be repaired well enough to hold.
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