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  1. Yep I guess it was quite an upgrade mounting a 234 compared to past pickers. Not a lot of manual work. The picker frame could be mounted on the tractor then the picker or shelter unit. Or either of the two units could be taken off with the picker frame still on the tractor. That’s what I’ve reaped from films and advertising. I will have to share the 856 from my buyers guides for 1968 and 69. Love looking at those! There is a 1/16th 856 row crop wide front toy at a local farm store I’m keeping my eyes on…..
  2. I went back out to the scrap yard to see if the 350 U diesel is still there. It will be there for a while, I’ve been kicking around the idea of saving it and selling it if someone needs parts. Not sure if I will do it tho. Anyways I found the top link for the hitch I got off the tractor! Sitting right behind battery tray. It is still missing a piece but better than nothing!
  3. Dad sent me this today. They (dad, uncle, and grandpa) are pouring concrete for an 18x30 ft “shed” if you want to call it that on at a house. 20 yards of concrete and it is on a hill. So it was a bit challenging.
  4. Why did IH not offer a 15 series hillside? Any guesses or confirmed facts?
  5. I have not spent near the amount of time doing farm work or seat time as all of you have. The tractors I have spent the most time on is of course my 1948 Farmall Cub, a 1996 Versatile New Holland 9482 4wd, and about a 2015 John Deere 4044R. So a wide range of technology on tractors. I throughly enjoy them all and have love every minute on all of them.
  6. When I grow up, I want to be like billonthefarm!😀
  7. ‘72 is the newest one I have. So that is new info to me
  8. So the holes in the hood are for emblems right? Then they decided to put decals on after that?
  9. I assume you’re taking the cab off? Will be it just a open station or ROPS?
  10. WOW! That is awesome Eric, congratulations on your find!!
  11. Don’t you have a 450 too hammer? At least I thought you did.
  12. The 403 Hillside was offered well into the 15 series production run. Not sure how long it stayed though. They were in my 1972 buyers guide.
  13. @Big Bud guy I like that one!
  14. I hear you there! I think of that everyday. 😊
  15. Well for one thing I didn’t have tools to do so. The “right guy” needs to come along and save it whole. That isn’t me though.
  16. Yea it is I think……. but it may be a good parts donor for some parts?
  17. Yea the adapter has good paint on it. Has a couple IH bolts on it. Haven’t found if there’s an “IH” casting in it. My same thoughts are those being adaptors for duals
  18. Here was the poor 300 U it came off of. Wish someone could save it.
  19. I stop to look every once in a while. There was a 300U (I think) and it had this fast hitch 3pt adapter. I decided I should save it. $.25 cents a pound and I got it at $45. I thought I did alright, but what do you all think? I know there’s not a lot around.
  20. Wow that’s pretty good! What model # is yours? Mine is a 3323, it was my great grandpas
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