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  1. The 5488 has 14.9x46 rears and 12.4x24 fronts. It's for the weed zapper. In tall soybeans. The 3488 will be getting 14.9x46 tires and rims as soon as i can find a used set.
  2. Yes it's on the list. Just not enough time.
  3. 3088,3488,3688,5488,6588
  4. On my 6588 and 3688 we run the hytran 3-5 gal over. I think i read somewhere that you should not do that with a hydro tractor. Im just wondering why that would be. A few pictures of my 3pt hitch swap. Next is 6 hole wedge lock hubs and a/c compressor, dryer and expansion valve.
  5. Ihcfarmer can we see some pictures of your cultivator and tractor?
  6. Why do you say it would not work? What do you think would need modification? I get the 3488 frame rails would be a little longer for the forward air flow. Front bolster is metric on 3488 but also on late 186 hydros. I don't think it would take much to get it to work.
  7. Will a 12 row 85 cultivator fit on a 3488?
  8. In the spring of 5th grade my dad's brother was getting real sick and could no longer farm with my dad. After school one day dad said i need you to help me. As kids we had lawnmowers we got to drive around and such. But i had never driven our big 2+2 only rode in it with dad every chance i could get. So dad was running the planter and wanted me to run the 22' 490 disc and the drag behind it. He told me what to do and i went over got in it and took off. I remember it very well. That year i was in that tractor every chance i had. Looking back i probably was helping dad out more then i ever knew
  9. Nice looking 3488. What is the rear tire size? I see someone put 6 hole wedge lock hubs on it. I like the 6 hole wedge lock hubs. Nice and heavy. We are currently looking for another 3488. Now we have one we need another. We farm 600 acres organic and looking to expand our operations. So hopefully in due time we will be able to find another.
  10. Im not sure but will be checking it out. Thank you or the tip. I ran it for about 30 hours this fall and my dad did for 50 hours. We both like it a lot. Glad we took our time and found a 3488. It's getting 14.9x 46 rears and 12.4x24 fronts. So we can cultivate late in the summer.
  11. Old and in the way and grateful dawg. Jerry Garcia loved playing with tony rice. Good stuff
  12. Hang out spot and put canoes in.
  13. Put a pier on some swamp ground up to the creek today 100' with a 20x12 end section. Used the 6588 to back the trailer down. I did not get stuck.
  14. I bought a 5488 2wd original paint. 20.8 duals. 3,500 hours. Needed ac compressor and valve and dryer. For $18,500 almost 2 years a go. It does have the sentry box. Real nice tractor. In the last 2 years it has needed nothing but filters and tie rod ends ive put about 800 hours on it. What a nice tractor!! When i was looking for it i would not even consider it if it was running a test harness.
  15. We don't buy anything new or from a dealer. New equipment is to expensive and you will never get a deal from a dealer. Facebook market place is my go to for good used equipment. Plus my dealer does not want to deal with me because i don't spend enough money with them.
  16. I have a few air cooled volkswagens. First car i ever bought was a 64 vw bug. Fun cool old cars and the bus what a camping machine.
  17. On a 3488 is it ok to run 5 gal over full all the time? Or just run it at full?
  18. 2+2love


    Im 37 and have no need for this religious bull crap. They just want your money for new gold plated stuff and more art work.
  19. Continuous flow. Yah it worked well.
  20. Ohh yah and took the rotors out to repair rock damage, made soybean sieves and rock deflectors for the all crop head.
  21. Same here but when the corn is wet next fall i will be ready to go!!
  22. Yah 2 and a half months non stop working and fighting everything that i touched.
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