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  1. I believe the hydraulic oil cooler has started leaking on the bottom but I can’t see exactly where the fluid is coming from. If I want to remove it to inspect things closely, are there any big obstacles to worry about or is there a certain procedure to follow? It looks like it could be fairly simple so I’m looking for advise before I get my hopes up. Tracy
  2. I can’t argue this statement at all. It does however get our small jobs done in comfort.
  3. Cummings. Not sure about the heater. Doubtful.
  4. Thanks. Puts me a little more at ease.
  5. Is there anything I can do to prep a new-to-me MX110 to cold start in the teens later this week? Located in TX and we aren’t accustomed to this. Tractor will be parked outside under a barn.
  6. Thanks! I generally cover 30 acres per tank so it sounds like this is very doable. Appreciate the information!
  7. Thanks - I wish I had another 88 for the same reasons. I often wonder how hot is too hot.
  8. Thanks! I'll read up on that adjustment and convince my sprayer technician to to come out and help.
  9. Thanks. The Ace book shows my pump will work fine with the 1086 but I know it's not made for continuous flow. I agree on the 4020 note. However, a 1086 in hand is worth two 4020's on the neighbor's place...
  10. I would like to run a continuous flow Ace hydraulic pump on a 1976 or 77 model 1086 (one of the early years). I’ll run it at max about 6 hours in a day spraying pastures a couple times a year and 6 hours is a long day. I’d like to attach the return hydraulic line from the pump directly to the reservoir rather than through the auxiliary remote to hopefully keep the oil from getting “too hot”. Q1 – What’s a tried and true method of connecting the return hose to the reservoir for occasional use? (Can it be accomplished by attaching it to the hydraulic fill tube) Q2 – Is there a certain procedure to follow when starting a continuous flow hydraulic pump with this series like I have to follow with my 88 series? (Put the priority valve control in float position before starting the 5088) Q3 – Is there anything else I need to consider before doing this? Q4 - Is this a good way to ruin a reliable old tractor and I should go another route? Thanks in advance.
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