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  1. IH 1460 combine Hydrostatic Cable Replacement

    Thanks guys! I got it replaced. It was surprisingly easy. I tied a string to the end of it and pulled it out then tied cable to string to do the reverse. Thanks for all your help!
  2. IH 1460 combine Hydrostatic Cable Replacement

    Once you start pulling it through the cab from pump end will it just pull out? And when replacing it, how hard will it be to hit each hole with the cable? It seems to loose me when it crosses above the rotor. I don’t know if there’s a pipe for it to travel through or if it’s just loose. Thanks for any information
  3. Yesterday my propulsion cable on my 1460 combine froze up. It won’t move at all, so I’m going to put a new one on it. But where do i start on that. It seems to loose me through its way to the cab. Any help would be appreciated!